3 Ways To Grow Your MLM

Here are 3 Ways To Grow Your MLM that most beginners are not thinking of and their up-line doesn’t explain to them.

The average amount of people someone in an MLM business recruits is 2-3 people. Regardless of what MLM Company you are talking about that is an embarrassingly low amount of people the average person enrolls.

Here are 3 ways to grow your MLM with some simple strategies.

How can someone who only enrolls 2-3 people build an MLM business that pays them enough money to quit their job? You cant.

You can’t build a MLM business by only recruiting 2 people. The math just doesn’t add up.

So here are 3 ways to grow your MLM business so you can build a real asset. That should be your goal, to build a real asset.

You should want to build an MLM business that pays you enough money to quit your job and use the money to invest in other investments.

Getting Leads

Every business has to get leads. If your business isn’t getting leads then you won’t have enough people going through your MLM sales funnel.

There are so many ways to get leads. If you are building an MLM business in the 21st century, I would suggest not doing the friends and family method.

(There I said It.) Does telling friends and family work for a very small percentage? Yes, it does but, the facts don’t lie. Over 95% of people in MLM don’t succeed using the friends and family method of recruiting.

Let me break down the ways I get leads for my business and give you some ideas you can use to get leads for your MLM business.

Here is how I view marketing your MLM. You can go the route of FREE advertising or you can go the route of PAID advertising. I prefer to use a combination of the two.

As the marketing legend Dan Kennedy says: The business that can spend the most on marketing wins.

The Free marketing ideas revolve around using your time. Using your time on a social media platform like Youtube for example.

I believe if you are going to attract people using your time.

Make sure you use a method that produces results over and over. If you make a video for example. That video will be done once but keep producing results for you.

Don’t spend your time doing something for free that only gives you results 1 time.

Pick a platform that fits your personality.

Do you like talking in front of a camera – Boom your a Youtuber.

If you like writing articles – Boom your a blogger.

Maybe you like speaking your thoughts – Boom your a podcaster.

Eventually running paid advertising on the internet- Boom your an advertiser.

I like these because they essentially don’t cost any money and will continue to attract people to your MLM over and over for years to come.

Time is money and you will have to use your time but, believe me, it will be time well spent.

Don’t worry if your not very good when you start. Do you think most of the people who start doing videos, blogging, or podcast are extremely good in the beginning?

No, they suck in the beginning. They keep plugging away and creating content. After a couple of months, they are much better than when they started.

Start getting organic traffic

You will start to get traffic organically from doing whatever option you choose to do. hen you start getting leads this will build confidence and you will start to get enrollments.

The way I like to use my time is to do a video and have the speech extracted from the video. Then I can also have the audio turned into text for my blog.

This way you are working one time and producing 3 pieces of content. This method is a game-changer.

At some point hopefully, sooner than later you will need to invest in paid advertising.

It’s extremely important to understand MLM is Marketing.

You are being paid to market the products of the MLM company.

When you use paid advertising you will be able to send hundreds or even thousands of people to your MLM sales funnel.

By using a combination of free and paid advertising you will never be short on people who are looking at your business and products.

Getting leads for your MLM business is the start of the process however, most people would still fail even if they were given leads.

They would fail because they don’t have systems in place to train people and create duplication.


You have to create duplication in your MLM business.

Duplication is why MLM is such an amazing business structure. Unlike a JOB or a small-based SOLO-PRENURE.

In (Network Marketing) you can build huge teams and literally have tens of thousands of people in your business from all over the world.

Residual Income is one of the reasons I love MLM and why I use Systems to provide the training my team needs to duplicate my efforts.

You may be a person that is willing to work tirelessly to build your MLM business. Most people don’t fall into that category. For this reason, you need to have more than just leads or duplication in place.

The people in Network Marketing that are able to grow big teams and create life-changing income are the people that have the training and everything in place for the person who joins them as an MLM business partner.

But don’t worry you don’t have to create everything yourself. If you are on a really good MLM team then they will have an already done-for-you training platform in place.

This way all you will need to do is focus on driving traffic.


You must have systems in place that will walk your new business partner through training. The systems need to show your new business partner how to copy what you are doing.

The system should show them in steps how you get your leads and provide them the exact training platform you use with the sales funnels and follow-up emails etc.

MLM is a great way to build an asset you can earn money from for years to come. If you learn how to market the business to get interested leads. Then put those leads through a proven system you will be on your way to success in MLM.

Patience & Dedication

If you’ve been in the Network Marketing industry for very long then I’m sure you know most people treat their MLM business like a hobby.

College is 4, 6, and even 10 years to learn what’s required to earn a decent annual income. And even if you go through college all of those years and pay all of that money there’s no certainty that you will get a job.

Many people have a mountain of school loan debt and still don’t have a decent-paying job.

I understand why the Network Marketing profession has a bad image.

I really do.

It has a bad image from a lot of people who go out into the marketplace and basically spam their business opportunity on everything that breathes.

And to make things worse when these people enroll someone. Guess what they tell their new business partner to do?

That’s right. They tell them to spam everyone online and in their personal life.

They say things like how good the products are and how much money they can make in the business opportunity.

The products may be great. I’m sure you can potentially earn a lot of money from the opportunity.

BUT…. here is where PATIENCE AND DEDICATION come into play.

If you add in some

LEADS, Duplication, and systems then you can build a real money-making asset in an MLM business.

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