A Network Marketing Sales Funnel To Get Leads

So let’s get right into it. This is a sketch of a network marketing, sales funnel.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

I gotta tell you if you’re sending people to your replicated network marketing websites. You’re, doing it all wrong.

You have to do something that’s going to differentiate yourself from everyone else in your network marketing company.

And you have to actually do marketing, not saying that you can’t go out and speak to friends and family and all that type of stuff.

But if you’ve already tried that and you don’t have a big downline. The way to go about building a downline in network marketing is by starting out by using the same model that you would use in affiliate marketing.

When I started making Network marketing Sales Funnels

When I started network marketing. I didn’t have time, I didn’t have money.

There were so many things going against me. And I failed at numerous network marketing companies, and I didn’t succeed until I started using the Affiliate marketing funnel model.

What I mean by that is using an affiliate marketing Information product on the front end of your overall funnel so you can generate money regardless if someone joins your Network Marketing business or not.

Affiliate marketing is great, but I love the residual aspect of having a network marketing company.

Because you can actually build a real asset, you know. Long term residual income. More on the long term part later.

The vast majority of people are attracted to the network marketing model because the network marketing company does all of the processing of sales, and they do all the distribution and stuff like that.

They basically do everything that you would have to do if you were the type of business that was distributing all the products.

Which I don’t recommend.

In Network Marketing You Have To MARKET.

In-Network Marketing all you have to do is learn how to market so, people enter your initial sales funnel.

I’ll go over the other type of funnel that will eventually show people your network marketing business and products and all that type of stuff.

The book offer plus bonus is the first capture page.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

What I like to do is I go out into the market, and I find an affiliate product that network marketers, really want in need. It might be a book that they need to read on how to get more traffic.

It could be some type of information product that shows people in network marketing how to structure things in build sales funnels.

The next page. the actual affiliate sales page is already done for you by the affiliate company you partner up with. I partnered up with ClickFunnels and I use their promotional products. I use them because they are worth every penny and with ClickFunnels I can build all of my Network marketing sales funnels.

The other aspect about ClickFunnels is after I have a proven funnel i can just give people on my team the share code and it copy’s the whole funnel to their Clickfunnels account.

Don’t Do This With A Network Marketing Sales Funnel.

You don’t need to change any of the sales copy on the affiliate sales page. They have already tested and tweaked it.

You don’t want to go to any of the social media sites or whatever form of marketing you are using and send them right to the affiliate page.

If you send them directly to the affiliate page you will not collect the lead.

Remember the only thing you own in your Network Marketing company is your leads.

And you definitely don’t want to send them to a network marketing company’s replicated website.

You want to build out your own capture page.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

You don’t have to build the funnel with ClickFunnels. You can use whatever software you want. However, I do highly recommend Clickfunnels. An added plus is the ability to use the share codes and save yourself a lot of time in the beginning, so you can get into profit.

I just want to go over with you the correct procedure to use to attract people on the front end.

Attract People To Your Funnel

You attract people on the front end with value, and then inform them of your network marketing company on the back end.

Does that make sense?

Instead of saying. Hey, look at how great my company is.


Hey, look at how great my products are.

In this example, even with this affiliate product, you are differentiating your offer.

Just like you will do with your Network Marketing Business. You will differentiate your offer.

You differentiate by adding bonuses and special team offers they can’t get anywhere else. Complete built out funnels that save people a lot of time. Unique team training that gives your team the secret sauce.

network marketing sales funnel
Team Work Makes The Dream Work

On the capture page, they are going to enter their name and email.

When they click the button they will be on your list.

On your email list.

So now you have a lead.

Your list is the real value in your Network marketing Company

And if you’ve done any research into building your network marketing company, you know, the real value is in your list.

In your Network Marketing sales funnel email sequence you want to make sure you email people value-based content.

Don’t just send out sales pitches or try to convince people how great your product is.

You actually want those emails to be legitimate high-value content that has already been proven.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

Preferably, you should use emails that have already been proven to get read and clicked. I use AWEBER and they provide me with a share code so, I just give the members of my team my already proven email sequence. You should ask people in your company if someone has a share code for you.

Getting someone else’s share code will save you a bunch of time. You will be able to hit the ground running and get into profit fast.

Network Marketing Sales Funnel is designed to weed out people

Your Network Marketing Sales Funnel is designed to weed out people who are not serious about building a Network Marketing Business.

Think about it.

If you are offering an entry-level product that they could really benefit from but, are unwilling to spend $7 – $50 dollars. If they are unwilling to spend such a little amount. Do you think they are serious?

MLM Marketing Secrets For Generating Unlimited Leads
MLM Marketing Secrets For Generating Unlimited Leads

They are most likely not serious or they have not had the right questions holding them back answered for them to make a buying decision.

But the people who are fed up and are ready to take a leap of faith and see the value in what you are offering. Those are the people you want to ACCEPT into your Network Marketing business.

Network Marketing Funded Proposal Funnel

Having your Network Marketing funnel set up this way will allow you to at least come close to breaking even on your advertising budget.

Does that make sense?

If you know how to break even on your marketing then you will be able to out-spend the other people in your Network Marketing business.

As long as you’re getting results from it, but you also want to incorporate some, content-based free marketing also.

The reason I’m a big believer in free content marketing is that it helps your paid marketing convert better.

WOAH. Ya even if your paid marketing is doing good. By taking some time to pump out free content on various social media sites it will make your paid marketing work better.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

It helps the paid marketing work because people will look you up. If someone lands on your paid advertising and doesn’t make a purchase right away. Maybe they look you up and determine they want to buy after seeing some of your other free content.

This is how leaders in network marketing companies are able to build such a big downline so fast.

They are also spending money on Google Pay Per Click on Facebook ads, and they have their own personal blogs that are driving traffic back there.

So they’re able to fill their lead pipeline, over and over and over basically every single day, right.

So, you’ll make a little bit of front-end money.

And then something else really great happens. Not only are they on your personal email list.

But now the affiliate company that you decided to partner with is also going to be sending them out, emails.

They’re gonna be sending them emails out, and they’re going to be sending them back to their, own special offers, and those links are attributed back to you.

So, a lot of people on my team have been able to either almost break even.

Some of our breakeven but what’s most important is some, some people are actually making a profit by using this method.

you know, in that money you don’t want to consider it like alike on a pocketed type profit you want to take that money and you want to keep dumping it back into your, your advertising.

because what you’re what you’re wanting to do is you want to drive traffic.

keep building your list.

keep providing value.

And then at some point in time, in those in those emails, your email is going to start is going to provide a link that’s going to send them into a whole nother funnel, and that funnel will be your network marketing funnel.

So now you’ve provided a ton of value you build as you built.

You built knowledge, you’ve built, now they know you now they trust you.

Now they know that you’re doing something different than everyone else in their upline.

you know their upline just told them, make a list of 100 people, all your friends, and family and all that, and do three-way calls.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

But you’re doing something unique so they see, they’ll see that by the time they start getting emails and you start introducing them to your, your network marketing company.

And more importantly, the process that you’re using the systems that you’re using to build to build your network marketing company.

Truly market your Network Marketing Company

To build your downline, then that is the way to truly go out and market your business.

As opposed to just spamming people with your products and spamming people about joining you in the business.

And like I said, I use ClickFunnels to build out all of my funnels in my network marketing company.

The people on my team don’t have to go out and spend their own money testing. They don’t have to spend their own time and energy and everything, making the sales copy.

I provide my share codes for my funnels and my email swipe. This gets them into profit as fast as possible.

After they are in profit they can start to branch out and build their own unique Network marketing sales funnels.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from this post. If you have a question or comment leave me a comment below.

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