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Hello, my name is Jason Garza and I’m a driven and results-oriented professional with a passion for helping others and making a positive impact. With extensive experience in the field of general management and entrepreneurship, I am dedicated to driving business growth and fostering the development of individuals within my team.

Professionally, I currently serve as the General Manager of a large Home Services Company, where I lead a talented group of professionals in providing top-notch residential air conditioning and heating systems to keep our customers comfortable. I find great fulfillment in not only meeting our customer’s needs but also in helping young men and women develop their skills and excel in their careers.

Beyond my work, I have a diverse range of interests and hobbies. I enjoy fishing, combat sports, and watching football, which allows me to indulge both my competitive nature and my love for teamwork. Spending quality time with my family, church, and faith is also a priority for me, as they provide the foundation of support and love that fuels my drive to succeed.

One of my biggest aspirations is to build a home-based internet business with thousands of partners. I believe in the power of collaboration and the potential that lies in bringing together dedicated individuals to achieve shared success. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that drives me to continually seek out new opportunities and challenges.

In my free time, you can often find me reading the bible, enjoying a good boxing match on TV or YouTube, or immersing myself in movies like The Godfather. I have a diverse taste in music, ranging from classics like Queen and Guns and Roses to more contemporary artists like Bruno Mars and 50 Cent. I also enjoy exploring fishing areas on my boat and finding new fishing holes.

I am always eager to connect with like-minded professionals who are passionate about achieving success, making a difference, and embracing new opportunities. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate and support each other on our respective journeys.

If you have questions Text me at 504-376-5318 or email me at jason@jasonagarza.com

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