Affiliate Marketing Beginner

affiliate marketing for beginners
Affiliate Marketing Beginner

I created this affiliate marketing beginner post to help people save time, energy, money, and frustration thats involved in building a successful online business.

There are plenty of websites and people advertising online that talk about making money fast and easy and they show you their fancy car and house.

Affiliate Marketing Beginner

Plenty of people go for this sort of get the rich quick option.

But I truly believe they know subconsciously or perhaps even continuously that those types of businesses aren’t true.

So I decided on my website I would teach and give knowledge in a straight forward honest way.

By telling people what they need to know and not just what I know they want to hear.

J.O.B. grind

I weed-out the get the rich quick crowd and only work with people who think long-term and are willing to put in the required work for success.

People from all walks of life blue-collar, white-collar, and retirees are sick of the J.O.B. grind.

I’m sure you’ve read in other locations that JOB stands for (just over broke.)

It doesn’t matter if you own a restaurant, plumbing company, or if you’re in Network Marketing or Affiliate marketing.

Maybe you just want to earn money from a blog. The secret to success and earning money is “there is no secret”.

What you need to do is follow proven systems and NOT try to reinvent the wheel.

I have been to conventions listening to someone on stage that is making over $250,000 per month.

When the break comes there are always people around me telling me how they are going to take the information they just heard and try to do something easier or better etc. etc.

I just listen and think to myself the nerve of these people to take a perfectly operating proven system and totally mess it up.

The evidence on how to succeed is all over the internet and in hundreds if not thousands of various home-based or internet-based companies.

The successful people are the cream that goes to the top and everyone just thinks they are lucky.

They aren’t lucky. They just follow a proven system and are diligent about taking action.

Real talk for the Affiliate Marketing Beginner

I hope you are still reading. I just read that the average American has an attention span of 7 seconds and a goldfish has 8 seconds.

So the GOLDFISH is beating us, folks. I will know who was reading because I’m sure to get some messages below from that statement.

Here are the steps. The steps are not in any specific order of importance and some things could be tweaked or have variations.

But It’s a solid path to success for people who are just beginning or who have been trying for a long time. but, have never had real success earning money.

The example below is based on the assumption that you don’t have or don’t want to invest tens of thousands of dollars into marketing. I will write a separate blog post on that. This is for the beginner who has a long term goal with limited resources.

Earning money in affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be hard

An affiliate business is one of the best businesses to start as a beginner or if you just can’t seem to make money elsewhere.

You are simply sending potential customers to a website that preferable is yours but it can also just be the affiliate companies, (more on that subject later.)

If the person buys a product or service then you make a commission. That’s what makes affiliate marketing such a good business. You can be up and running in no time at all.

All you need to understand is how to put the affiliate product your promoting in front of the right people searching online for the solutions your product or service provides.

Mentally prepared

Most people are finished before they ever start. It’s not because they don’t have the ability but their beliefs and overall thoughts about earning money are not in the right place.

People who earn money on the internet with affiliate marketing are the People who decided before they ever started that they were going to succeed.

The people who said I’m going to give it everything I’ve got until I succeed.

The people that said I don’t even expect to make any money for the first whole year but, I don’t care I know it will come back 1000X over.

People with that attitude are willing to overcome the learning curve affiliated with doing just about anything.

Don’t just look at the end result

Most people have worked for a company. If you worked for a company then typically someone had the courage to build it up so that you could have a job and work theirs.

I don’t think most people look at it that way. Some people just look at the end result but don’t see all of the years of struggle etc.

Affiliate marketing, network marketing, or blogging is simple compared to the path a traditional business person has to travel.

With Internet type businesses you can start PART-TIME and keep the convenience of whatever job you are currently doing.

So being mentally prepared to stick with one thing until your successful is vitally important. Just say to yourself right now, I’m going to start in an affiliate program and use the proven method the person I partner with and I will not quit until I succeed.

The right vehicle

Deciding on what you want to promote as your affiliate program or Network Marketing business is very important.

You want to make sure you choose a program that’s in high demand but is also providing high value to the people your offering it to.

A product or service that has enough compensation for you to earn front-end money on and if you can get residual income also then that’s great.

You can choose anything you want because there is almost anything out there you can become an affiliate for.

Commerce is transitioning from big box stores and mom & pop stores to the Internet.

I decided to move away from Amazon affiliate programs because of the measly commissions

There are so many programs out there that pay more and have less competition.

Programs that are paying 30-80% on the sale of their products. So why settle for 1-7%.

So pick the right affiliate program.


After you’ve got some sales under your belt and have developed a pattern or a ratio to how much you sell on a month to month basis you can start setting some goals.

By knowing the number of sales you have on a monthly basis you will historically be able to know what to expect when that same month rolls around next year.

Looking at the previous year you can decide what goal increase you want to set for your business.

Website / Blog /Content

Is it just me or does it seem like most of the people who are on top of the leader boards have a web presence in some way?

I know there are some rare people that don’t

But for the most part, I see the leaders in almost every Network Marketing company or Affiliate Marketing company has a Blog and is pumping out highly informative information to the internet. They are providing value and helping people within their organization.

I understand that It’s not 100% necessary but, typically the people that are going that route have money to invest on the front end in order to get rolling and make money on the back end. I don’t see anything wrong with that approach and I definitely believe in paid marketing but it does not need to start out that way.

Start out learning and get the wheels turning and then start to invest in paid marketing. When you have a grasp on what makes a profit then I say by all means spend as much as you want on paid advertising as long as it continues to payout.


Not all traffic is equal. But of course, we need customer traffic in order to sell the affiliate product or service. As long as the people you are sending to check out your product have the means to purchase then you’re headed in the right direction. Traffic in quantity and quality.P


If your building a website / Blog you will have the perfect opportunity to turn that site into a cash machine. When I first started learning all about Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing I had no idea people were making so much.

Like I just said above you need traffic. If you have traffic going to your website then why not offer them something that will better their lives and thus benefit yours.

People spend $50,000 – $200,000 dollars going to college and a lot of them don’t even make over $60,000 per year. What a shame that is. What’s odd to me is some of those same people won’t buy an amazing book or information product for $7 dollars. Go figure.

But my point about monetizing a website is a lot of people are ready and willing to invest in bettering themselves.


Block out specific time in your schedule to reach the goals you want. Some people want to earn $100,000 dollars per month. Others would be very happy earning $1000 dollars per month. Some people just want enough money to FREE them from the life-sucking job they have.

Regardless of what you want to accomplish unless you already have a lot of money to spend on marketing you are going to have to use time, systems and determination.

Email Autoresponder

The email autoresponder is like 2 or 3 punches in one. This is a system where you can write pre-written emails and scheduled them to go out in a sequence when you choose. A person will enter their email into a capture page in exchange for the value-based information they are seeking.

After they enter their email and push the button to acquire the information the email autoresponder will send out the first message if that’s how you set it up. Then it will continue to send out those messages until you stop it.

The emails also allow you to build a relationship with your customers and further provide good value to them.

This email messaging will build trust and people typically buy things from people they trust to help them. You will see all over the internet people saying the money is in the list, and I will agree with that.

Online Sales funnel

There are a lot of people who still don’t know what a sales funnel is or what it does.

Imagine a funnel-like the one used to put oil in a car motor. The top is large and the bottom is small.

When it comes to online sales funnels for your business you need to put a lot of people (POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS) into the top of your funnel. This is achieved in numerous ways.

For the example of this article, we are focusing on low-cost solutions to attract our customers. If you have money to test marketing methods then disregard this. If you don’t then you can use a website and free social media methods to drive people to your blog and articles.

Doing this will get large quantities of people into the top of your funnel.

The next step in the funnel is the capture page. This is a page that’s designed to offer something of great value your target customer is looking for. It may be a solution to a problem or just high-value information they want to know. The customer will enter their email and click the button. Now they are locked into your funnel and email autoresponder.

The automatic funnel system will transfer the potential customer from your capture page to a landing page. On the landing page is where all the information about the product and service and how it will benefit them.

On the landing page, there will typically be an offer to purchase the affiliate product or service.

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