Affiliate marketing for beginners

In this post, I will explain and give examples of affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Programs I recommend and how to get started earning money as soon as possible.

I will even provide links to free training for each of the affiliate programs below. Even if you enroll as a free member I will be here to give you the blueprint I use, so you can start earning money ASAP.

The programs I list in this article have amazing affiliate marketing training for beginners.

I will also recommend some affiliate marketing programs that beginners should stay away from.


This will be a long post designed to give a beginner in affiliate marketing a blueprint on how to earn money with affiliate marketing. My hope is that by you reading this it provides a roadmap to success saving you time, money, and frustration.

The programs I’m recommending are Affiliate marketing programs that I’m currently building and highly recommend. I have spent a lot of time and money going through other affiliate programs that ended up not being good for a beginning affiliate marketer.

Here are the ones I’m actively building a highly recommend. In no specific order.

1. Wealthy Affiliate:

I can’t say enough good things about the Wealthy affiliate marketing program for beginners.

The main reason why I recommend the Wealthy affiliate so highly is because of the amazing training that’s provided. And because it teaches people exactly how to build a profitable website to promote your affiliate programs.

STEP BY STEP with no risk and high return.

Beginners can start for FREE and some of the training is provided. You also get a FREE website/blog so you can follow along in the training and build your Affiliate marketing blog at the same time.

Get a free affiliate website with Wealthy Affiliate and Free training.

You have access to a lot of tools and training with a blog all for FREE. There is an option to upgrade to a premium membership for a month. To me, this is a no-brainer if you are serious and truly want to earn money as an Affiliate Marketer.

W.A. Affiliate Best For Beginners

The Wealthy Affiliate marketing program for beginners will take an affiliate marketer that’s just starting and basically hold their hand step by step teaching you everything you need to know to earn money as an affiliate marketer.

I have spent many thousands of dollars on affiliate marketing training over the course of my journey online and none of it was as good or detailed as the training in the premium membership of the wealthy affiliate.

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing that beginners don’t realize is promoting affiliate programs that pay you every month from work you did one time. This type of recurring income is called residual income.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a program that pays you month after month. Other affiliate marketing programs teach you to sell physical products on Amazon or a one time payout on a Clickbank product.

I don’t like promoting products or services that only pay me one time and it’s done. When you promote products that only pay you one time you have to continue spending time and money to make 1 sale.

The opposite is true when you promote programs, services or products that pay you month after month.

As an affiliate marketer, you only want to offer products and services that you know work and will benefit the person buying them. Promoting products that work well and your customers continue to use will ensure they don’t cancel.

Teaches Real Methods

The Wealthy Affiliate teaches people the REAL methods so many others are using online to create a true lasting online affiliate marketing business. Sure there are a lot of programs out there that promise you easy fast money without doing much work.

All I can say is if you believe that then you’ll believe just about anything.

You can get training and a blog for FREE at Wealthy Affiliate.

The wealthy affiliate program for beginners teaches people how to build a solid foundation for your Affiliate Internet Marketing Business. It’s better to be realistic and, have both short and long term goals for your new affiliate marketing business.

2. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels as an affiliate marketing program and online tool is simply amazing.

The training is great but unlike the Wealthy Affiliate training Clickfunnels training is mostly specific to building sales funnels inside Clickfunnels and how it applies to promote products and services.

Click The Picture To Enroll In Free Affiliate Training

The Clickfunnels also breaks down why traditional style business websites no longer give businesses their desired result. They also touch base on how sales funnels are the way of the future.

C.F allows people to build amazing online sales funnels without needing to know or understand coding. No need to mess with technically confusing issues normally involved with building websites, capture pages or landing pages.

Beginner Affiliate program

They have amazing training that assists people in understanding the- what, why, and how of online sales Funnels.

Most people searching for products and services online don’t even know they have most likely been through a sales funnel and made purchases.

Before I get carried away telling you about all of the great tools and benefits of using Clickfunnels let me explain why I love the Clickfunnels Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners.

Just like I was explaining above with the Wealthy Affiliate program. Clickfunnels also pays out every month and allows a beginning affiliate marketer to earn residual income.

So as an example having 10 people at the starter plan would be $388 per month and 10 people at the enterprise plan would be $1188. Purely as an example only having those 20 people in the Clickfunnels Affiliate program would be $1,576 dollars coming in every month, month after month.

As far as affiliate marketing programs for beginners go I rank this on very high on my list.

The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros and Clickfunnels have a very similar concept as far as building sales funnels to promote any type of business or service online.

I wrote a whole article on alternatives to clickfunnels.

The Conversion pros has so much training I don’t even know where to start.

There is so much training inside the conversion pros for an affiliate marketer just beginning. Unlike Click funnels where you have to pay for some of the training.

The conversion pros have numerous top-notch training lessons that teach you online business concepts far beyond just using their tools.

After finding this Clickfunnels alternative I started pouring through all of the training modules.

affiliate marketing programs for beginners
affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Most of the training in the back office is way better than most of the training I have paid a lot of money for.

Share Codes

This is probably one of the best benefits about the conversion pros. Let’s say you join the conversion pros by partnering with me.

I would be able to share all the funnels I’ve already built with you. All you would need to do is reach out to me and let me know what business you are in and If I didn’t already have a funnel built quickly build on and give you the share code.

When you take the code and put it on your site it will duplicate what I have already created.

I think share codes are a huge time and money saver.

I have a lot of share codes already bringing in leads and customers. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. I just use what is already proven to work for affiliate marketing programs for beginners.


There are more than 2 hours and 40 minutes of Facebook training inside the conversion pros. The training is definitely something the owner of conversion pros could have charged for as training on its own. Its included in the conversion pros and they keep adding more training without going up on the monthly cost of the membership.

As you know Facebook is a great way to meet great customers and drive specific targeted traffic through your sales funnel inside the conversion pros.


  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Craigslist
  • Building funnels
  • Branding yourself
  • Car program
  • Offline Marketing
  • Clickbank Marketing
  • Video Email
  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Page Tips And Tricks
  • Picture Tips
  • Daisy Chain Method
  • Referral Tips
  • MLM Training Tips
  • Webinar Training
  • E-Book
  • Sell More Products

Thats a lot of training.

Imagine picking just one of those methods to getting customers and having a 7-figure earner walk you through what he does to get paying customers with those marketing methods.

The training teaches you how to use the conversion pros for whatever current business you have. They have training for online businesses and training for the local type of storefront or service businesses.

As you are going through the training the owner of the conversion pros is the one doing most of the training. He has already built successful businesses using the methods and systems inside the conversion pros.

The training does a great job of getting down to the nuts and bolts of what is required to succeed with an internet business. A lot of the training I’ve taken in the past drags on and on about other topics not even related to the task the training is on. This is not the case with the conversion pros. This is why I consider the conversion pros a clickfunnels alternative.


As soon as you decide to purchase the tools inside the conversion pros you are automatically qualified to become an affiliate.

affiliate marketing programs for beginners
affiliate marketing programs for beginners

I firmly believe anyone who follows the training in the back office and uses my already done for you pre-built funnels and follows my directions can earn a full-time income as an affiliate.

There’s a lot of training, teaching people how to promote The Conversion Pros system. I find it to be some of the best affiliate marketing I have ever had. It’s not full of fluff and just gets straight to the point.

I’m sure you have heard of the California Gold Rush back in 1848 – 1855. It is said that the people selling the tools are the ones that made all the money. The people who actually found gold were few and far between.

I look at the conversion pros the same way. There are so many people online trying to earn money in eCommerce or just market a local plumbing business online or whatever type of business. I look at the conversion pros as being the company providing all the tools.

I say if they need the tools and you can provide great tools at great prices then it’s a win-win situation. Why not offer the tools and earn revenue at the same time.

Website/Blog Included

When I first enrolled with the conversion pros I had no idea about all of the features and training it came with. I was just looking for a click funnels alternative that had some good capture page and sales funnel building tools. The conversion pros system comes with a fully optimized ready to go out the box WordPress blogging and website for you.

Email Autoresponders

Another reason I love the conversion pros as a clickfunnels alternative is the awesome email autoresponder system that’s included.

The conversion pros are not that far behind with the capture and landing sales funnel builder, and for what you get in addition to the funnel builder I definitely believe you get a lot more for your money with the conversion pros.


Web Hosting

Here is my 4th and final recommended affiliate marketing program for beginners.

The reason Siteground made the list is that Siteground provides phenomenal hosting services and is recommended by WordPress.

As an affiliate marketer that’s just beginning It’s easier to promote a product and or service that people are already looking for and need.

The icing on the cake is when you can fulfill that need by introducing people to a company that has superior service and products.

When it comes to someone’s website WordPress puts some importance on the speed of the site and overall performance.

This is where siteground comes in providing superior hosting and customer service.

Check out Siteground Here.

Listed below is the payout structure for the siteground Affiliate program.

Siteground doesn’t pay out residual income, and I normally wouldn’t put an affiliate program on the list that doesn’t pay a residual income. But as you can see you earn $100 dollars per new enrollment after you enroll more than 11 people in any given month.

That can add up to some serious change when providing something so many people online will need.

Don’t Start with these Affiliate programs

I’m going to first give you a suggestion on where not to start your Affiliate Marketing journey.

If you’re a beginner or have been trying to earn money online for more than 1-year without any success then DON’T start with these programs.

  • Amazon affiliate program – don’t start with Amazon
  • Clickbank affiliate program – don’t start with Clickbank
  • Commission Junction – don’t start with Commission Junction

Why do I say don’t start with those? I’m not saying they are bad or don’t work. What I’m saying is if your a beginner then don’t start with those affiliate marketing programs or other huge affiliate programs like those.

I could write a novel on all the reasons to start your affiliate marketing journey with other programs but I will spare you and just list a short explanation.

Affiliate payout reduction

Amazon’s affiliate marketing program recently reduced the percentages for affiliate payouts. This means as an affiliate beginner you will have to do a tremendous amount of work to generate organic traffic. Generating organic traffic to a website/blog will take a long time, especially with competitive products.

Or you will have to spend a lot of money marketing the Amazon products you’re trying to promote. This wouldn’t be so bad if the Amazon Affiliate program paid out enough money to get a financial return on your marketing dollars.

The Amazon Affiliate program works just fine if you already have enough people visiting your blog post and or website. But if you are just starting out I would focus on the affiliate programs I listed above or find some other Affiliate Marketing program that has great step-by-step training for an affiliate marketer just beginning.

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