Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tips
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If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing Tips ( Affiliate Marketing ) the best way to fast-track the learning curve is to learn from someone who already achieved financial results.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to create income online.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate (you) earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products.

There are a lot of companies that have affiliate partnerships.

affiliate marketing opportunity

You can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate, walmart affiliate, or one of the thousands of other affiliate programs available. You promote and or market that affiliate product and earn a percentage from every sale that’s made through your link. The sales are tracked using affiliate links from one website to another.

The reason I like affiliate marketing so much is that you can leverage other people’s products and or services. Meaning you don’t have to create the products or services yourself.

Most affiliate marketing programs already have the marketing information you need to get started right away. This is why I like affiliate marketing so much. Most of the heavy lifting is done for you.

Affiliate Marketing Starting point

There are multiple ways to go about promoting the affiliate program. I will be laying out my own personal method. This doesn’t mean It’s the only way, just the way I personally have found the most rewarding and profitable.

Get your mind right

I know people want to skip this part and jump right into the strategy but that’s a big mistake.

Don’t skip over the first few sections it will delay and possibly prevent your ability to succeed.

I looked over this important part of success when I first started. I had so many successful people telling me to get my mind right.

This means you have to eliminate skepticism and believe you can succeed at making money with Affiliate Marketing. Getting your mind right is more than 50% of the battle.

It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when you genuinely believe you will succeed. I remember how skeptical I was when I started. All it took was a minor negative incident or comment from someone and I would be looking for the next opportunity.

If I didn’t have success in the time frame I thought I should then I would just quit and move on to the next opportunity.

Jumping from one Affiliate Marketing program to another program doesn’t give you the required time to gain traction and momentum.

My advice is to choose a good Affiliate Marketing Mentor and product and stick with it.

If you are new to affiliate marketing there will be a short learning curve. Some people advance quicker than others. I hate to admit it but, I was one of the stubborn slow learners. Most of the reason It took me longer than other people on my team was simply because of my negative thinking.

So the first step is to stay positive and believe in yourself. You can learn all the tactics and strategies there are and not find success if you have (stinkin thinkin)

Let’s get this out the way really quickly before we move on.

Magical affiliate marketing beans?


This was something else that held me back and I see so many others having the same problem.

It’s human nature for most of us to seek out a short-cut or an easier way. I totally understand the mentality. It is something I still struggle with today.

But, read my lips. There are no shortcuts.

Set your mind to think about your Affiliate Marketing Business in terms of years instead of weeks or months.

I will agree that 1 person out of every 100 million gets lucky. However, having a lottery-type of mentality does not serve you well and will hold you back from success.

If you learn how to do LiveGood affiliate marketing and design your affiliate marketing business for long-term success. You will build a business that will provide you with an income for many years to come.

People who start an affiliate marketing business and want to strike it rich quickly typically quit in a short amount of time.

So lose the get-rich-quick mentality.

Affiliate Marketing Website

Having a personal website as your central hub is very important in my opinion.

I know people will argue with me and say It’s not a requirement for success. I have to agree with them that you can still earn money with Affiliate Marketing without a website. However, I believe earning money becomes so much easier when you use your website as your [marketing Homebase].

You will most likely do more than one form of free or paid marketing method to attract new leads. By using your website as your central marketing location you can build your brand.

Don’t just use some cookie-cutter corporate website.

A big problem is there are so many affiliate marketing niches to choose from.

Having so many niches to choose from creates a lot of confusion and people tend to do nothing.

Should you choose a niche based on your passion? Should you choose a niche based on competitiveness? These are all things you need to take into consideration.

I have seen such a wide array of Affiliate Marketing niches that make people insane amounts of money.

Niches that you would never dream could produce money for someone.

You could learn affiliate marketing for some of the obvious platform niches such as:

The list goes on and on. I (don’t) suggest people start out as affiliate marketers by promoting the products on Amazon or any of the huge sites like I listed above. The reason I say that is because they pay such small percentages of profit to their Affiliates.

The work is the same as promoting something that pays you a small commission or a large commission. I say go with the large commission.

People do make a lot of money promoting small-ticket Amazon or Wal-Mart products. But the competition is fierce and it would take a tremendous amount of work to rank and earn money this way.

I believe if you are starting it would be much better to start with a different niche.

The Affiliate Marketing niche I suggest

I’m going to tell you what I suggest and why I suggest it.

Affiliate Marketing and people wanting to learn Affiliate Marketing is really hot right now. Not only are a lot of people waking up to the income potential with Affiliate Marketing. I believe the demand will continue to climb for many many years to come.

With that being said I think a great Niche to enter is teaching people Affiliate Marketing.

If this is the first time hearing this let me explain.

You have to admit the economy is changing very fast because of the internet. Big box stores are having a very hard time competing with the internet.

For this reason, lots of big-box and especially mom-and-pop stores are shutting down.

Affiliate Program: Great Opportunity.
Affiliate Program: Great Opportunity.

Because of this numerous businesses are offering Affiliate enrollment programs. The stores understand the power of having an army of Affiliate Marketers promoting their products or services worldwide. And, they are willing to pay the Affiliate a commission to market for them and create a SALE.

So there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people wanting to learn how to earn money from affiliate marketing. So many people will just WING it at first and after they fail miserably and waste money. They will be looking for a leader, training, and a system to teach them how to learn affiliate marketing the right way.

Network Marketer.

The demand for this is huge and growing every day. The systems I promote are second to none.

One is a training platform and the other one is tools.

I promote programs that have training and systems anyone can learn and use. You learn Marketing and they have a great community.

People get results with the training and start earning money from The commissions.

When people learn Marketing and are making money do you think they will cancel their Membership?

The answer is, no they won’t cancel.

If people don’t cancel you will start to build a nice monthly residual income.

I promote the Network Marketing business I’m in because it provides long-term residual income.

I’m sure you are starting to notice. I prefer to promote products or services people will continue to use month after month for years to come.

This way you spend time or money getting the customer and you keep them.

The opposite is to promote things where you have to keep going out and working over and over to make a sale.

Marketing Methods.

Here is what you have so far.

  • You have your mindset right
  • A FREE Affiliate Marketing website was created
  • You picked a niche

So hopefully you created your website for free by clicking on the blue link above. And you probably have a good idea of what you want your NICHE to be.

So now you will need to do some marketing to attract leads.

Marketing your Affiliate business is a huge hurdle a lot of people can’t get over. The reason people have such a hard time is that there are so many options to market an Affiliate Marketing Business.

And the list goes on and on. No wonder so many people have a hard time choosing.

What’s even worse is people choose 3 or 4 options and spend a little time trying to make them all work. When people try to use many methods at once they usually end up having no good results with any of them.

I suggest you pick 1 or 2 marketing methods at a maximum and become a master at that method. Then you can incorporate other methods.

I use YouTube and blogging to drive traffic for free. I do paid advertising on YouTube and Facebook.

I hope this information helped you please leave a comment.

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