Become Attractive In Network Marketing

How to become attractive in your Network Marketing Business

Hey Jason here, and today I want to go over how to become attractive in your network marketing business.

You know when I was first introduced to network marketing, by a friend of mine at work. My wife and I just found out that we’re going to have our first kid.

how to become attractive in network marketing business
how to become attractive in network marketing business

We were flat broke, but he still invited me to come and see the business overview.

All I could think was how can I come to look at a business opportunity when my wife and I are flat broke. How can I even think about starting up a business or doing anything like that because she had just wrecked, the only car we had the week before that.

Starting a business was the last thing on my mind, because the money wasn’t there, you know. I’m sure Some people reading this can probably relate.

I don’t think there is ever a perfect time to start a Network Marketing business but at that moment when he asked me my finances were non-existent. Meaning I was broke.

Residual Income Is Attractive In Network marketing

I went to the business overview. I wasn’t that impressed with anything but I did like what I heard about the residual income. The residual income part of the Network Marketing business is what impressed me the most.

Later on, when I got my finances right what drew me back to Network marketing was the residual income.

I knew I had to get out of the trading hours for pay routine. I knew if I stayed as an hourly employee I would never get ahead like I wanted to.

The one thing I noticed when I got into the Network Marketing company was it was hard to stand out and be attractive. It was hard to differentiate yourself because all the websites were replicated. They were all the same for everyone.

Stand Out To Be Attractive In Network Marketing

It doesn’t matter if there are 1000 or 10,000 people in the Network Marketing company. Everyone will get the same website, products, and other marketing tools.

It’s hard to differentiate yourself when everyone has the same stuff.

This is what I’m talking about when I say, how to become attractive in your Network Marketing business. How do you stand out and call attention to yourself so people are attracted to you?

So what can you do to really differentiate yourself?

How is your prospect going to be attracted to you?

You need to become attractive to have people come to you. By providing value that the other people don’t provide you will be attractive and they will ask you to join your downline.

Begging Is Not Attractive In Network Marketing

Most network marketing, businesses, teach you to go out and, make a list of friends and family. Your friends and family may or may not want anything to do with your products or business.

Or your up-line may want you to do 3-way calls.

I don’t do any of that type of stuff.

how to become attractive in network marketing business
how to become attractive in network marketing business

I teach my downline to set up things so the Network Marketing prospects come to you.

Weather you are doing free or paid advertising when your prospects come to you it flips the script.

If you’re going out and you’re pestering people and talking to friends and family and things like that then it puts you in a position of weakness in your MLM business from the very beginning.

Isn’t it a different mental game going on when your prospects are coming to you?

Getting this type of customer in your network marketing business is completely different than someone you begged to get in.

Being Sellable Is Attractive In Network marketing

You also have to make yourself sellable to the people you want in your Network Marketing business.

The sellable aspect is done through your sales funnels. And all the different information that you’ve put out there.

You automatically become sellable by putting out value-based content in the market that’s different.

You have to put better bait out there. By putting better bait you will catch better and bigger fish. The fishing Analogy. right.

The bait is the information you are putting out. It is also being different in your Network marketing company.

Your potential prospect has to mentally overcome some obstacles before they will make a decision to join you and your Network Marketing business.

If your potential customer or business partner doesn’t feel they are getting into business with the correct person and or team then they will just look elsewhere.

By providing value they are going to be attracted to you. Because you’re providing valuable information you’re putting out valuable content in the marketplace.

You are now viewed differently than the vast majority of the other people in Network Marketing. You are viewed as a leader and someone who isn’t desperate to have people join the business.

Better Bait Is Attractive In Network Marketing

So now that you have put out better bait online you will start to attract numerous people to you. People will start to ask you what business you are in and if they can join your downline.

Getting the info-products is easy.

You don’t have to make the products on your own. I actually don’t recommend making the products you give your prospects until you have reached a specific income level and are ready to dedicate the time to do that.

how to become attractive in network marketing business
how to become attractive in network marketing business

All you have to do is use an affiliate product that is already done for you.

This way you will earn a little commission on the front end of your sales funnel. This helps pay for your marketing.

I currently use affiliate products as my introductory information product. It’s an amazing book that teaches people exactly what to do to get all the traffic you want for your Network Marketing business.

In this post, I just wanted to make the point that you have to become attractive in your network marketing business if you want to build a big downline.

You know that you need to be different. You need to put out value. You need to have a sales funnel set up that walks your prospects from clicking an ad on Facebook, to ask you to join your downline.

It’s not as hard as it sounds when you follow an already proven system.

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