Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

Are you just starting in the MLM industry?

Maybe you are just starting or maybe you have tried over and over Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire and are looking for proven solutions.

If you’ve just started in your MLM I’m sure you’re anxious to build a big downline and buy a private jet.

Or maybe you just want to earn enough money to pay some bills and get a new car or house.

When I was first introduced to the Network Marketing industry I bought in hook, line, and sinker.

I followed my upline

I believed what my upline was telling me. I believed I could talk to my friends and family or do hotel meetings or house parties and build a big business.

So what did I do? I went out and aggressively tried to enroll friends, family, and strangers into my new business opportunity.

I Had No Marketing Experience Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire.

Like most people starting in MLM, I had no previous marketing or business experience.

I was around 20 years old at the time and didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together.

It was 1998 and My girlfriend and I had recently moved to Colorado. We moved there on less than a shoestring budget.

Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire
Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

My uncle owned a framing construction company and was gracious enough to let us stay there for a while and give me a job.

Not long after being there, we found out that my girlfriend was pregnant. I remember being so happy but scared at the same time.

We Were Flat Broke.

I was scared because we were flat broke and had a car that barely ran. We were still living with my uncle at the time and I knew we would have to get our own place in the very near future.

After starting my construction job and getting some consistent checks coming in we saved up enough to get our own apartment. The Apartment was nothing to brag about but it was our own place.

Things were looking good for about 4-months. We were still living check to check and had no extra spending money but we were making it.

I Was Fired.

Things took a turn for the worst. I was fired from my construction job and to this day I’m still not sure why. I guess it’s irrelevant but the owner showed up one day and just told the supervisor to fire me.

This put us in a very hard financial position.

Then 2 weeks after that my girlfriend wrecked the only vehicle we had.

We were in a very desperate situation. We had no money and had all the utility bills, rent, and everything else coming up.

We had to start using the public transportation bus to commute around town. I know that in and of its self public transportation is not anything horrible. But in conjunction with us about to be homeless and having no money to survive was starting to become very stressful.

Barely Enough Money To Eat.

I remember being on the bus and we started talking about what we were going to eat. I had to look at my pregnant girlfriend and admit that all we had was enough money to buy 1 McDonald’s meal and split it.

I guess I was too embarrassed and had too much of an ego to go ask family for any help.

I felt lower than low as a man.

While all of this is going on, I remembered the Network Marketing opportunity someone told me about. I had watched a live in-person presentation and everything they said made sense.

Unlike some other stories, you will read about this isn’t where I went from rags into riches.

My girlfriend and future wife did eventually get jobs and earn enough money to survive. But that’s about all we were doing was surviving.

I Eventually Started An MLM Opportunity

I did eventually start that MLM business. I won’t say the exact name of the business but I will say it is one of the oldest and largest Network Marketing companies. They have a lot of products and a lot of distributors.

I saw this MLM business as a way to escape my week-to-week mediocre financial existence.

I listened to everything my upline told me.

Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

I did the in-home meetings at other people’s homes. I pitched everyone that had a pulse. I did everything I possibly could.

I called and basically begged and pitched all of my friends and family.

From all of that work, I enrolled 7 people.

I enrolled them in the first couple of months which I guess was very good.

I was already dreaming of everything I was going to buy. I was dreaming about the financial security I would enjoy.

All I Needed Was Duplication

All I needed to do was get the 7 people I enrolled to go out and duplicate what I did.

I knew this was going to be so easy because we had amazing products and everyone loved them. I knew that everyone I enrolled wanted to earn more money just like I did.

So what did those 7 people I enrolled in do?

They did nothing.

This is when I realized that duplication was going to be much harder than I anticipated.

I tried very hard and was never able to get the people that I enrolled to duplicate the things I was doing to enroll people.

If you’ve been in MLM for very long does this sound familiar.

I believed in the Network Marketing business model so much I was willing to start and fail at multiple MLM opportunities before I ever discovered how to properly market.

I lost count but I think the number of MLM businesses I invested in and ultimately quit has to be around 15-17.

I Wasn’t Asking The Right Questions

I don’t call it a failure but looking back I was not asking the right questions. I was just bullheaded and pushing forward.

I thought it was the opportunity that was wrong. Then I would think it was the product that was wrong. I blamed everything except my lack of marketing experience.

Looking back all of the answers were right in front of my face.

Now I can clearly see from the very beginning the people making the most money and building a big downline were doing the same basic thing.

Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire
Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

It’s Marketing

The name is (Network Marketing) or (Multi-Level Marketing) they are really one and the same. But notice they both include the word marketing.

That’s what I was doing wrong or just not doing at all. I didn’t understand how to market this specific type of business.

Marketing your MLM business in a very strategic proven way is how the people at the top of the leader board are building huge down-lines and true residual income.

I’m gonna give you a simple overview of what I discovered about marketing my MLM business.

What I Discovered.

I learned that people as early as the 1970s were using some type of product either physical or information-based as a “Break-Even” Marketing product.

Let Me explain the “Break-Even” Marketing product.

Most people in MLM use some type of information-based product such as a book or digital information video. The information needs to be related to the MLM business.

The information needs to be extremely high-value and greatly beneficial to the person who buys it.

When you are starting out I highly suggest finding a book, product, or service that has an affiliate program attached to it. Click here for my recommendation.

This means that you will have a really high-quality offer and will earn a small commission when someone purchases the book or program.

This fulfills a couple of important parts of your marketing sales funnel.

  • You have a buyer – someone willing to invest in themselves.
  • You have someone interested in building an MLM business or buying your products etc.
  • They will be added to your email list, where you can provide more value and training.
  • By getting a small commission on the product you can now do marketing on the internet without spending money. Just take the small profit and invest it back into your marketing. That’s called self-funded marketing.

This is how leaders build their email list of interested people who are asking for more information

This is what enabled me to build an MLM business that’s a real asset. An MLM business that provides life-changing money.

When your mix the ability to use paid marketing with the leads you can get from content creation you will be on your way to getting all the leads you need for your MLM business.

Creating Content Building A Multi-Level Marketing Empire

Creating content can be done in multiple ways.

  1. Youtube
  2. Personal Blog
  3. podcast
  4. Twitter

And the list goes on. You should pick one form of creating content and do it as often as possible.

By creating content you will establish your brand and build trust with your chosen market.

Your goal is to drive interested people to your sales funnel.

I believe you should use a combination of FREE marketing methods as well as paid marketing.

By using free methods like Youtube, a blog, or a podcast you create content one time and it pays off over and over.

Creating content for your MLM business also positions you as a leader in your industry. This helps your paid advertising because a lot of people won’t make a buying decision while they are in your funnel.

Many times people will look you up through social platforms and determine if you’re someone they want to do business with.

I will be doing a follow-up post to this one where I will go over the rest of the sales funnel and provide some more training.

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