Business instant messaging solutions

Business Instant Messaging Solutions|Best Options

Below is a list of business instant messaging solutions that will increase your customer contact and conversion.

Instead of listing out 10 or 20 different instant messaging options I will give you the best one by far and show you how to integrate it to your website.

*If you don’t have access to your website such as your WordPress website you can give this information to the person handling your website.

Business Instant Messaging Solutions

Brief Intro To Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging has become a way of life. We use instant messaging in our personal and professional life.

Instant messaging for business has helped streamline communication.

The technology of instant messaging allows co-workers and staff to communicate with each other very efficiently. But this is really just texting back and forth.

This article is focused more on the business owner looking to get new customers. As a business owner, you spend money to attract new customers or clients.

What a shame if people are visiting your website and not able to instantly communicate with your company.

Unlike email, instant messaging does not require someone to access their personal inbox as email does.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet device the messages will pop up right on the screen.

Businesses are turning to instant messaging to reduce interferences that come along with other forms of business communication.

New Customers

In my opinion the biggest benefit of using instant messaging for US-based businesses. Especially local businesses are the acquisition of new customers.

The ability to acquire new customers – by being able to instantly message back and forth is extremely powerful for local businesses.

Business Instant Messaging Solutions|Best Options with Facebook Messenger.

Instant Messaging With Facebook Messenger

In my opinion, Facebook Messanger is the #1 way to acquire new customers with instant messages.

Your customers are already on Facebook and interacting with your business page.

It’s an easy transition to go from getting information on your Facebook business page to communicating with you via instant messenger on Facebook.

All you have to do is put the facebook messenger app on your business website.

When your potential customer is on your company website wouldn’t it be nice to instantly chat with them through Facebook Messanger?

Sure it would.

If your an extremely small business you may not be able to delegate this to someone else and may need to respond to messages from your phone.

Regardless if you delegate the task or respond yourself.

A new customer is a new customer plain and simple.

Connecting Messenger

How to connect Facebook Messanger to your business website using a plugin.

I have used different plugins and this is the one that I like best.

The name of the plugin I use is called CONSOLTO.

You can watch the video on this page and it will show you exactly where and how to find and install the Consolto plugin.

I like the plugin because of its flexibility.

With a simple click of the mouse, you can choose if you only want to instant message through Facebook Messanger.

Or you can choose from many other messaging applications to communicate with your new customers.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

business instant messaging solutions

On the left side click where it says Plugins.

Click where it says add new.

Instant messaging for businesses and websites
Business Instant Messaging Solutions make it easier to stay in contact

In the search window (plugin search) type Consolto VideoChat.

You will see the plugin pop up.

*Click on Install Now.

*Now click on activate.

*After Consolto activates it will show up in your WordPress dashboard.

Business Instant Messaging Solutions
Business Instant Messaging Solutions

*Click on the Consolto plugin. After clicking on the Consolto Plugin a window will pop up just like the picture below. You will need to click where it says: Not registered yet? Go to and get your widget.

After you click on the you will be directed to the Consolto website.

As you can see from the picture below you simply need to fill in your name and some basic information.

After filling in your basic account information you will need to add any of the information required for each of the messenger features you want to use.

If you only want Facebook Messanger then just enter that one. If you want people to be able to directly call you or message you then you can add a phone number.

The choice is up to you. This is why I really like this Plugin. It allows you to have control.

Business Instant Messaging Solutions
Business Instant Messaging Solutions

After deciding what instant messenger methods you want to use, and filling out all the information you need to left-click the GREEN copy button.

By left-clicking the GREEN copy button you will copy the code you need to paste in the WIDGET SCRIPT WINDOW.

Just click back to the previous URL page you have open and paste in the WIDGET SCRIPT that was copied when you clicked on the GREEN button.

Then click save changes.

There you have it you now have your instant messenger or whatever other messaging methods you want on your WordPress website.

If you refresh your website on the lower right-hand side of the page you will see the chat box pop open.

If you have the Facebook messenger app on your phone then on your CONSOLTO website page you can choose to have your phone beep when you receive a new instant message.

Your phone can be alerted from any of the other instant messenger contact methods also.

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