Can you make money in Rodan and Fields?

Can you make money in rodan and fields
Can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business?

If you’re an average person wondering can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business, this article will answer that for you.

I will also be giving you some free training and resources to help an average Beginner with little to no experience build a Rodan and Fields business.

When you look at the income disclosure of Rodan and Fields it may look like no one is making money.

Can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business?

It’s true that a larger percentage of people earn little to no money in Rodan and Fields. Many of the active preferred customers are only members to get a discount on the products.

Those members have no desire to build a Rodan and Fields business.

It’s important to note that they like the products enough to continue purchasing them. I think It’s important that people get real value from the products and choose to get them month after month.

Look at this chart below of the Rodan and Fields income disclosure.

can you make money in Rodan and Fields
Is it possible to make money in Rodan and Fields?

Looking at that chart makes it seem like very few people are earning any money in Rodan and Fields. However, let’s break this up and shed some light on those figures.

Average Money Earned In Rodan & Fields

Rodan and Fields have a total number of 411,651 consultants. Out of those 222,664 were paid, consultants.

188,987 were Consultants who received the benefit of discounted prices but did not earn any compensation from Rodan and Fields

So the numbers below represent the approximate number of people who earned the amounts that are available on the chart above.

  • 136,493 people earned an average of $325
  • 64,349 people earned an average of $2,342
  • 13,137 people earned an average of $6919
  • 6,234 people earned an average of $14,705
  • 1,558 people earned an average of $34,209
  • 668 people earned an average of $69,062
  • 445 people earned an average of $151,750
  • 223 people earned an average of $351,325
  • 97 people earned an average of $1,203,920

So with those numbers out It’s obvious that a lot of people are making money. Some people are earning a lot and others are not earning much or none at all.

What do these numbers reveal?

To mean it reveals opportunity. If that many people can earn that much money without having to have employees, stock merchandise, or handle customer service then sign me up.

can you make money in the rodan and fields business
Can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business?

People with common sense understand regardless of what company, opportunity or competition you present. Some people are going to do great. Some people are going to do okay. And some people are not going to do much at all.

It’s no different with Rodan and Fields.

Most of the people just enjoy getting a discount on the products and getting positive results from that.

Other people dabble with the business and create a good side hustle and earn some good money in the process.

Full-Time Income In Rodan & Fields Vs Part-Time Side Hustle

While other people are looking to create a full-time income and possibly even quit their day job to do this full-time.

The Network Marketing business model is the business model of the 21st century in my opinion. I believe some Network Marketing companies back in the 50s and 70s gave Network Marketing a bad name.

Today I believe the Network Marketing profession has come full circle.

The only problem that exists today is a lack of professional training. The vast majority of people who invest in a Network Marketing business like Rodan and Fields immediately go out and plaster their social media sites.

Then they go out and try to enroll all their friends and family in the business and talk hype about the products and how everyone needs them.

Can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business or is it a scam?
Can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business or is it impossible?

This leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth and isn’t the way a professional should sell products or services.

Just because you think the products are great. And just because, you got great results doesn’t mean that other people are eager to use them. Everyone is not your customer. And I can guarantee you everyone in your family isn’t interested.

How to make money in Rodan and Fields

So how does an average person (a beginner in Network Marketing) make money in the Rodan and Fields business?

This is a good question because a lot of people “TRY” to build a Rodan and Fields business. But far more fail than succeed.

What are the 6,234 or the 13,137 from the chart above doing that the others are not? Those people are earning some good money. what about the 445 people who earned an average of $151,750.

What are they doing to earn that kind of money in Rodan and Fields?

It’s not fair to say a company with great products and who has thousands of people earning money is a scam. But, some people like to claim Rodan and Fields is a scam only to tell you about their “THING” and try to get you to invest in what they are doing.

does rodan and fields really work
Does, Rodan + Fields really work or are the products all hype?

Breaking Down The How Part Of Making Money In Rodan & Fields

Let’s break this down. I will tell you how I build my Rodan and Fields business. Obviously I can’t go over everything in this one article. But, I will provide some free and paid resources for those of you who want to win.

The items I’m going to list are what have worked for me. I fully understand that an extremely small percentage of people can use old school methods. Methods like home parties and driving all over the state to meet with people in coffee shops. I understand some people can make that work. But for everyone else try the methods I’m listing below.

Before I go any further let me just add this. Nothing is easy. Network Marketing is a real business. If you are looking to have someone do almost everything for you then It’s better for you to just get a job.

If you are willing to put in the time, energy, and effort on the front end you will be able to enjoy life on your terms on the back end.

You need to have a website.

If you want to make money in Rodan and Fields you should have a website.

Why is a website important?

Having a website allows you to have a central hub. A central location that is your voice and your brand. You can ATTRACT people interested in following you and investing in you.

You can generate free traffic from social media and many other sources and send that traffic back to your website.

What’s the big deal about sending them back to your website? Think about it like this. People buy from and partner with people they know, like, and trust. But, how can people ever know, like, and trust you if they never have the opportunity to get to know you?

can you make money in Rodan and Fields
Your website is the center of your marketing hub.

When you build your website and continue to add content to it your articles will eventually start showing up on the first page of Google. This is when the magic will start to happen. You will begin to attract customers to you instead of begging people to join you.

It’s not as hard as people think to attract customers through a website/blog

Click the image to take the one funnel away challange

They are free and they are powered by a great hosting company.

After you have your website you can start to design it the way you want to brand yourself and show your unique personality.

If you are a current Rodan and Fields representative or your planning on becoming one. You’re probably wondering what you will base your website theme or Niche on.

Your probably thinking, if I want to make money in the Rodan and Fields business I should just write information about Rodan + Fields.

I know that’s the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. There is nothing wrong with that approach as long as you are providing value-based content. You can’t just go on-and-on about how great your products and business are.

I’m as passionate as the next person about the Rodan and Fields products. I’m equally as passionate about the Network Marketing profession. However, if I want people to be interested in it the same way I have to lead with value.

So, can you make money in the Rodan and Fields business? The numbers don’t lie. What the numbers reveal is people who use proven methods to market their business make money.

The people who do nothing or just dabble in the business make little to no money.

Click The Image To Take The 5-Day Challenge

Can you make money in the Rodan & Fields business? Yes, most definately you can.

In order to do that make sure you are using the correct sales funnels and not just spamming your companies products and services.

Lead with value.

Help other Rodan and Fields reps on your team build their downline using systems and proven methods. Don’t just tell your new team member to start making a list of names.

If you use REAL marketing methods on the internet you can build a profitable asset with your Rodan & Fields business.

I highly recommend the book traffic secrets.

You can find a picture link in this page. When you click on that you will also see an example of my sales funnel. You can use the same type of sales funnel for your Rodan and fields business.

I already have a funnel completely built for Rodan and fields so, if you would like my share code let me know.

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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