The Best High Ticket Affiliate Program.

High ticket affiliate program

Get freedom faster with the best high ticket affiliate program instead of the low ticket programs alone. You can combine your low-ticket offers such as your network marketing products with a high-ticket offer. Or you can just promote this high ticket affiliate program as your main offer. Regardless of how you integrate a high-commission affiliate program, you have the potential to reach your freedom faster by combining low with high-ticket.

High Ticket Affiliate Program

Instead of beating around the bush by listing my top 10 high-ticket affiliate programs. I will save you time and frustration and just go over the one I promote because I believe it’s the best. I partnered with The Home Business Academy as the high commission affiliate program I promote. The reason I decided to partner with HBA is because of the pay structure and the high value of the products they offer. I also love the supportive community and being able to get my questions answered when needed. They have an incredible step-by-step system that teaches you exactly what you need to do to get into profit fast. I don’t have anything against low-ticket programs such as Network Marketing. In fact, I’m in a Network Marketing company and I love it but, have found a way to combine low-ticket and high-ticket. I do high-ticket in order to create cash flow fast while building my residual income through my Network Marketing business.

How Much Can You Earn

With this high-ticket affiliate program, you may potentially earn up to $947 per complete funnel transaction. The reason I like this affiliate program funnel is that the creators take everything they know and show you how to duplicate it. The HBA high-ticket affiliate program starts out by offering a very high-value low-ticket offer. I purchased all of their products and went through all of the training. The products are really underpriced at the time and are worth much more than they are selling them for.

The HBA pays out an incredible 80% in commissions on the products you promote.

It’s hard to say how much a person can earn from the HBA high-ticket products and business because of the residual monthly income. Part of the compensation is paid over and over every month. You earn some money in one lump sum in the beginning and then it’s paid out month after month. I like affiliate programs that pay out every single month. The Home Business Academy has paid out millions of dollars to affiliates.

Benefits Of High Ticket Affiliate Program

The biggest benefit of promoting a high ticket program is the upfront money you can make. In low ticket Network Marketing you can actually make more money long term. Where people run into problems is the amount of time it takes to build a Network Marketing company. Some people build a company fast and others take a while to build a Network Marketing business. So one of the main benefits of High-Ticket is the large up-front and long-term residual income.

The other benefit is it takes much fewer people to create enough income to gain your freedom. Most low ticket affiliate or Network Marketing opportunities require hundreds if not thousands of people in your downline.

Cost To Join High Ticket Affiliate Program

The cost to join the HBA is as little as $25 dollars and as much as $1000 depending on how aggressive you want to be. Some affiliate programs are as much as 10,000 dollars to join and don’t offer the same kind of training and benefits you get with HBA. Other than the price of entry into the affiliate business I would focus on what the program has to offer. Does the Affiliate program solve a problem that people have? The Home Business Academy teaches people how to create income with a home based business. With the HBA you will learn how to build any online business. There is a lot of specified information in a step-by-step method to show you what to do. I learned where to get my leads and the best practices needed to create time and financial freedom in your life.

Details About This High Ticket Affiliate Program

The Home Business Academy is the High Ticket program I decided to partner with and promote. Here are some of the training series and details about what they offer.

The home business academy premium membership

The HBA offers a premium membership where they teach you everything you need to know about getting paying customers. This business solves a major problem that a lot of people have. Most people don’t know how to get a constant flow of customers to look at their offer. They don’t know how to convert people into paying customers. These are basic fundamentals of building any type of business and the HBA makes it their business to teach you how to do these things.

You also get a funnel builder to build sales funnels and many other types of funnels.

the best high commission affiliate program

to partake in the business opportunity designed around offering the HBA Funnel builder will only cost you $25 dollars to start.

At $25 dollars just about everyone can participate in building this business. As an affiliate you get $20 dollars per month per person that gets the funnel builder. Everyone online really needs a sales funnel and this software makes building one really easy. You can use some of the templates that are already designed for you or you can design your own from scratch.

They have training to show you how to build various funnels from landing and capture pages all the way to full sales funnels. I have used funnels for Network Marketing to replicate the in-person meetings. No longer do you need to meet someone face-to-face you can use the funnel builder to do [the selling] and [telling] for you.

The Affiliate Freedom Launchpad Modules

affiliate business plan
affiliate business plan

This affiliate module goes over how to design your freedom launchpad. They go over things such as perfecting your email autoresponder to follow up with your leads.

Following up with your customers automatically is very important so you can automate your communication and marketing messages. I use AWEBER as my email autoresponder to keep in contact with all of the people on my list. When people enter their information on your capture page they will automatically start getting emails from you. I always make sure to provide a lot of value in the emails I send people.

I highly suggest combining a high-ticket affiliate program such as the HBA in conjunction with a low-ticket Network Marketing business. A really good MLM company will provide you with the long-term residual income you are looking for. The high ticket program will give you the upfront money you need to gain your freedom faster.

Additional help to make money in an online affiliate business.

If you are currently trying to build a business online and need some additional help I have some free resources available for you. Here is the link for the “grow rich mastermind collection” this collection also has DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. Listen to The Secrets of The Rich and Free on Our DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. These audios are the secret ingredient to going from some success… to being one of the top earning 4% of people on the planet! Listen LIVE or catch the replays anytime. Live mastermind sessions take place each weekday morning at 9 AM EST 

I also have the FREE 183 page “30 minute workday escape plan” that goes over the invisible step to success. If you need a plan to get leads for your Networking business simply fill in your information on the side of this page and I will give you the system and formula I use to get leads and fill my pipeline.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions please leave a comment or question below.

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