HB Naturals Slimmer To Lose Weight

HB Naturals Slimmer
HB Naturals Slimmer For Weight Loss

HB Naturals Slimmer Helped My Wife And I Lose Weight.

What is HB Naturals Slimmer? HB Naturals Slimmer is a powder-based superfood designed to boost metabolism and help people lose weight.

My wife and I were looking for a product to help us lose weight without having to resort to a FAD diet.

We did a lot of research and tried various products in our search for a natural alternative to some of the products on the market.


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Week 1 Slimmer Results.

Here are my wife’s first week’s results using HB Naturals Slimmer.

Day 1 – I blended the ingredients up in a mixer cup exactly like my friend advised me to do and drank it. After about 30-45 minutes I noticed I had more energy and I just felt good. Hard to explain but after about 1 hour I just felt nutritionally satisfied. 

Day 2 – I had a mixture already mixed up and drank it as a meal replacement while at work. I didn’t eat lunch, I just drank the superfood smoothie for lunch. I felt very nutritionally satisfied and didn’t even feel very hungry for supper. 

Day 3 – My wife and I drank one for breakfast and another one for lunch. We drank a lot of water but the superfood is all we needed for breakfast and for lunch. We had a good supper and were feeling great. 

Day 4 – My wife and I have a lot more energy on day 4. We had so much energy that we decided to start walking after work. We are really starting to have more energy and we both had more mental alertness 30 – 40 minutes after every time we took the superfood

Day 5 – After day 5 we are both starting to lose a little weight and we feel great. We are both sleeping much better, have a lot more energy, and just feel great. 

Day 6 – Since we both have more energy throughout the day and we especially notice we have more energy after we get done with work we have decided to work out more and walk more. 

Day 7 – On day 7 I weighed myself from when I started and I have lost 7.5 pounds and my wife has lost 6 pounds. We like that we are losing weight but we both can’t get over just how much better we feel for the 3-4 hours after every time we drink this stuff. We are really impressed.

How To Mix HB Naturals Slimmer

HB Naturals Slimmer Review

How do we mix the HB Naturals Slimmer powder? We use a plastic mixer cup. The mixer cup ensures the powder mixes up without leaving any clumps.

I have put french vanilla creamer and all other types of beverages to make them taste better. Slimmer is an organic superfood so we didn’t expect it to taste like candy. We expected it to taste like greens and that is exactly what it tastes like.

We didn’t really care if it taste good or bad we were more concerned if Slimmer would give us results.

Try mixing the powder with different beverages to determine what tastes best for you. I like to use something that is filling like thick milk or something like that. I understand some people don’t like milf for various reasons but just choose something that’s good for you.

How much does HB Naturals slimmer cost?

A monthly supply of HB Naturals Slimmer costs $59.95 dollars. When you consider the cost of poor health due to being overweight the monthly cost of Slimmer is extremely cheap.

I have spent a lot of money over the years on energy drinks and other inferior weight loss products that probably did more harm than good. My wife and I were looking to lose weight but we wanted a product that was organic.

After researching the Heart & Body Naturals products we learned they select farmers who have chemical-free soil.

That may not be something you care about and are just looking to lose weight however, we wanted to create a healthy lifestyle and cut out as many toxins from our diet as possible.

You can order the Slimmer every month by going to this website CLICK HERE or you can set your account on auto-ship so you receive Slimmer every month.

How is HB Naturals Slimmer different?

The reason this product is different is that it satisfies my hunger cravings. Many of the products I’ve taken in the past didn’t help my hunger cravings and I would cheat by eating a lot of food.

I also felt nutritionally satisfied using the Slimmer product.

The bottom line is HB Naturals Slimmer helped my wife and I lose weight and we were able to do it without having hunger cravings.

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