Heart And Body Naturals Marketing Strategy

I will start with the Heart And Body Naturals business review and then go over marketing strategies to build your business and sell HB Naturals products.

Here is the disclaimer. I am an Independent affiliate with the company. Individual results will vary. The average yearly earnings for an independent HB Naturals representative is $500 through $2000 per year. You could make more or less. Individual results will vary. Heart & Body Naturals products are not intended to treat or cure any diseases. Individual product results will vary.

  • Disclaimer 
  • I am an independent affiliate and not an owner or employee.
  • Independent results will vary.
  • The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise). I don’t know your work ethic or if you will apply any time or dedication to building this business so I can’t tell you what a “typical” result would be. If you’re not committed (or expect this business to build itself), I’d advise you to pass on this.

We are not a Normal Team And This Is Not Normal marketing

For this Heart and Body Naturals review, I wanted to go over information and strategies that you won’t find anywhere else.

Even though HB Naturals isn’t a very old company there are already thousands of blog posts and articles giving basic information.

I don’t want to write just another article giving the same information.

Here is a video I did (CLICK HERE) on HB Naturals marketing strategies.

If Heart And Body Naturals is your first Network Marketing Business then this article probably isn’t for you. The reason I say this is because I’m going to go over some advanced marketing strategies. It would be great if you understand and could actually implement the marketing strategies but, you really need to get the foundational skills down first.

If you are new to Network Marketing and HB Naturals and would like to learn the foundational skills required to do the MARKETING side of Network Marketing. Then CLICK HERE to get this book. This book is worth 10,000 times its cost and will catapult you ahead.

HB Naturals Business Opportunity

The First Step Is Choosing A Good Business Based On Specific Criteria.

Choosing a business that makes it easier to accomplish your goals is important. Not all Network marketing Businesses are alike.

Investing in a business that aligns with your ethics is also important.

Heart And Body Naturals has many of the features I look for before investing my money and inviting others to invest.

  • HB Naturals has a 60-Day empty container guarantee.
  • People can join Heart & Body Naturals for free.
  • There isn’t a monthly purchase amount required to just buy HBN products.
  • A person can earn commissions in 7 different ways.
  • No one gets financially hurt in the business opportunity or from buying products.
  • 11 personalized marketing websites done-for-you.
  • Free email marketing system.
  • A high percentage of up to 50% PV payout on transactions.
  • The products are in High demand

HB Naturals Has Integrity

HB Naturals is a company I could stand behind because I know if anyone is unhappy they will get all of their money back.

I have been in other MLM businesses and found out later that people I enrolled in were unhappy with products or services. In those companies, they didn’t have a return policy on the products or the business opportunity.

Because of that the people I enrolled in felt taken advantage of. They wanted their money back but the company didn’t have an empty container return policy.

HB Naturals has a 100% money-back guarantee on everything so there is no way to take advantage of anyone.

All of the other aspects of HB Naturals are really amazing but what I was most impressed with was that no one get’s hurt financially in this business in any way.

The compensation plan is the best I have ever seen in a Network marketing business. There may be better compensation plans and I know a lot of them but, I don’t know of one. Leave a comment below if you know of one that’s better.

Heart and Body Business opportunity is a good business to align your reputation with.

Getting Leads For A Heart & Body Business Opportunity

This has nothing to do with talking to your friends and family.

If you want to build a HB Naturals business then you need to know how to market the business.

heart and body naturals business opportunity
Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy

There are numerous ways to market your business I will not be going over all of them. This article is about building out the foundation of your Heart and Body Sales funnel.

My marketing strategy for network marketing and HBN is a combination of paid and free.

On the subject of free advertising, I chose to do marketing activities that are done once and pay off over and over into the future.

An example is videos on social media such as YouTube or other platforms. Writing on a personal blog or another platform. You could also do a podcast.

  • You like being on camera = YouTube
  • Maybe speaking is your choice = Podcast
  • If you like writing = Blog

The point is to create massive amounts of content.

It’s my opinion you should start out by hyper focusing on one platform. This will give you the focus you need to stay consistent. Consistency is the key.

Don’t choose a free marketing method unless you can stay consistent with it. Your goal is to build up a following of people. These people are your target market.

Other than the free marketing that I do I also do paid marketing. In order to do paid marketing for you Heart & Body Business Opportunity You will need your Network marketing Sales funnel completely built.

Get Your Self Liquidating Promotion

The reason for this is you don’t just want to spend money on marketing and not get an immediate return on your investment. This type of marketing I call a Self-liquidating Promotion.

Basically what you do is take an already created affiliate product and build it into your sales funnel. This affiliate product such as a book or other value-based information is what you will offer in your paid marketing. AKA your self-liquidating promotion.

heart and body naturals business opportunity
Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy

By offering a product that your target audience is interested in and provides massive value you may be able to break even on your marketing campaign.

This accomplishes a few objectives. It allows you to build a list of people who are your target audience. It also allows you to continue spending more money because you are either breaking even or making money on the front-end of your sales funnel.

Think of your ideal Heart & Body naturals customer and business partner. These are the type of people you want to attract with your Affiliate book or Info.

Now you will be attracting leads with free and paid marketing into your HB Naturals business.

Finding Your HB Naturals Target Market

The ideal people to market to are people who are active or inactive in Network marketing. The Network marketing Industry has a high percentage of people who don’t build a downline. This means they don’t earn any money and end up saying Network Marketing doesn’t work.

So you want your free and paid marketing to be oriented toward them.

In your HB Naturals business you can also target people who are into vegan and healthy eating lifestyle.

You can have multiple funnels for your HB Naturals business.

Most of the people in your Heart & Body Naturals business will just enjoy buying the products. A smaller percentage will decide to be business builders.

A good way to determine who your Ideal HB Naturals customer is to create your customer AVATAR.

Simply take some sheets of paper and start writing out what keeps your target customer awake at night. Maybe its building a downline. Or maybe its getting leads. maybe its building a sales funnel and putting all the pieces together.

Building Your HB Naturals Capture Page

When I was discussing the affiliate self-liquidating promotion sales funnel above I said to create a capture page. You don’t want to use the capture page provided by the affiliate company.

The reason you don’t want to use the capture page provided by the affiliate company is because the company will get all of your leads.

Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy
Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy

One of the most important things you do in your business is capturing your leads. This is your list of leads that you want to join HB Naturals.

So you will need to create your own Capture page. By creating your own capture page your system will collect each persons information and save it for you.

You can go through one of my funnels for an example of what type of things to say on your capture page.

Build-out Your HB Naturals Network Marketing Sales Funnel

You will need an affiliate funnel for your HB Naturals business and you will also need a funnel for the HB Naturals network marketing business opportunity.

There is a very specific reason for this.

It’s because you are not offering the HB Naturals business on the front end of your marketing messages. On the front end of your marketing you will be offering the Affiliate product.

You will offer the Network marketing company Heart And Body Naturals on the back end of your funnel.

If you are interested in having one of my share codes to have the same type of sales funnel I use then CLICK HERE. Get the book that will give you the foundation and you will also be provided with a 14-day free trial to build a funnel. At that point I will send you my share code.

You can build one yourself or you can save yourself a lot of time and just get my share codes.

Integrate Email Autoresponders for your HB Naturals Sales Funnel

Having your funnel set up you will have to integrate your email autoresponders. I use an autoresponder service I have used for years.

This gives you the flexibility to write out a whole series of emails that you can have automatically go out to everyone on your list.

Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy
Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy

These people will enter your email autoresponder when they put their information on your capture page.

As an industry average, an email list earns $1.00 for every person on your list. So it’s simple math. If you have 10,000 people on your email autoresponder list then you will earn approximately $10,000 per month. Of course, this number can go up or down depending on what you are selling, etc.

Heart And Body Naturals Epic Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy

I would like to wrap Up This Heart And Body Naturals Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy by saying these marketing strategies are not the norm.

If you decide to use this marketing strategy and have never built sales funnels etc. I suggest plugging into my already done for you funnels and emails that are already done for you.

I offer my whole funnel and emails share funnels for free if you are on my HB Naturals Team.

Check out my #1 Internet Business by clicking the link at the top of this page labeled MY #1 INTERNET BUSINESS

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