High-quality prospects for network marketing

High-quality prospects for your Network Marketing business are what I will be showing you in this post. Getting leads for any network marketing business is the name of the game.

I’m going to show you the proven methods I have used to attract high-quality prospects to my home-based business.

The problem that most people have is they don’t have a proper system

A system that differentiates them from everyone else.

high-quality prospects for network marketing
high-quality prospects for network marketing

You have to determine what type of customer and or business builders you want in your business.

Most people will say ANYONE is a good prospect. Anyone who will invest in becoming a business partner is a good prospect.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to attract high-quality prospects, you need to narrow down exactly who they are.


You have to decide if you want to deal with skeptical people.

People that will constantly try to beat you down mentally.

You don’t want to deal with people who are expecting to get rich in a week by doing nothing to build the business.

By attracting high-quality prospects you won’t have to deal with that type of mindset.

Good prospects will already understand that some level of effort is required in order to be successful.

Once you decide the exact type of person you are looking to do business with.

You can use tools and systems to help you attract high-quality prospects into your sales funnel.

Here’s an example of the type of business partner you’re looking for.

  • A professional person who currently earns good money but wants more free time in their life.
  • An optimistic person who has a high desire to change their circumstances.
  • Someone who currently likes the products or services your company provides.
  • Someone who’s currently in a Network Marketing business but lacks the proper business systems to attract high-quality prospects

You can really narrow down the people you want to do business with.


Attracting high-quality Network Marketing prospects isn’t difficult when you have a proven formula with the right tools and systems.

Here is exactly how I do it.

I use a service called,


high-quality prospects for network marketing
high-quality prospects for network marketing

This system allows me to stand out from the pack and truly provide value to my potential prospects. The Conversion Pros provides top-notch training by 7 figure earners in the MLM network marketing niche.

Instead of using the boring cookie-cutter pages, the Network Marketing company gives to everyone.

You can differentiate yourself and create your very own landing pages and a whole sales funnel to drive traffic to your business.

One of the methods I have used with a lot of success is driving traffic (potential customers or business builders) from Facebook or Google to my personal sales funnel.

All of the exact training is inside the conversion pros. that teaches you the proven methods to attract prospects from Facebook and Google.

By placing a picture ad on Facebook that’s appealing to your type of prospect they will click on it to get more information.

When your network marketing prospect clicks on the ad they will be directed to another page.

In exchange for their name and email, you will provide them with something of high value.


After the prospect has entered their name and email they will automatically be directed to the next page in your sales funnel which is your bridge page.

The bridge page is simply a page that gives you an opportunity to either use a personal video introducing yourself.

Or you can use any other video you want to attract your future business partner.


On the bridge page, your potential [high-quality prospect] will have an opportunity to click a button.

Then advance on to the next page in the sales funnel.

The next page is called the sales page.

The sales page is where your high-quality prospect will learn important information and be able to make a decision.

if they want to partner with you and invest in your opportunity and or products and services.

If you are interested in generating high-quality prospects for your network marketing company.

Sign up for the FREE training.

Training will show you how to use social media to attract the type of people you want in your business.

High-quality prospects


I never had very much success in Network marketing or affiliate marketing until I discovered the concept of attraction marketing.

Most people are introduced to Network Marketing and told to make a list of their friends and family.

They call this your warm list.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to work through your warm market. However, it’s not a long-term business plan.

A true professional Network Marketer understands they need to keep their prospect pipeline full of high-quality prospects.

The professional networker understands they will need to brand themselves.

They will need to differentiate themselves from all the other people in that same company.

The way this is accomplished is by using business tools and systems like I described above.


The conversion pros have everything I need to attract high-quality prospects to my Network Marketing opportunity.

Before you waste a lot of time, energy, and money.

Take a free tour of “The Conversion Pros.”

See for yourself all the training and tools this system has to offer.

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