How Network Marketing Changed My Life

How network marketing changed my life

How Network marketing changed my life | and can change yours.

Network Marketing has so many more benefits than just building your downline or residual income. You will think differently about how you earn money.

You will learn skills that will help you in so many other areas of your life.

Let me explain.

When I was first introduced to Network Marketing I didn’t have much going for me. I didn’t have a college education and I didn’t know any trade so, I was basically just going nowhere.

My communication skills were very poor as well as just had no real direction in my life.

I was basically a real mess.

I didn’t really understand network marketing when it was first presented to me. I was flat broke and didn’t have any money to join even if I did understand it.

Network Marketing Changed How I viewed Earning Money.

After a co-worker invited me to a presentation.

The one thing that did make sense and stuck with me was the ability to create residual income and the ability to have leverage in a Network Marketing business.

The only way I had previously thought of earning money was by trading my time for money. Or how much I could make per hour.

So that was the first big AHHHHHA moment for me.

Realizing I could make money over and over from an action I did one time was a huge wake-up for me.

I realized that residual income was when someone purchased from the Network Marketing company every month I would make a small percentage of profit. AKA residual income.

Network marketing can change your life by learning time management.

I noticed when I first started Network Marketing I had no concept of time management. I understood getting up and going to my job every day.

But I didn’t understand how to use my time wisely after I punched out from my day job. Before Network Marketing I would frivolously spend my time doing “FUN” things.

You know like hanging out with friends or just watching T.V. or playing video games.

I didn’t realize that I should be spending part of my time doing something that would increase my knowledge and ultimately my income.

Network Marketing was the first time someone in my up-line asked me what my business hours were.

I was confused by the question.

I asked my upline. What do you mean by my business hours?

He wanted to know what amount of time I was going to block out and totally focus on building my business.

This skill set alone is responsible for many hundreds of thousands of dollars in my life.

So Network marketing definitely changed my life by making me aware of how I was wasting my time. It also made me aware of how to use and leverage time.

Network marketing can change your life by learning communication skills.

Before network marketing, I didn’t know how to communicate with people in a professional setting.

Sure I knew how to talk. I knew how to mess around with my friends and family. But I didn’t understand how to communicate in the marketplace.

Are good communication skills required? No, not really.

Are good communication skills required in the marketplace in order to earn more money for you and your loved ones? Yes, it is.

Network marketing changed my life because I had to force myself to learn different vocabulary.

I had to force myself to step out of my comfort zone and ask appropriate questions to get a specific result.

network marketing sales funnel
network marketing sales funnel

Network marketing can change your life by learning presentation skills.

In some ways, technology has changed the way we make presentations from the way they were done in the ’90s.

But regardless if you are doing an in-person presentation or a slideshow you will need to learn the required skills to make that possible.

Because of network marketing, I had to learn how to do an online webinar presentation.

Network marketing can change your life by learning how to save on taxes.

If you have a Network Marketing business then you can save a lot of money on your taxes.

Did you know that if you have a Network Marketing business you can save taxes on your current job? That’s right.

You can ask your Human resources and your accountant to make the proper adjustments so you can have less taken out of your weekly check.

This is extra money you can use starting as soon as next week. I am not your accountant or your HR representative so make sure to use their expertise and make the proper adjustments.

I have done this for multiple jobs I have had and having a network marketing business and using the tax savings has added a lot of money to my weekly checks.

Most people are not aware of the additional areas of the w4 form and what to put in there. when you start at your employer you are required to fill out a w4 form.

If you are in Network marketing then you can fill out various section if your accountant says you can that, will give you more money on every check.

I have done this and so have many other people in the Network Marketing industry. You should check with your accountant and ask them specifically what you should put on your w4.

I am not a financial advisor nor am I an accountant so do not take my advice as something you should do on your own. Check with your accountant before doing anything.

Network marketing can change your life by learning how to use the “leverage” this business model offers.

Leverage in network marketing comes from building a team. It’s a Network of People who use the products from the Network Marketing company they are affiliated with.

Not only do they use the products but a small percentage of people will want to build a business just like you.

If you help people succeed on your team then you can earn overrides on commissions.

So instead of only earning money from your own efforts you can earn money from the efforts of everyone on your team.

There is only 24 hours in a day. There is only so much you can do to earn money.

So Network Marketing is like other businesses such as insurance companies or banks. Those businesses earn a little bit of money off of a lot of people. The difference is that in Network Marketing you are allowed into the “CLUB”.

Network marketing can change your life by learning how to step outside your comfort zone.

This one is fairly simple. Think of people in your social circle. Can you think of someone who would do so much better in life if they would step outside of their comfort zone?

Our comfort zone or fear keeps us from doing the things we need to do in order to take life to the next level.

If you are serious about building your network marketing business then you will eventually run into some activity that is outside your comfort or skill zone.

Network marketing can change your life by learning how to stay committed and dedicated.

This one was a huge stepping stone in my life. Network marketing taught me (EVENTUALLY) to stop jumping around and stay committed.

If you don’t stay committed to something then you are not going to have the chance to find the success you desire.

By staying dedicated and working through difficult times in the business you will eventually succeed.

Network marketing can change your life by learning marketing skills.

Marketing is in the name of Network Marketing.

This is a subject that really gets me fired up. In my opinion, this is an area the network marketing industry and the leaders in network marketing have failed at.

Yes, Network Marketing teaches people basic marketing skills.

But they make a list of friends and family. Or putting flyers on car windows is not what I consider marketing.

I can understand before the internet doing the home parties and 3-way calls and stuff. But that stuff should have been phased out with the internet.

There is no reason for Network marketing companies to be stuck in the ’80s with their marketing methods.

I teach the people on my team how to market online using sales funnels and other Internet marketing strategies.

The reason network marketing can change your life with marketing is because the foundational skills can be used across multiple professions and niches.

Network Marketing

There are so many reasons Network marketing can change your life I could go on and on. My point in writing this article is to bring to your attention all the benefits of building a business.

It’s not just about the money. It’s more than just that. Sure most of us want to build a business and have time to do what we want when we want to.

but my point is even if you lost a little bit of money by trying to build your Network marketing business. It would still be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I know this to be true because as my skills increased in-network Marketing I earned more money in my day job.

network marketing gets a bad rap in a lot of ways because of people who start and are not properly trained to build the business. Some of it is the person who joined fault.

some of the faults are on the Network Marketing company and industry as a whole.

Any way you look at it Network marketing is responsible for creating a lot of millionaires and people who earn a solid 6-figure income.

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