How to advertise Rodan and Fields

how to sell rodan and fields
How To Get Leads For Your Rodan & Fields Business

This information is specifically on how to advertise Rodan and Fields. Or anyone in a Network Marketing company who needs a system for getting leads.

Reps looking to sell more products, and enroll more business builders into their Rodan and Fields business.

How to advertise Rodan and Fields

If you’ve already tried house parties and contacting friends and family but know there has to be another way to build a network marketing business. This post is for you.

This method does actually take work. No magic beans.

What doesn’t work 97% of the time?

I’m going to start off by explaining how to advertise Rodan and Fields the wrong way.

When I say the wrong way I’m not talking about the 1% of the people that for whatever reason hit the home run.

They do exist and I have met them. And before anyone leaves any nasty responses below, I’m not saying that these things don’t work at all.

But what I am saying is for 97 – 99% of the people in Network marketing they just aren’t practical.

Home Parties

Home parties – They have worked for some and yes they can work. However, the whole point of Network Marketing is residual income and the power of duplication. So by doing home parties within your social network and the social network of the people you recruit you don’t find other business builders that are serious about the business and willing to also do home parties. Your Rodan and Fields business may never get off the ground. Doing home parties is a hard way to create duplication because most people have extremely busy lifestyles already and don’t have the time to do home parties. So home parties are possible but not very practical for building a long-term business with true residual income.

Friends & Family

Friends & Family – Trying to enlist your friends and family into your business may create some short-term money. But let’s get real about your friends and family. Most of them are not business builders. Some of them may buy your products. Heck some of them may even get on auto-ship. But It’s highly unlikely you will find serious-minded business builders ready to partner with you and take your Rodan & Fields business to the next level

Social Media

Blasting your opportunity or products on social media – Blasting your Facebook news feed every day about your great products and business opportunity might get you some short-term results and heck some people might even build a huge Rodan & Fields business that way. But for the other 99% of Rodan and Fields representatives who don’t build a business by being a pest. They will need to use proven principles on how to advertise Rodan and Fields.

There are many other ways in which people try to sidetrack doing actual MARKETING to build their Rodan & Fields network marketing business. But very few of them work.

Some statistics

Before I get into the steps of exactly how I build Network Marketing businesses.

Let me first give you proof, why most people don’t make any money in Rodan & Fields.


1% of the people who read this post will actually decide to read it again and take notes and then take action. They will not give up and they will reach out and find the guidance and mentor they need to succeed.

The 1% will do the things the other 99% are not willing to do so they can live the lifestyle others will only dream about.

The MLM Delima

First, you enrolled in Rodan and fields, then looked over everything in your back office.

Some friends and family may have decided to buy some products.

Maybe you’ve even got a few people to become business builders.

After a while, you start to realize. Between your existing job and other responsibilities, you’re going to need a way to attract people to your business.

A way of attracting people that isn’t so time-consuming.

You realize you need a consistent flow of new leads. People that are interested in having a plan B through a home-based business.

Depending on where you are in your Network Marketing career.

You may have already purchased numerous programs online trying to find the secret to building your Rodan and fields business.

There is no secret.

But there are proven systems, when worked diligently will bring in new leads and sales consistently.

Here’s how I do it

Below I will list my process and the tools I use to make it all possible.

This is how I have been successful in building network marketing businesses online. I also use the same method as an affiliate marketer among other online ventures.

#1 Choose the right company

Choose a good Network Marketing company to represent and build.

I know for this example we are referring to Rodan and Fields and how to advertise for Rodan And Fields.

But regardless of what MLM you are promoting make sure you do your due diligence and make sure it’s a company worth promoting.

If you are currently in Rodan & Fields then you are good to go. they are a good MLM company to represent.

#2 Provide Value

How you are going to provide value?

You need to decide how you are going to bring value to your audience or your market.

Contrary to what you might think. People don’t care about your Rodan & Fields oil control lotion or your Rodan & Fields lash boost.

People simply don’t care about your products or your business opportunity.

But people do care about how you and your products or business can help them.

So step #2 is how are you going to provide value.

Here is my example of how I do it. I use a 2 step approach.

I know some people will be open to earning extra money from a home-based business. And I know my product can solve a problem. So if my products are Rodan & Fields products I will pick one or 2 products and focus on what problems they solve.

Provide value

  1. Some people want extra money from a home-based business.
  2. The wrinkle cream may be a huge value to others.

So now I know what I need to focus on in my Rodan & Fields business.

  1. people who SERIOUSLY want to earn extra money.
  2. people who want fewer wrinkles and better skin.

Now that we know who was hunting we can set out the right bait.

People that are searching online for “MAKE EXTRA MONEY FROM HOME” or People searching for ‘WRINKLE CREAM” there are literally millions of people searching for these terms.

All you have to do is get in front and ATTRACT a very small percentage of them.

#3 Marketing Message

Now we know who we are looking for and what bait to use to get them.

Now you need to put your marketing message in front of those people.

I personally chose 3 ways to get my marketing message in front of people.

  1. Website/Blog
  2. Sales Funnel
  3. Email

This is how I use the 1-3


I found a community that trained me step-by-step on how to create a website FAST and gets it ranked on Google and Yahoo for questions people were asking in the search box.

Your website is a very important part of advertising your Rodan and Fields business.

how to advertise Rodan And Fields
Your Website Is The Advertising Hub Of Your Rodan + Fields Business

Think of your Website as Brand central for your business. I’m not just talking about your RodanAnd Fields Business. I’m talking about your website will brand [YOU].

Heaven forbid Rodan + Fields ever go out of business or do as Advocare did and stop distribution through the MLM business model.

If that happens and you don’t have a personal brand and only branded Rodan + Fields you would have to start all over.

However, If you are Branding yourself and are seen as a leader in your space you can start another business and have your contacts in your email.

You would be back up and running in no time.

The system I use to create my websites and utilize all of the training to rank on the first page of Google is The wealthy Affiliate

I wrote a blog post telling people how they can build an awesome website totally free and no strings attached. You can CLICK HERE to check out some awesome training and create your own RodanAnd Fields Website.

Training And Website To Rank On The First Page Of Google

This allowed me to bring in a constant flow of traffic (LEADS) from my personal website.

If you are interested I can dramatically shorten the learning curve and share with you how to implement and utilize the W.A. to advertise your Rodan And Fields Business.


A sales funnel is used to take the leads that you get from your blog post and website and drive them to a capture page.

Let’s take Rodan & Fields as an example. You can write a blog post about people who need acne treatment or people looking to make an extra income from home.

When those people search for that information and land on your website they will see your advertisements and click on them.

After they click on your advertisement they will be directed to your capture page.

This is what I use to create capture pages and email autoresponders.

The capture page is where they will enter their name and email information to get the information you’re going to provide them.

The subjects to blog about are almost limitless, and so are the potential leads you can generate from your website.

The problem that most people have is they try to build their website on their own and waste years and a lot of money. Usually, even after years of effort they still aren’t making any money.

The system that I use to build all of my sales funnels comes with everything you need.

  • Capture page builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Email autoresponder
  • Share code so I can give you my proven Rodan & Fields done-for-you funnels.

You can CLICK HERE to check out the sales funnel & Email builder.


After your new lead enters their name and email they will automatically be on your list.

Your list is extremely important and you want to continue building your list of people interested in your business, products, and YOU.

Your email list is your way of staying in contact with your customer base.

The value of a list average around $1.00 per month per customer on your list.

So if you have 100 people on your list you will make around $100 per month. If you have 5000 people on your list you would earn around $5000 per month. I think you get the point.

*The video below goes over an example of making a capture page for Rodan & Fields.

CLICK HERE to watch my YouTube video on this subject.

Advertising Rodan And Fields Takes Work

Building a Rodan And Fields business takes work. But It’s a lot less work than showing up to an unfulfilling job for 25, 35, or 45 years.

When it comes down to how to advertise Rodan And Fields I think people have a general idea of what they need to do.

The big question is why are they not doing it.

Let’s take for example the image below. It’s an example of the capture page I made with the tool that I use.

That capture page is unique. I can advertise Rodan + Fields and stand out from everyone else.

But why don’t more people follow others that are basically screaming “HEY THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO” I’m winning follow me? Nope, they sit on the sidelines and ask why can’t I play coach?

Mind Game

I think a lot of people minimalize the internal MIND GAME that’s preventing them from success.

The bottom line is you need to take action with your Rodan And Fields Business.

You will not build a business by simply wishing it to happen. Most things worth doing take some effort.

Hard work and dedication will take you far. When you add in following proven methods and systems to the mix now you can accomplish huge goals.

how to advertise and sell rodan and fields
Potential Rodan & Fields Capture Page

The capture pages and landing pages you see can be promoted in numerous places on the internet.

You can write a value-based post on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social site and provide the link leading to a capture page.

Continue advertising your Rodan And Fields business by giving value in your advertising funnels and results will start to come.

If you received value from this post please leave a message below.

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