Find Prospects For Network Marketing.

Finding prospects for your network marketing business is at the top of the list.

Before we get into that let’s start out by addressing some important decisions.

Finding prospects for your network marketing business is not as complicated as people make it.

Finding Prospects For Your  Network Marketing Business.

If you get prospects for the wrong type of business then you are wasting your time. So you really need to start by finding an MLM that you really connect with.

Then aside from connecting does it pass the other test?


You have to choose the right company.

It doesn’t matter if what you’re promoting is considered Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

The process to attract leads, and prospects, and convert those people into customers or business builders is about the same.

However, when looking for a Network Marketing company here is a list of qualities I look for before I will put my time, energy, and reputation behind building that Network Marketing business.

COMPANY TRACK RECORD – Most companies fail within the first 5 years. I think It’s a good practice to partner with a company that has passed the 5-year time period.

FINANCIALLY SOUND – The Network Marketing company should be financially sound, and pay out commissions without ever missing any payments in company history.

STRONG MANAGEMENT – The management should have the experience and leadership skills to build the business in an ethical way to ensure it will be here for many decades to come.

UNIQUE CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS – Preferably the products from the Company should be consumable and of high quality. This will ensure people are happy with the products and will continue to use the products for many years. When your customers and business builders in your Network Marketing company continue to use the products you will continue to get paid. This creates a real residual income.

The products should preferably, be products that are already being used by people.

The reason this is important is that, if your new customer is already buying these products then they will not be spending extra money out of their budget.

Does that make sense? The same type of products just better and no new money out of their monthly budget.

COMPETITIVELY PRICED – The products should be better than what is already at the big box stores and even safer for your customers at the same or lower price.


If your customers love your Network Marketing company products.

And are priced competitively, very few of them will cancel and will reorder every month.

LOW PERSONAL PRODUCTION REQUIREMENT – No new money – no need for a budget change because people are buying products they already use every month.

The products the Network Marketing company provides are better than what’s provided at the big box stores.

LOW ENTRY FEE – A business that has a low cost of entry but the possibility of a high return.

LOW ATTRITION – If people are quitting, they’re NOT ordering. The products must have overwhelming VALUE to be customers whether people are making money or not. This is what creates life-long residual income.

NO BREAKAWAYS – Never penalized for enrolling someone better than you. Your organization is yours.

Many companies use Binary Plans – which really go against business principles.

You’re forced to reward people that don’t produce.

NO RISK OPPORTUNITY – Everything is fully refundable, so there is no risk to anyone who purchases the products or business opportunities.

Now that you’ve selected the right Network Marketing business, It’s time to market the business to get prospects which will turn It’s customers who purchase products and business builders whom you help build the business like you do which results in duplication.


Regardless of the business or product. You have to market the business in some way.

In Network Marketing that people buy from, and partner with other people they know, like and trust.

That’s why you need to market to people who are either interested in starting a home-based business.

Or the people who are interested in the products.

Here is exactly how to do some target marketing to attract prospects online for your network marketing business.


Blogging Finding Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business.

Having a blog serves many purposes. With a blog, you can write articles with specific keywords and when done correctly those blog posts will show up on the first page of Google.

Having your articles show up on the first page of Google will result in free organic traffic.

Getting free organic traffic to your blog is really great traffic because those people check out your website and get to know you.

Remember I was saying people buy from people they know, like, and trust. That’s exactly what happens when people go to your website. People who are on your website get to learn about who you are and how you can best help them.

Don’t you think after people subscribe to your email list and get to know you they are more likely to partner with you in your Network Marketing company and buy your products?

I think the answer is an overwhelming yes.

CAPTURE PAGES For Finding Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business.

Having a system that allows you to easily build capture pages is a must in network marketing.

Having a capture page that brands you and your specific company is vitally important.

Never use the Network Marketing Corporate capture pages or duplicate generic website. I repeat never use the Network Marketing blog that’s provided for you with the blog site.

The capture page allows you to capture your potential prospect’s contact information. You can decide what information you want to capture in the form on the capture page. You can just get the potential customers email or you can get their email, full name, address, etc. etc.

Here’s a couple of simple capture page examples.

Finding Prospects For Your  Network Marketing Business.
Finding Prospects For your Network Marketing business

The system behind the examples above allow you to create any type of capture page you want. You can add whatever pictures, wording or videos you want.

By creating your very own capture pages it differentiates you from all the other people in the Network Marketing business.

The people that are building big teams and selling a lot of products are differentiating themselves by using a system that brands them in a unique way.

LANDING PAGES For Finding Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business.

The same concepts for the capture pages go to the landing page. The landing page is the page the prospect goes to after entering their information on the capture page.

On the landing page, you can put whatever videos or pictures you want. This further brands you and separates you from everyone else.

attract prospects online by getting prospects for your network marketing business

Some people also call the landing page a sales page, because it gives you an opportunity to explain all the features and benefits of you and the business.


The email autoresponders are a series of emails that go out automatically. You can write a series of emails when you are creating your sales funnel for your network marketing business.

PURCHASED LEADS For – Finding Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business.

Purchasing leads isn’t the same as getting your own leads however, I do believe in purchasing leads and adding calling them to your daily money-making activities.

I know people who have built huge down lines and a large residual income by purchasing and calling leads. The same system & company that you can build the capture and landing pages also sells highly qualified leads.

This system gives you everything you need to build a business. The system is only outshined by the amazing training.

This system allows people to duplicate in their Network Marketing business. They can duplicate because the system not only provides all the required tools but it also provides all the training.

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