How To Build A Downline In Network Marketing

How to build a downline in network marketing

In this post, I will go over how to build a downline in Network Marketing. I will go over why Network Marketing is a real business and why it’s superior to a traditional type of business. I will also explain the simple formula I use to get customers and business partners to build my downline.

A Network Marketing business takes a lot of dedication just like any other business would take. I believe one of the main reasons a high percentage of Network Marketers fail is because of the low cost of entry. Obviously it’s not the only reason but let me explain. A traditional type of business like a restaurant or plumbing company can cost as much as $200,000 dollars just to open the doors. Some Network Marketing companies, you can start for free. The ones that aren’t free typically are $25 – $500 dollars. It’s so much easier to quit or close a business you start for less than $500 dollars than the one you start for $200,000 thousand dollars.

A lot of people who start a business such as a restaurant or plumbing company had many years of training and perfecting the knowledge they know in that field. However, some people get into a Network Marketing company and want to be making $100,000 thousand dollars per month. I blame the people that promote Network Marketing for the way people perceive Network Marketing opportunities as a get-rich-quick scheme.

build a downline in network marketing

As a percentage, the percent of Network Marketers who close their business versus the percent of traditional is about the same. The reason you hear failure in Network Marketing so much more than in traditional businesses goes back to the cost of ownership. For every 100,000 people, a very small percentage of people can afford to open a new restaurant. However, if you take that same 100,000 people the vast majority of them have enough money to start a network marketing business.

Business Hours

What are your hours of operation as an owner of a new Network Marketing business? Other businesses post their hours of operation on the front door to let people know when they are open. Why should your Network Marketing business be any different? Obviously, with Network Marketing, you don’t need to have a storefront or have customers coming to your home. What I’m trying to point out is you need to know when you are going to be working on your business. You can set your hours for whatever you want throughout the day. Let’s say for example you want to call prospects and record 1 YouTube video 4 days a week. You would need to set aside 2 hours of your day to accomplish this. If you have spare time from 3-5 PM then that’s your business hours. Maybe you have 1 hour or maybe you have 4 hours you can dedicate to building your downline in your Network Marketing business. Either way, you need to set your hours so you can “WORK THE BUSINESS.”

If you don’t set your hours and stay dedicated then it’s more like a hobby than it is a business. Everyone has 24 hours a day and most people have the available time. You wake up and drive to and from work and work your day. That takes up 10 hours of your day so now let’s assume you sleep 8 hours. That leaves 6 hours outside of work and sleep. So what will you do with the 6 hours that you have left over? We could have a long conversation about all the things you must do in those 6 hours but where there’s a will there’s a way. I’ve personally coached people and they assured me they had no time to do their Network Marketing business. After we delegated some of the tasks that they routinely did it freed up the time for them to focus on their business. The point is you will need to dedicate some time if you plan on building your business.

Daily Agenda

What will your daily agenda be when you’re working on your business? If you are interested in how to get leads you can read some of my other blog posts on getting leads. Now that you have your hours of operation down you need to know what you will be doing during those hours. You need to be doing income-producing activities. Listed below are some income-producing activities you need to be doing to build your business.

Add Prospects Daily

To build a downline in a Network Marketing business you need to be adding prospects on a daily basis. Your list of prospects is easily managed with CRM so you can add notes and keep track of your conversations and their interest level. Prospects can be added to your list and ultimately to your downline after your system has followed up with them.

The prospects that will be added to your downline may come from a variety of sources. Here are some of the lead sources you get leads from to add to your Network Marketing business downline.


Personal Blog

Direct Mail

Those are some of my favorite ways to add prospects to my list of people who are interested in my Network Marketing company. There are so many ways to get prospects so I can’t list them all. The bottom line is to pick 1 or 2 that you can get really good at and stick with those before you start doing a whole bunch of them.

Using Email

You should definitely use email to contact your prospects and build your downline. Email allows the people on your list to get to know you better. This also gives them a chance to decide if they want to partner with you in your Network Marketing company. I use Aweber as my email autoresponder and I’m able to send out broadcast messages to everyone on my list. With Aweber, I’m able to grow my downline by using a lot of the tools Aweber offers.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Do A High-Quality Social Post

Another way to get interested people and build your downline is to post value-based posts on social media platforms. All too often people use social media to plaster all kinds of information on social media about their companies and products. This isn’t the best way to attract people to you from social media. The best way to attract people is by helping them solve a problem in some way by providing valuable content.

Assisting Your Team

A big part of building your downline comes from assisting your team. In Network Marketing we are using the leverage of having our business partners add people to the overall team. Network Marketing is a team effort and this is where the leverage comes from in this business. This is why I love Network Marketing because by helping your business partners succeed you are also helping yourself. As you enroll people into your downline you MUST stay in touch with them and help them help themselves. I’m not talking about doing things for them. I’m talking about providing the guidance and information they need so they can do it themselves.

Additional help to make money in a Network Marketing business.

If you are currently in a Network Marketing business and need some additional help I have some free resources available for you. Here is the link for the “grow rich mastermind collection” this collection also has DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. Listen to The Secrets of The Rich and Free on Our DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. These audios are the secret ingredient to going from some success… to being one of the top earning 4% of people on the planet! Listen LIVE or catch the replays anytime. Live mastermind sessions take place each weekday morning at 9 AM EST 

I also have the FREE 183 page “30 minute workday escape plan” that goes over the invisible step to success. If you need a plan to get leads for your Networking business simply fill in your information on the side of this page and I will give you the system and formula I use to get leads and fill my pipeline.

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