How To Create An Affiliate Sales Funnel

how to create a sales funnel affiliate marketing system

In this post, I will go over how to create an affiliate sales funnel affiliate marketing system and the importance of having a sales funnel for your affiliate marketing business.

We spend a lot of time and energy marketing our Affiliate products in various ways. It only makes sense to have the best systems in place to explain to potential customers what our affiliate products and services are all about.

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels have been used for a very long time to promote products and services. Way back in the early 1900’s people would use the newspaper or direct mail to get their marketing message across. They would direct people to a local store or to mail in a response to the advertisement to take advantage of the special offer.

Today we have the internet but, the internet is just a more advanced method of getting our message in front of people. Sales funnels for affiliate marketing products are all over the internet.

Here is an example of an affiliate marketing sales funnel someone may come across online. As an example, the picture below says security and may have some wording indicating you can get information about online security if you click on the picture.

sales funnel affiliate marketing system

If someone is online and looking up information for online security and a picture like this popped up promoting online security you may click on the picture. After you click on the picture you will either be directed to a page to enter your email address or directed to a page that gives you value-based information about online security.

This is a simple example of an online sales funnel that an affiliate marketer may use.

As an affiliate marketer, you earn money by getting the products or services in front of people that will make a purchase.

Another example is the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The Wealthy Affiliate platform has a lot of benefits to teaching people how to earn money as an affiliate marketer. You can also promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform and earn residual income.

Sounds great but how do you create a sales funnel marketing system? So listed below are the steps on how to create a sales funnel affiliate marketing system.

#1 Find a hungry crowd for your products and services.

Before we start doing anything we have to determine who our customer is. Another way of thinking about it is to think about who will benefit the most from our products and services. Far too often Affiliate Marketers make the mistake of thinking everyone is a potential customer. This could not be further from the truth. One way of determining who your ideal customers are is to find out where they congregate.

  • What Facebook groups are they a part of?
  • What age group is the typical buyer?
  • What is the main problem they are trying to resolve by buying your product?
  • What is the income of the people who will buy your products?

By answering these questions, you will be able to narrow down exactly who your ideal customers are and where to find them.

I can’t emphasize enough narrowing down who your customers are and where to find them. After you know who they are you can write your advertising to specifically “speak to them” and why they will benefit by purchasing your affiliate products or service.

When you know who they are you will be able to determine where they hang out online and offline. This will enable you to spend your time or marketing dollars in the correct places. The big mistake is people spend a lot of time or money advertising to people who will never buy their products.

#2 Pick A Marketing Strategy.

Now that you know who you will be advertising to the next step is to pick a marketing strategy. When I started I tried too many methods of marketing to ever become a master at one. I was mediocre at a lot of different methods but, I now realize I should have picked one marketing method and mastered it.

Here are some ideas to market your affiliate products or services.

  • A blog.
  • YouTube videos can be free and paid for advertising.
  • Facebook can be free and paid for advertising.
  • Pay per-click is paid for advertising on Google.
  • Paid ads on websites that have a lot of traffic your audience would be interested in.

After you pick a marketing method you need to master that method before moving on to other methods.

I really like using a blog to attract people who are interested in the affiliate products I offer. By using a blog you can write numerous posts that target your audience. A blog is also a great place to place your videos on YouTube.

Regardless of what method you decide to use just focus on providing value and people will be attracted to what you have to offer.

#3 Create Your Sales Funnel Capture Page.

This is an example of a capture page. Note the side section where information can be entered.

the best way to create a sales funnel affiliate marketing system

The first page of the sales funnel is the capture page. The capture page captures the email, name, and phone number of your potential customer. You don’t have to collect all of their information. Some people suggest only asking for the email because it creates higher click-through rates. The capture page should offer something of value to the person in exchange for that email.

If the person is really interested in what you have to offer they will give you their email in order to get that information. When they enter their email and other information this gives you the ability to stay in contact with them and build value by emailing them the info they want.

#4 Create The Bridge Page.

affiliate marketing system

The bridge page is a video or ad copy that explains or “bridges” the funnel from the capture page to the sales page. The bridge page gives your potential customer the opportunity to get to hear directly from you in video or text.

The bridge page allows you to build trust and explain what will be on the next page of the sales funnel. It’s the bridge between the capture page and the sales page connecting the two.

#5 Create The Sales Page

After people advance from the bridge page they will go to the sales page. The sales page will do all of the selling and telling of information so people can make a buying decision.

The sales page explains the benefits of investing in the products or services.

The Conclusion

The whole point of creating the sales funnel affiliate marketing system is to take the person through a system. By providing the most valuable information possible and giving them the benefits they are looking for they may invest in your affiliate product.

As an affiliate, your whole job is to market and sell the product. Using an affiliate marketing sales funnel isn’t the only method but, it’s a very good one.

After you have a complete sales funnel built you can drive traffic to it from your blog post, social media post, and other marketing efforts.

If you received some value from this post leave me a comment below.

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