Grow Your MLM Business Fast.

This post will give you information about how to prospect for an MLM business.

Whether you are currently in an MLM or if you want to join an MLM it would be beneficial to make money in your MLM fast. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression money loves speed. Well MLM loves speed when it comes to making money and prospecting.


Step # 1 is to generate leads for your MLM business.

Leads are NOT just a numbers game.

You must have a proven process that allows you to get leads and turn those leads into customers. What’s the point of getting a high volume of leads but, not being able to convert them into paying customers.

A lot of Gurus have taught getting a high volume of leads and sending them through a sales funnel is the way to build a successful MLM business.

Most people who start in MLM don’t have a business background and many are technically challenged. It’s not feasible to expect them to be able to duplicate such an advanced lead method. The vast majority of people entering the MLM world lack the skills and money to generate hundreds or thousands of leads.

Let’s say you generate 1000 leads and send them through a “sales funnel”. If you take a hands-off approach and simply let the funnel do all the filtering you may miss some great people.

If you are starting out in MLM and have tens of thousands of dollars to burn. Then by all means buy a bunch of leads and send them through a sales funnel.

Low Lead Volume

What’s wrong with finding a few people who have a sincere interest in building a business and helping them duplicate what you teach them?

You can be successful in MLM prospecting by generating a low volume of leads and developing those prospects. I suggest starting with a small marketing budget and focusing on getting 2 people you can lock arms with and train.

Start small with a small budget buying leads from a lead company and making videos and or blogging. You can use those methods as your long-term approach to getting warm market leads.

Buy Leads

Prospecting leads that are interested in what we have to offer is challenging for a beginner. We need to prospect and communicate with people that have raised their hands and want information about MLM businesses.

Rather than go out and try to get leads myself I have always found buying leads is the fastest way to get started. Lead companies go out and find people that are interested in a home-based business. Our job is to call these customers and determine if they are qualified.

These leads are not what I would consider the best leads but it’s better than no leads at all.

The leads I prefer are the ones I generate from writing blog posts on my website and putting out videos I make on YouTube. These are what I consider warm leads compared to calling cold leads from a list.

Some people don’t do any marketing or prospecting to get leads.

Some people only use Youtube and their personal blogs to generate all the leads they need to prospect.

Greet, Contact & Qualify Leads

Your ability to communicate and contact leads is a skill that pays big.

When you contact prospects you need to greet them properly. This is where the rubber meets the road. Contacting leads and communicating with them is vital to your success in MLM. Prospecting through your MLM leads and knowing what to say will save you time, energy, and frustration.

As a Network Marketing professional you don’t want to just go on and on about how great your products and business are. People are looking for a leader that can help them build a business that generates an extra income. People are looking for a leader that will help them fulfill a better more fulfilling lifestyle.

Knowing how to prospect and communicate in a way that allows you to qualify leads is essential.

At first, when people start prospecting they are excited about their new MLM business. People often make the mistake of going to everyone they know and telling them about their new business. I’m not going to say telling people about your new business is bad but all I know is most people don’t care.

Most people are only interested in themselves. I believe if you know how to ask sincere questions and INVITE people to a business overview you have the potential to be very successful.


You need to qualify the prospect. You need to ensure they are capable and willing to partner with you in business.

Ask: What is your biggest reason for wanting to earn extra income with this MLM business?

Ask: Why did you choose Referral Marketing as the vehicle to help you achieve your financial goals.

Ask your leads or prospects various questions to qualify them. Everyone is not your customer and the sooner you learn to accept that the quicker you will succeed.

Setting Appointments

If the prospect qualifies as someone you want to partner with make sure to set an appointment with them. By setting an appointment you will be able to fill your schedule and plan your day.

When you think of other businesses such as a plumbing company, attorneys, or a Doctor they all set appointments.

Setting an appointment will also let the potential business partner know that you are a true professional and value their time.

I set appointments with prospects after every phone call or meeting. This way you follow through and determine if they are serious early on as opposed to waiting to find out they are not serious.


Giving Presentations

Some MLMs already have an online video or some other tool that gives the presentation for you. I have met a lot of Network Marketers who like to do presentations in person one-on-one. The people who do in-person presentations typically have a high percentage of people join their business.

I personally don’t like to do in-person one-on-one presentations anymore. I instead like to call people and use Zoom or some other tool to maximize my time.

The longer you do just about anything in life you start to realize how valuable your time is. This is why using tools and other prospecting methods to maximize your time investment is so important.

Check out my funnel presentation process by clicking here.

The online funnel presentation should not take the place of you actually speaking and working with people. I still believe that locking arms with someone and truly coaching them is superior to just putting people through a funnel.

Following Up

Did you know most people make a decision to join you after you’ve contacted them 3-5 times? I think this happens because they start getting to know you and they believe you have their best interest at heart.

After speaking to your prospects following up at the next appointment time is vitally important. Make sure you are using a good CRM to keep up with notes and the information you need to remind you on the follow-up call.

Following up with your customers is one of the huge differentiators between the people that succeed in MLM and the people that fail.

Additional help to make money in a Network Marketing business.

If you are currently in a Network Marketing business and need some additional help I have some free resources available for you. Here is the link for the “grow rich mastermind collection” this collection also has DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. Listen to The Secrets of The Rich and Free on Our DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. These audios are the secret ingredient to going from some success… to being one of the top earning 4% of people on the planet! Listen LIVE or catch the replays anytime. Live mastermind sessions take place each weekday morning at 9 AM EST 

I also have the FREE 183 page “30 minute workday escape plan” that goes over the invisible step to success. If you need a plan to get leads for your Networking business simply fill in your information on the side of this page and I will give you the system and formula I use to get leads and fill my pipeline.

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