Make Money With HB Naturals Nova Coffee.

HB Naturals Nova Coffee

HB Naturals Nova Coffee

How to make big money with HB Naturals Nova Coffee. Nova Coffee is one of the many products that HB Naturals offer.

If you have an HB Naturals Nova Coffee business you’ve probably realized you need a business plan to make money.

The key to being successful with Nova Coffee DOES NOT involve some hidden secret.

The process and systems to be successful in are available for everyone.

I’m going to go over those steps in this post.

The HB Naturals Nova Coffee Business Plan To Explode Your Downline And Grow Your Residual Income.


  • I am an independent affiliate and not an owner or employee.
  • Independent results will vary.
  • The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

I created this post to help people save time, and money in their pursuit of building their Nova Coffee Business.

Be Mentally Prepared With HB Naturals Nova Coffee

Most people are finished with their HB Naturals Nova Coffee business before they ever really start.

It’s not because they don’t have the ability, but their beliefs and overall thoughts about earning money are not in the right place.

People who actually earn money with their business are the People who decided they are going to succeed no matter what.

The people that say”I’m going to give it everything I’ve got until I succeed” are the ones who succeed.

Some people start their business thinking long term and set goals 1 and 2 years out so they stay the course and refuse to give up.

HB Naturals Nova Coffee

People with a long-term attitude are willing to overcome the learning curve affiliated with doing just about anything.

Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing is simple compared to the path a traditional business person has to travel.

With Network Marketing, you can start PART-TIME and keep the convenience of whatever job you are currently doing.

So being mentally prepared to stick with one thing until you succeed is vitally important.

Just say to yourself right now. I’m going to stay in HB Naturals Nova Coffee business and use the proven methods I learn in this post to grow my business until I earn enough money to quit my job and regain my freedom.

Traffic = Customers = Business Builders

If you have traffic that will lead to customers that buy your products and eventually some of those customers will want to become business builders.

Not all traffic is equal. But of course, we need customer traffic in order to sell products and get business builders in our business.

Just how do we get leads?

There are numerous ways to get leads.

The best possible scenario is if the person you enrolled with (Your Upline) has a proven marketing system already set up. If they already have a system set up and it’s proven to get you leads then just use that one.

The big problem is most people in Network Marketing do the friends and family and make a list approach to marketing. Obviously, this is a starting point. The reality is you will use your WARM market up and need to do your own marketing to get leads.

What I suggest is choosing one method that resonates with you and becoming a master at it. After you have perfected one method of getting leads you can start thinking about another. But odds are you won’t need to do any other method than the one you perfected.

Here are some examples of the methods I personally like to use to get leads.

  • Sales letters to qualified prospects.
  • Postcards to qualified prospects
  • Youtube
  • Blogging
  • Online advertising (with select advertisers)

This business is no different than any other business that needs customers.

If you opened a plumbing business or a deck-building business you would have to advertise to get customers. Your Nova Coffee business isn’t any different when it comes to advertising to get customers.

HB NAturals Nova Coffee

Postcards & Sales Letters For Your Nova Coffee Business Plan

I like to use postcards and sales letters.

The reason I like to use postcards and sales letters is that it’s duplicatable for almost everyone on my team. Of course, I think if it’s possible you should have an online presence.

But let’s be real. Just because the internet is easier does not mean that it’s more effective. The only thing that determines what’s effective is to spend money and track your results.

What I like most about sales letters and postcards is the ability to (target market) people.

I have my system set up for my team so we can find specific people and advertise to them.

When someone joins your Nova Coffee Business you need a way to get them into profit fast. Sure you can get them to promote to their friends and family and that’s great. If that does not work. Or they don’t get many business builders you will need to find another way.

Find another way to get them into profit fast.

That’s where the sales letters and postcards come in.

I have the sales letters and postcards already written out and ready for my team members to use. They are extremely effective and easily duplicatable.

Youtube For Your HB Naturals Nova Coffee Business Plan.

If you choose to include Youtube in your HB Naturals Nova Coffee Business Plan then you will need to know what to make your videos about.

I make about 9 videos giving good value-based content with NO sales pitch. The 10th video will include a sales promotion of some sort.

It’s harder than it looks to create content on your Youtube channel. The key to getting leads with Youtube is to stay consistent. If you make at least 1 video every other day then Youtube will reward you by sending you more traffic.

The key is to answer questions people need and want to know about Nova Coffee. Don’t just get on there and push the business and the products. You may get a few sign-ups but It’s not a formula for long-term success.

HB Naturals Nova Coffee Blogging Business Plan

This is one of my favorites you should include in your Nova Coffee Business Plan. There is a lot of information about building a blog for small businesses.

When people blog they write articles about a specific subject and hope people find the content on one of the search engines.

If you write information on your website or blog site and it lands on the first page of Google. People will read your information.

If people read your information and believe you add value. They may take action and join your business, buy your products, or subscribe to your newsletter.

The objective of a blog is to attract people to your site from the search engines and convert those people into whatever you are promoting.

Online Payed Advertising

I would have to say the vast majority of Nova Coffee representatives don’t include Online paid marketing in their Nova Coffee business plan to make money.

Online advertising is one of the fastest ways to scale your Nova Coffee business fast. One example of online advertising is Google Adwords. You can advertise on Google and have your marketing message with Nova Coffee being viewed in the same day by thousands if not millions of people.

I believe the main reason more people don’t use online advertising is that they are scared they will lose a lot of money. You can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. But, if you can learn to market effectively online then you can make a lot of money in Nova Coffee.

If you are an HB Naturals Nova Coffee representative talk to your upline and ask them if they have another way to get customers other than only speaking to family and friends.

I provide the tools and resources so my team can access these marketing methods.


Automation #1 – Online Sales funnel

There are a lot of people who still don’t know what a sales funnel is or what it does. You really need to include your own unique sales funnel for your Nova Coffee business plan.

A lot of companies include some sort of sales funnels made by the company. These sales funnels are typically not very good. The other thing I don’t like about the cookie-cutter corporate sales funnels and websites is they are just like all the other reps that have them.

There is nothing unique about your site compared to the other 5,000 sites that HB Naturals Nova Coffee has.

When you have your own sales funnel you can brand yourself and drive your traffic to what you want and collect the leads.

Nu Skin business plan

Imagine a funnel-like the one used to put oil in a car motor. The top is large and the bottom is small.

When it comes to online sales funnels for your business you need to put a lot of people (POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS) through the top of your funnel.

By using the marketing methods I described above you will attract people to your Nova Coffee Funnel.

The funnel will take over and do all of the selling and telling for you. The funnel will walk your potential customer through a series of web pages. Ultimately get them on your list and potentially have them buy your products and or join you in business.

CLICK HERE To check out the service I use to create my sales funnels and duplicate my team.

Automation #2 – Self Liquidating Offer

A self-liquidating offer is a low-cost product of $7 – $97 dollars you offer in your marketing.

This offer allows you to recoup the money you spend on your marketing.

This is how you can do paid marketing and either break even or spend very little money on your marketing.

Let’s say you spend $500 dollars on a marketing campaign. In that marketing campaign, you offer a $37 dollar product. If 39 people buy the $37 dollar product you will have recouped the amount of money you spent on the marketing.

Now that your offer recouped the $500 dollars you spent on marketing. Your sales funnel and automated emails will take over and try to up-sell on bigger and better offers.

This is why they say you can lose money or break even with your marketing because you make the real money on the back end.

So if you are a HB Naturals Nova Coffee representative I highly suggest you combine affiliate marketing with your business plan. You combine NETWORK MARKETING + AFFILIATE MARKETING to create the best self-liquidating offer.

I hope this is making sense.

In the Network Marketing company, I promote I have my team members also join the same affiliate marketing company I’m involved in. This way you can make TODAY MONEY with the affiliate marketing products and services and build the long-term residual income with the network marketing business.

If your up-line in HB Naturals Nova Coffee does not have something like this I highly suggest you check out the one I use. I have funnels already set up that people can use in any network marketing company.

Automation #3 – Email Autoresponder

The email autoresponder is a system where you can write pre-written emails and schedule them to go out in a sequence when you choose.

A person will enter their email into a capture page in exchange for the value-based information they are seeking.

After they enter their email and push the button to acquire the information the email autoresponder will send out the first message. This is where you get to follow up with people automatically that are interested in HB Naturals Nova Coffee products and or the business opportunity.

Your HB Naturals Nova Coffee Email autoresponder will continue to send out messages until you schedule the system to stop it.

The email system allows you to build a relationship with your customers and further provide good value to them.

This email messaging will build trust and people typically buy things from people they trust.

Use your email autoresponder for your HB Naturals Nova Coffee business plan wisely. Don’t just spam out a bunch of worthless content and keep trying to push your products on people.

You should use the emails as an opportunity to build a business relationship with your potential customers and provide as much value-based content as possible.

Nu Skin Marketing Plan

Training & Systems For Duplication

When you have proven funnels, marketing methods, and emails set up and producing results for you wouldn’t it be nice if you had a place that would train your new enrollees to do the same.

You need that type of system and training platform so you don’t need to do it yourself. You can’t create duplication if you have to answer questions and train hundreds or thousands of people.

The system I use to train my new reps and show them how to get leads and set up their sales funnel is up top under the tag MY RECOMMENDATIONS and FREEDOM SHORTCUT. That is the system I use and it basically trained me on all of the things I described above.

The Freedom Shortcut not only trained me but also has almost all the important tools I need to have in my business plan.

Overview Of The Nova Coffee Business Plan To Make Money.

I want to make something very clear. It’s not good enough to just get traffic.

Just getting people to look at your advertisement and click on it or contact you is not good enough.

You MUSt have all of the other SYSTEMS in place for your HB Naturals Nova Coffee Business Plan to work.

This is why I listed the email autoresponder, Sales funnel, and training platform in this article. They are vitally important to the success of your HB Naturals Nova Coffee business.

Think about this for a minute. McDonald’s is a very successful franchise business. They are not successful because they have the best food. They are successful because they have the best SYSTEMS in place to deliver that food.

When I go to most other fast-food restaurants the line does not move as fast and it’s obvious their system doesn’t work as well as McDonald’s.


Imagine if the speaker was broken at the drive-through or the fry cooker or automated computer system was broken. Sure they would still be able to operate but it would be a slow service nightmare. Orders would be messed up and the whole system would not give us the same experience we are used to.

The same thing will happen to your HB Naturals Nova Coffee business if you don’t use duplicatable systems in your business.

The whole benefit of owning and building a Network Marketing business is the leverage & residual income the business model provides. The only way to take advantage of the leverage and residual income of Network Marketing is to have a system in place that creates duplication in your business.

I hope you enjoyed reading my HB Naturals Nova Coffee business plan to make money and I hope this advice gave you some value. If it did give you some value or if you have some questions leave me a comment below.

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