How To Make Money Online At Home

How To Make Money Online with affiliate marketing
Making money online at home

Here are the ways I’ve personally used to make money online at home.

I will show you the steps I took to make money from each of those businesses.

How To Make Money Online At Home

I will give you my recommendation for the best method to make money from home.

And I will rank each making money from home business by difficulty and skill level etc.

The examples I’m providing are businesses I have personally built and the methods and systems I used to make money.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing is my #2 choice for beginners. I know this may surprise some people but I have my reasons.

When most people hear about Network Marketing here is what I think more than 50% of think.

  • Scam
  • Pyramid Scheme
  • Pestering Friends & Family
  • Waste Of Time
  • Amway
  • Shaklee
  • Oh – “One Of Those Things”

When I was introduced to the concept of Network Marketing and the power of leverage and residual income I was very interested.

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Network Marketing and the companies that use MLM as a means of product distribution get a bad rap.

It’s true that 95 – 97% of people in Network Marketing barely break even on the amount of money they invest in the business.

Who’s Fault?

Is this the Network Marketing Companies fault? Or is it the independent representative’s fault?

I think it’s a combination of the two.

I believe Network Marketing companies have done a horrible job of teaching the representatives real marketing skills.

They have failed to show the MLM representatives what systems to use or a winning formula for team duplication.

With that being said here is the reason I like Network Marketing and believe it’s a good way to make money online from home.

How to make money online from your laptop
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Using myself as an example. I like so many other people thought the way to make money was to get a good job with good benefits.

Network Marketing taught me about the power of leverage and opened my mind to different ways of earning.

Had I never opened my mind to Network Marketing businesses I would have never learned a lot of the Skills I have that earn me money online from home today.

Network Marketing Takes Time

I know there are some people who strike it rich in some Network Marketing company in a short period of time.

But for the other 97 – 99% of people, it will take several months to a couple of years to see any real money rolling in.

how to build an online business from home
Proper systems And Time.

Most people lack the skills, determination, or patience to wait that long before getting a return on their time and money investment.


Most people lack the skills to build a successful Network Marketing business.

Most people are conditioned to show up to a J.O.B. and exchange their time at that job for a specific amount of money in return.

They allow the business owner and company to dictate what their time at that job is worth. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that.

I myself was just like most people for most of my life. I just didn’t know any better.

Getting back on track.

You need to know you will have to develop skills outside of what most Network Marketing Companies will provide.

how to develop online marketing skills
Online Marketing Skills

If you want to develop skills on how to make money online at home then Network Marketing provides a decent way of getting your foot in the door.

Here is a breakdown of what I believe you will need in order to succeed long term in a network marketing business.

My Journey With Network Marketing

People who had a shiny object syndrome. I’ll raise my hand.

If I joined one I must have joined them all or more than 18 various MLM companies looking for the next best thing.

Ultimately I came back around and ended up joining back with one of the very first businesses I was involved with from the very beginning.

Looking back

the best ways to make money from home
Sometimes we do ignorant things

Almost all of the companies I was involved with would have produced a nice residual income, working from home if I would have been using the same business building strategies I use today.

Unlike using the old school methods of the past (Which still work by the way.)

I now use sales funnels to build my business online from the comfort of my home.

Here are some good aspects of Network marketing if you build a downline and have an easy to follow a duplicatable system for others to follow.

The Good Of Network Marketing

  • Long term residual income
  • Time freedom
  • location freedom
  • Business building knowledge and experience
  • Live life on your terms

Obviously only around 5% of people in Network Marketing get to enjoy that kind of a lifestyle but The same percentages exist for people who try the traditional types of businesses. Like restaurants or construction company etc.

The old school methods of driving around town or having home parties will definitely work. If you have a huge social network of people there’s a chance you can build it that way.

I’m not saying that the old school methods don’t work. I’m also not saying to not try them.

What I am saying is that by leveraging the power of the internet and by having the right systems in place you can build a network marketing business faster and easier from the comfort of your home.

Steps I personally took in Network Marketing

I will spare you the years of trial and error.

The years of failure and money spent and just focus on what I found to work.

I currently use a combination of Blogging, Social Media, and paid advertising to promote my Network Marketing Opportunity.

By using a sales funnel you can attract people through your website, social media and paid to advertise.

The people who are interested will go to your capture page to enter their email for more info.

From the landing page, they will be directed to your landing or bridge page. This is the page where you can brand yourself and have the opportunity to build a bond with your potential customer or business partner.

From there they will proceed to go to the final page of your funnel which is your sales page.

The system is fairly straight forward when you know what to do and say.

If you seriously want to know how to make money online from home then I highly suggest having a coach such as myself. Spare yourself the tens of thousands of dollars and wasted time as I did.

Don’t Consider

Don’t consider a Network Marketing company unless it has the following…

12 things a business must have in order for me to partner with them

Company Track Record

  • Must have been in business for at least 5 years.
  • Most Companies fail within the first 5 years

Financially Sound

Strong Management

  • Most home-based business company owners come from failed or hyped-up home party type business. 
  • Most companies know they have a short window to make their millions and move on
  • The result: Most companies make decisions to make themselves wealthy at the expense of the people’s (their customers) futures
  • Make sure the owner and leaders of the business have the reps best interest at heart.

Unique Consumable Products

  • Company manufacturers superior quality, products protected by trade secrets, proprietary formulas and patents-products that can only be obtained through the company you represent.
  • You don’t need to create the ‘need’ to buy
  • The products are products people are already buying, in other words, it’s like old money, money they are spending already
  • Monthly consumption of products create the residual income

Competitively Priced

  • A price point that is very competitive or lower prices
  • Smart economics-great value in being a customer
  • Manufacture’s its own products-complete control
  • Recession-proof

High Reorder Rate

  • The consumer chooses the brand-Creating the residual income
  • Documented high monthly reorder rate

Local Business Marketing

Providing local businesses with marketing that gets their phone ringing and customers in the front door can be very lucrative.

The reason this business model is so popular is that every business needs new and returning customers.


So with this business model, you basically create online marketing campaigns through various means and provide the local or national business with a new customer.

The business pays you for providing them with a new customer.

I earned a very good amount of money from doing this business model. And you can make money online at home with this type of business.

There are so many courses online promoting this business model. There are so many it’s really hard to choose.

They all claim to show you how to make money online from home but, many of them fail to tell you the amount of exhaustive work and headaches involved with this business model.

Business Model

The main reason I stopped doing this business model is that I was spoiled by the Network marketing business model.

Let me explain.

with Network Marketing the business and products you are promoting do all of the distribution, accounting, and back end business stuff.

So, IF YOU actually are successful in building a network marketing business you don’t have all the typical headaches involved in a traditional style of business.

Providing local businesses with leads has a whole bunch of headaches. Not to mention when GOOGLE decides to change some of the algorithms your lead flow to the businesses crashes.

So with this business model, you can earn a lot of money but I don’t recommend it.

Some years ago, before discovering and knowing what I know now I would have most definitely recommend it.

The only reason I don’t fully endorse this business model is that I have found others make money from home businesses that produce more revenue and with much fewer headaches or worry.

If you do decide to pursue this as your primary make money from home business, contact me and I will give you the contact information of the program that I purchased.

At this time my personal opinion is to start off with some other form of making money from home and have money rolling in and a lot of experience under your belt before doing the local marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is promoting other products and services to people and getting a commission for connecting the purchasing consumer to the product or service.

I make it clear in this section that for BEGINNERS Affiliate Marketing is my #1 choice. What I mean by beginner isn’t so much how long you’ve been trying. I’m refering to if you’ve earned money and developed proven money making systems and strategies.

Take for example Amazon and Walmart. Both of these businesses have an affiliate program.

You can enroll to be an affiliate for them for FREE.

If you refer anyone to any of their products and they make a purchase through your affiliate link you will make money.

Sounds simple enough. why isn’t everyone a millionaire already?

Here is the tricky part.

In order to earn enough income to quit your current job, you need to get a lot of people to purchase products or services through your affiliate links.


  • Make a Website/Blog
  • Rank that Website/Blog on the first page of search engines for keywords
  • Promote your affiliate links on those ranked sites
  • People make purchases from your site
  • You make money from the comfort of your home

WOW JASON! That sounds so simple. Why isn’t everyone making boatloads of money from affiliate marketing?

I can answer that from personal experience.

The answer to why aren’t more people making money from home with affiliate marketing is because they try to do it…

Solo on their own. The lone wolf mentallity.

Instead of following proven people, systems and training they try to learn and do everything on their own.

There are literally tens of thousands of training systems you can find online.

I should know I’ve been through my fair share of them.

By following the proper training and the proper systems, and from my own personal experience.

I believe affiliate marketing is the best place to start your journey on how to make money online at home.

Here are the things I like most about affiliate marketing for the beginner.

  • The extremely low start-up cost
  • It’s easy to be the middle man for products already in demand
  • No monthly auto-ship payments
  • Millions of products and niches to choose from
  • Long term residual income potential
  • No stocking or shipping of products
  • Virtually no customer service headaches

Training & Community

After wasting a lot of time and a lot of money searching for a way to make money online from home I finally found training and community that is awesome.

I already knew quite a bit about affiliate marketing from my years of promoting Network marketing businesses.

But after joining this community and following the training I learned exactly how and what to do to earn real money from home with affiliate marketing.

My recommendation is if you are a beginner or if you haven’t earned a lot of money online yet. Start your journey to make money from home with affiliate marketing.

My number one way on how to make money online at home especially if you are a beginner is Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s me in the picture below. That picture is of my Wealthy Affiliate site. As you can see my current rank is #487 I’m ranked 487 out of 1.5 million other affiliates. Not Too Shabby.

Partner with me in the Wealthy Affiliate I will give you my proven Niches and my own personal systematic blueprint to earning 100K online from home.

How To Make Money Online At Home
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If you are a beginner or just haven’t had very much luck, I will mentor you and give you my NO B.S. blueprint.

What Is W.A.?

In a nutshell, it’s a university for affiliate marketers.

The system has everything someone looking to make money online from home would want.

Try It For FREE

As you can see I rank Affiliate Marketing #1 for beginners and the best way to learn Affiliate Marketing is through The wealthy Affiliate program.

All-Time #1 For Experienced Online Marketers.

Do I rank any other make money from home business model above Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, I do. But only for experienced online marketers who have money to spend on testing marketing online advertising to sell a digital product.

Basically my favorite method to generate money online is to turn advertising into consistent profit.

To make this work you typically need a product that gives a big return in profit and you need to be willing to gamble some money to test out your marketing.

Not always but in a lot of examples, I’ve seen the product is a digital product that the person has created on their own and doesn’t have to share any of the percentages of profit.

There are other ways of doing this same method using other people’s products and digital products.

But I’m giving you my all-time favorite as far as what I consider the most profitable and scalable.

But I believe you can get to this point and do this after you learn how to generate consistent money from affiliate marketing.

I enjoy helping people earn their first money online and I believe the best way to accomplish that is through my Wealthy Affiliate Blueprint Jason A. Garza

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