How To Market A MLM Business Online

How To Market A MLM Business Online.

How To Market A MLM Business Online

If you are in an MLM Business and would like a better way to get leads and build an MMLM business that’s a real asset, keep reading. I’m gonna give you some information to help you market your MLM business online.

However, regardless of what classification you give an MLM Network marketing business. You still need business systems, leads, and a method of duplication for the people who decide to become business builders.

I was in a MLM with strict marketing rules

I was in MLM at one point in time and I really like the products and I think the company as a whole is managed by top-notch people.

At the time I was extremely busy as we all are and could not find the time to build and market the business the way my sponsor was telling me to.

I tried everything they asked me to do but I could never get to the point of creating duplication in the business.

I got people to join the online shopping club but, I could never get enough people to duplicate my efforts.

I wanted to build the business by marketing Online but, because of multiple restrictions that some MLM’s has in place, It greatly restricted any of my ideas to build the business online.

I did find various teams that had approved websites I could use for marketing online. I spent a lot of money and time and I did have a little bit of success but not enough to pay for the amount of money I invested in the marketing.

In order to market a business, you at least need to break even or be willing to market the business at a loss but, make up for the loss in marketing dollars on the back end.

I wasn’t able to recoup my marketing dollars in the short term or the long term in my MLM business.

For this reason, I decided to not participate in the MLM promotion side of things at that time. This really aggravated me because I really love the products and all of the people I met in the organization.

I Wanted Financial Freedom

As much as I like the MLM business I wasn’t willing to build the business the traditional old fashion way.

I had a full-time day job, kids, a wife, and all of the other things that go along with life.

I know doing hotel meetings and cold calling has worked for people. I know it can work with a lot of time, energy, and persistence. I’m not trying to convince anyone that the old ways don’t work.

However, it is my opinion that the method I’m describing here is vastly superior for most people. The percentages and numbers don’t lie.

I wanted a method of marketing a business that:

A. The company allowed me to do it online.

B. The products were in high demand for a specific market.

C. Systems already set up to totally train the people who became my business partners.

D. And last but not least marketing funnels were already set up so I could plug in and market to people online and the same system would be available to the people that joined me.

What I discovered

I discovered a method that can be used to market any business online even if the company won’t let you directly market the primary company online.

I went through a 30-day program that taught me how to market.

I learned that regardless of what business I was in I needed to be marketing that business to attract leads.

Before I was marketing my business by trying to push my products and business opportunity on people who didn’t come to me.

I was the one pursuing them.

I discovered I can set up marketing that has people seeking me out instead of the other way around.

people who are interested in building a home-based business.

Now my marketing is attracting people that I don’t have to convince in wanting to build a home-based business.

The Sales Funnel With A Twist

I discovered I can build a sales funnel and attract people on the Internet without ever mentioning the primary business I’m in.

This is perfect for a company like MLM because they have strict policies about marketing online and dealing with regulations and false claims.

I figured out I could market something that’s extremely beneficial to the people trying to build an online business.

For example, there are business systems, books, and marketing methods that people trying to build a direct sales business desperately need.

Many of the people just starting a business have no idea this information and products exist.

By marketing, these products and services on the front end of a sales funnel you can sell them something they desperately need. By doing this you don’t have to mention any company anywhere.

Now You Have A Lead

The people who are really serious about building a business will purchase what you are offering. They will understand the importance of gaining knowledge and or using systems to build and duplicate their team.

For example, let’s say you offer a book that you have read and the information in that book gave you tremendous results. So you build a sales funnel that’s designed to offer the book.

You will be using a mixture of paid and free marketing to attract people to this book funnel.

Some people will see the value in purchasing the book.

The people who purchase the book will have to go through your sales funnel. By going through your sales funnel they will give you their email address. So now you have your new leads’ email address. This is now your lead that you can communicate with and invite to an MLM overview presentation.

Something else has happened during this process of getting your new lead.

Break-Even Marketing

The book offers you offered in your sales funnel will have a small commission payable to you for selling the book. For example, the book might pay out $1.00 or it might pay out $7.00 dollars.

What this means is you can now market your business and break even on your marketing cost.

When I discovered this it blew my mind.

This was the secret formula I was looking for.

If I could now market online and break even on my marketing cost then how much could I spend?

Answer = I could spend a lot.

As long as you can market your business and gain an interested person (LEAD) in your business you should never stop marketing the business.

Now, I could market my front-end offer (book, software, systems) on the front end and I could market my business on the back end.

You can do the same thing with any MLM business. When I started advertising this way and building my email list my business took off.

By using this formula you can build an MLM business online. You won’t have to do the home parties and drive around and meet people who will probably waste your time anyway.

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