How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website.

I will take you from an introduction to affiliate marketing websites. Then walking you all the way through step-by-step on how a beginner can start an affiliate marketing website.

Are you ready to turn your job experience, a hobby, or any other interest or passion into a full-time income? Are you ready to learn how to start an affiliate marketing website?

If you answered yes, I have a whole series of blog posts and emails I wrote, available to show you the way. Even if you don’t have an exact idea of what your interest or passion is I will still show you how to earn money through affiliate marketing.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners.

how to start an affiliate marketing website
How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners.

This series of emails and blog posts are going to be the real deal. Not a bunch of sales info-pushed on you.

Real strategies and proven methods that, thousands of people have used to earn money in Affiliate Marketing.

Why Do I Care?

My name is Jason Garza.

affiliate marketing for beginners
At my desk, blogging for dollars.

I started my online pursuit to earn income online around 2005.

Because of my own personal struggles as a beginner, I want to help others.

When I started my online journey I spent a lot of time, energy, and money doing things wrong.

So I want to help people by giving them a proven blueprint.

Why Start An Affiliate Marketing Website?

It’s obvious the economy is changing.

Technology is replacing a lot of people’s jobs. Millions of people aren’t satisfied with the work-life balance their job gives them.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and thousands of others already have affiliate marketing programs set up for people to earn from.

Why are the large corporations and big-box chains setting up affiliate programs?

The reason companies are so eager to pay people to promote their products and brand is because that’s the direction the internet is taking the market.

Big box stores understand a lot of their products and services are being purchased online.

Stores that didn’t jump on the affiliate marketing band-wagon are getting left in the dust.

Perfect Timing For An Affiliate Website

I think this is a perfect time to learn how to start an affiliate marketing website. The worldwide web is now approximately 30 years old.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners
Happy Birthday World Wide Web. Welcome Affiliate marketing.

Selling products in the market place can be done on a worldwide scale.

Gone are the days of only being able to buy a product down at the local store.

Now you can hop online and order a product or service from a number of countries around the world.

This has created a perfect storm of opportunity for people interested in earning money with affiliate marketing.

Here are some things to remember before we take of here.

  • Anyone can do affiliate marketing
  • Don’t rush things. If affiliate marketing is new to you don’t stress.
  • You don’t need any experience at all to earn money in affiliate marketing.
  • Earning money through affiliate marketing takes time. Some people will start earning money in their first 3 months. Others may take 6-12 months to start seeing the money roll in. Regardless of the time, it will be worth it. Once your website starts earning money it tends to steadily increase month after month.

Steps 1-4

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website
How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website To Earn Money Online

Step 1 Choose An Affiliate Niche or Interest.

Using myself as an example and you can insert your own life experience to determine what your interest/niche will be about on your website.

Giving you multiple ideas and examples but just follow along with my example for now.

As a tradesman. I went to trade school to become an electrician and then later an HVAC technician. So I decided my first affiliate website would be helping people with their Air Conditioner and Heater system.

This was something I had a lot of experience with and I could help people.

In regard to affiliate marketing.

Here is how I turned my experience from my job into an income-producing affiliate website.

After creating my website [I will show you exactly how to easily do this later] I started to blog in my spare time about things homeowners could do to extend the life of their equipment.

I wrote a blog post about energy saving tips and simple things people could do to maintain their equipment.

Affiliate marketing Website Niche.
What’s Your Affiliate marketing Niche?

Affiliate Website Traffic

My site started to get traffic [A.K.A people visiting my website] so I added Google Adsense to my site. This was the first way my affiliate marketing website made money.

Google automatically put ads on my website that were similar to the topic of my website and blog post.

When people are on my website, then click on an advertisement I get paid from Google. Now that’s a good way to start an affiliate marketing website for a beginner.

I think that’s frekin fracking awesome.

That same website about the air conditioning tips also made money from Amazon.

When I would write articles about very specific repairs I would provide the exact part needed and direct them to click on the link button.

When they would click the link button they would be directed to Amazon and they could make the purchase directly from the Amazon website.

After they completed the purchase I would earn an affiliate commission from Amazon.

Affiliate Website Marketing Niche Examples.

Looking closer at this. What other types of things could I do to determine my interest or niche?

The possibilities are almost endless.

I love to fish. So my next website niche was based around fishing. But since that is such a large and very competitive topic/niche. I knew I needed to narrow the subject down.

So I chose to make a website/blog that gave reviews on rods and reels.

That niche is in the fishing category and it’s not as competitive as the broad subject of fishing.

I narrowed it down more.

Instead of reviewing all rods and reels I chose 10 specific name brands and styles. Narrowing my interest down allowed me to get traffic to my website quickly.

After determining the 10 rod and reels I wanted to focus on for my affiliate marketing website. I signed up with Academy sports and Cabelas.

affiliate marketing niche
How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners.

This way when people are on my website they can click on my affiliate links they will be directed to Academy or Cabelas.

When they complete the purchase I will earn an affiliate commission.

Affiliate website Links

I hope this is starting to make sense of this first step on how to start an affiliate marketing website.

The buttons below have more in-depth free training on how to pick a profitable affiliate marketing niche. Please take advantage of the training. It’s free but It’s GOLD.

So far I have been going over the selection of your affiliate website interest/niche.

If you haven’t already please watch the videos above. They contain some valuable information on niche selection for your affiliate marketing website.

Affiliate Marketing Website Creation.

After reading the above section and watching the videos we are off to step #2

I will now show you how to free and easily create an affiliate marketing website.

Your website is the center of the hub. Just like a bicycle tire, your website is the hub that all the spokes branch off from.

Your Affiliate website is the center of your online presence and business brand

You will use your website as the central location to build your BRAND.

You will do social media and many other forms of advertising online marketing but that is considered the spokes.

Regardless of what else you do It ultimately comes back to the hub.

There are millions of people who have started and continue to earn money with this website service and it’s free.

Don’t worry It’s not some try it for a while then you will have to pay for it later type of thing. No this is a no BS awesome free website platform. You will see a countdown timer offering some special upgrade promotion. Just totally disregard the option to upgrade It’s irrelevant right now. The FREE website is perfectly fine for now.

After you’ve entered your information to create a free website come back here and watch the free tutorial video to learn more about building the website.

Building the website on this platform literally takes less than 5 minutes. It’s super simple to have an affiliate marketing website ready to go in no time flat.

You will choose an Affiliate domain name first.

That is the name that appears at the top in the search bar. For example is a domain name.

If you want you can make it your name like

If you are thinking to make your affiliate website about something specific like red dog treats then you could name your affiliate website

Next, you will choose the Affiliate Marketing website name.

This is different than the domain name above. unlike the (domain name) the website name is more like a title.

So using the example above you can name the website The Best selection Of Red Organic Dog Treats)


John Smith’s Website advice. You can change the name at any time so no need to waste any time on that. However, the DOMAIN NAME can’t be changed so make sure you select wisely. You get 2 free website domain names so if you mess up on the first one you still have one more.

Next, choose your Affiliate Marketing Website Design

So now you should have your free affiliate marketing website set up.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners.

Everything may not be completely set up exactly how you want it right now but we will get to that later. For right now you have your website up and ready to do everything you need to do.

Building out your new Affiliate Marketing Website

So you created your free website and now It’s time to tweak it and add the special sauce.

Simply having a website out there in internet space is never going to make you any money in Affiliate marketing.

A money producing affiliate marketing website is designed to do just that. Earn you money.

In order for this to happen your website needs to be set up and most importantly provide value.

affiliate marketing website design and style

this is a huge mistake I find with many affiliate websites.

they focus on their own self interest instead of solving other peoples problems and providing the solutions.

Logging into your affiliate marketing website.

the next steps will be to log into your affiliate website so you can activate and update your plugins.

If you don’t know what a plugin is right now don’t worry. I didn’t know what they were when I started either.

It’s very important to just keep moving along and not get tied up trying to make things specific. Just get all of this done for now and you can tweak it later.

Click on the training button below. It will take you to train course #5. There are a total of 10 training courses so when you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see the blue button that says next course.

learn affiliate marketing for beginners
How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website For Beginners.

make sure you go all the way through to the course #10. That is very important.

The affiliate marketing website training course will take you all the way to having a fully optimized ready to go money making website.

Affiliate Website truth

Here is some truth for you.

After getting your new affiliate marketing website done and looking good it won’t be making money.

Your new Affiliate website is like a new restaurant way out in the middle of the forest.

No one even knows It’s there.

How long will it take for your affiliate marketing website to start earning money?

That all depends on you.

I have trained people and they would start making a little money in as little as 2 months. Other people have taken from 6-12 months.

Here is a little known fact for people interested to know.

If you want to earn money with an affiliate marketing website by spending as little money as possible it will take a little time.

If you have money to spend and can do paid marketing then you can earn money much faster.

the problem with spending money to market your affiliate marketing website, in the beginning, is a lack of experience.

You would most likely spend a lot of money and not get much if any back in return.

When starting out in your pursuit to make money from an affiliate marketing website I would take the route I’m describing in this post.

get the experience you need and get your affiliate website producing a constant amount of website visitors and money. Then after that reach out to me and I will show you how to advertise your Affiliate Marketing website and get a return on your investment.

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