HB Naturals compensation plan | Simplified

How to understand the HB Naturals Compensation plan.

This article will explain how to understand the HB Naturals compensation plan.

I will briefly go over some terms you will need to know to understand the HB Naturals compensation plan. Then I will break down those terms and the compensation plan into simple to understand plain English.

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Terms To Know

Here are some terms you will need to know to understand the HB Naturals compensation plan that will be placed below. I will put the company terminology then give my own description of that term to help you understand how it fits into the compensation plan.


Personally being active means generating A minimum of 25 PSV in the previous 31 days.

Breakdown – This means that either you or someone you have referred to HB naturals is active and has purchased at least a product that has 25 PSV attributed to it. You don’t personally have to buy anything in order to be active in Heart and body naturals. As long as people you refer to your HBN Free websites make purchases every month then you will remain active. Don’t think of the 25 PSV in direct relation to $25. A product may cost $30 and have a PSV of 25 and another product may cost $36 and also have a PSV of 25. The system makes it easy to determine all of this in the back office all products are listed with the actual dollar amount and the PSV number attributed to that specific product.

heart and body naturals business opportunity
How to understand the HB Naturals compensation plan | Simplified


An automatic order is processed on the same day each month.

Breakdown – This one is pretty self-explanatory it just means you or anyone in your organization has made a choice to receive specific products at the same time every month. In the back office, it’s easy to set up on a credit card or debit card so you receive specific products you choose every single month. This is not a requirement in Heart & Body Naturals. However, I highly recommend it if you intend on taking this business seriously. If you just want to buy the products at your discretion and have no intention of earning money then that is perfectly fine.


This is a type of incentive plan where consultants have only two front-line consultants. When I consultant sponsors more than two people the additional members are placed at the levels below others under the sponsoring consultant.

Breakdown – In a binary compensation plan there is a pay leg to the left of you and a Pay leg to the right of you. When the people you enrolled enroll their own people the same left leg right leg continues. They will have someone on their left pay leg and they will have someone on their right Pay leg. In the HB Naturals Back office computer keeps track of each and every person you personally enroll and that they personally enroll. With a click of your mouse, you can pull up a graph that shows each and every person in your organization.

Commissionable Volume CV

This is the internal currency attached to every product in heart and body naturals. When you sell product volume is generated earning qualification commissions and bonuses are directly related to volume. 50% of the commission of a volume on the fast start bonus eligible orders and retail commission orders will be placed in your binary pay leg.

Breakdown – The CV Should not be thought of in the same way as dollars. For example, 50 CV does not directly mean it cost $50 dollars. And products may cost $65 but have a CV value of 50. It’s easy to find the exact cost in dollars of every product HB naturals has and also find the CV attributed to that exact dollar amount. HB naturals have a good back office that has all of these items clearly listed.

As A (Consultant) How to understand the HB Naturals compensation plan

A consultant is someone who has completed a free online enrollment and has 25 personal volume, and one active personal enrolled member.

Breakdown – To be considered a Consultant you have to

Dynamic Compression

Dynamic compression is when a member is not eligible to earn a bonus or commission and that commission will compress up and pay to the next qualified member hopefully that member is you.

Breakdown – Since HB naturals pay in multiple ways some of the compensation will pass up to you if members below you are not qualified to receive it.

As an example, if you have 100 CVs on a monthly AutoShip and that qualifies you for a bonus but five people under you are not qualified to receive it then all of those bonuses would pass up to you.


An executive is someone who is active and has two personally enrolled active members with one placed on the left leg and one placed on the right leg of the binary.

Breakdown – In order to be active, you need to have at least 25 CV of product per month by you or your team and has 2 members one on the left of the binary and one on the right of the binary.

Fast Start Bonus

20% of commissionable volume on wholesale orders for the first 90 days of a new enrollee.

Breakdown – This means when The people you personally enroll purchase items in the first 90 days you get a 20% commission on those purchases. What happens is people get bogged down in the details trying to understand the HB Naturals compensation plan when in reality they need to get past all of the intricate details of the HP Naturals compensation plan and just take action.

hb naturals compensation plan
hb naturals compensation plan

Break The Hourly Grind

Here is an example let’s say that you have an hourly job and you want to earn some more money. So you decide to work an extra hour or two each and every single day. You will always be capped in your ability to earn money because you can’t work 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year.
I can remember a time in my life when I wanted to make more money by trying to work more hours. You can earn a little bit more but that just wasn’t the type of lifestyle I wanted to live.

That’s why I like network marketing and more specifically HB naturals because of the leverage that is available in this business in network marketing in general.
With the HP Naturals compensation plan you do have the ability to earn money 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

There are seven ways to get paid in the HB Naturals business.

1 Retail

You can earn 50% of the commission of a volume on retail orders placed even if you have a free account with HB naturals so you can earn a 50% retail bonus even without a personal purchase.

2 Fast Start

You can earn 20 to 30% on the wholesale orders placed by your personally enrolled members during the first 90 days they are active. You earn a 20% fast start burning bonus without a personal purchase. Earn an additional 10% if you purchase a value pack and maintain at least 100 CV in monthly auto-delivery.

3 Star

Earn unlimited bonuses every month when you maintain 100 PV.

4 Matrix

This is the Friday payday and you can earn up to one dollar for every 50 CV order placed by members in your business.

5 Binary

Earn for up to 12% depending on your CV when there is 200 CV on your left leg and 200 CV on the right leg.

6 Match

This is the team building money and you can earn up to 50% check match of the binary commissions on executive consultants in your enrollment tree. This can go all the way up to seven generations deep.

7 Rank Advancement

As You advance through or should I say up in the business compensation plan You will receive bonuses based on those rank advancements.

All too often how understanding the HB Naturals compensation plan becomes the primary time-consuming activity and people fail to take action.
Don’t get me wrong it is important to understand every aspect of your HB Naturals business, But don’t let a lack of understanding of every minute detail prevent you from taking action in this awesome business.

One of the ways I have overcome not understanding certain parts of the HB Naturals business compensation plan is to focus on my personal income from my own direct sales. I was looking up information on Google and Facebook trying to learn every aspect of the HB Naturals compensation plan.

Focusing on only what I do in the compensation plan it allows me to keep my head down and take action without trying to compute all of the other monies I would be earning from the other six parts of the compensation.


I get great benefits from the HB naturals products so I decided to focus on selling the wholesale products through my free HB naturals website. This way I knew how much my commissions were going to be based on my own personal efforts and everything else that came in was just icing on the cake.

I hope this post helped you understand the HB Naturals compensation plan.

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