Use direct mail to build your MLM.

Direct mail is a great way to build your MLM business. It doesn’t matter what Network Marketing company you are building you can build it using direct marketing.

I use a mixture of postcards and sales letters. The trick to doing it successfully is having a sequence of messages that go out to the same people.

Another important aspect of having a successful direct mail campaign is creating a sales message that people will respond to.

Let’s start by going over what I mean by having a sequence of marketing mail pieces going out.

MLM Direct Mail Sequence

Most people decide to send out direct mail pieces to build their MLM businesses and only send out one card or letter. You can’t send out one marketing letter or postcard and expect to have a flood of people signing up for your MLM business. You need to have a series of postcards going to the same person so you can attract them to your offer. I have used a series of postcards and letters in the same campaign.

I use sales letters or postcards to get their attention and send them to my online capture page or website. When you can combine offline and online it’s a powerful combination. when you send out the first sales letter they may not decide to take action.

It would be great if people decided to respond to your MLM direct mail message and join your opportunity. However, that doesn’t happen at a high percentage. For this reason, you want to send out 3 or 4 postcards or sales letters. You can use software systems to determine who responded to the first direct mail piece so you don’t send a second one.

I really like using direct mail to bring people from my offline direct mail marketing to my online marketing methods. By driving people to my online marketing I can reduce my marketing budget by sending emails to them. I use Aweber email autoresponders to follow up with interested people from that point forward.

MLM Direct Mail Sales Letter

If you decide to use a sales letter to promote your MLM business then you need to come up with a great title. The title of the sales letter is what will grab their attention and get them to take action.

Here’s an example: A former pizza delivery guy, now earns $230,000 per year with this simple 3-step system.

This is an example of a true story put into a headline that grabs people’s attention and gets them wanting to learn more. We have no reason to lie about anything or embellish the results or work that will need to be done. However, you still need to write a good sales copy that people are attracted to.

Here’s another example: How I make more money selling other people’s products in my spare time than people who work 40 hours a week and you can copy my proven system.

With both of those examples, you are creating enough curiosity around what your target audience already has an interest in. In the MLM sales letter, you will want to tell your own story or the story of someone in your company who has achieved the MLM freedom lifestyle. At the end of the MLM sales letter, you will need to put your website and capture page. By putting your capture page people will be able to learn more about you and the MLM business you are promoting. People who are interested will need to enter their email addresses to gain access to what they want. After you have their email Aweber email autoresponders will take over from there.

The Autoresponder is a series of emails that will go out automatically on your behalf. This is a prime example of using MLM direct mail to take people from the offline world to your online world.

MLM Postcards

MLM sales letters work great for marketing your Network Marketing business but so do postcards. I really like postcards because the marketing message is right there without even needing to be opened. Postcards are cheaper than mailing letters and unlike letters, you don’t have to open postcards.

Postcards are a great way for people to get started prospecting in their MLM business. One of the main reasons I like direct mail postcards is because everyone who partners with you in your MLM opportunity can use this method. Duplication is one of the key reasons you will build a big downline in your Network Marketing business.

You can get some good examples of MLM postcards by clicking here.

It’s hard to duplicate unless you have an easy marketing method for people to use. You may be good at creating videos, blogging, or have a lot of money to buy online advertising. However, most people don’t or can’t do what you can do. Most people who join your Network Marketing business are not business rock stars and they definitely aren’t marketing rockstars. This is why postcards are a simple solution for your new business partners to duplicate.

Direct Mail MLM List

You want to make sure you send your MLM sales letters or postcards to people who are interested in what you have to offer. If you’ve ever been fishing then you know you use different bait for different fish. The same principle applies when you market your MLM business through direct mail.

You need to make sure the people you are sending your letters to are at least a little interested in what you have to offer. As the old saying goes you can have the best marketing message and the best sales letter ever made but if you try selling steak to a bunch of vegetarians that marketing message will fail.

I buy my leads by getting on Google and looking up (Network Marketing Direct Mail List) I do my research and determine which ones I want to buy from. I have found this is easier and cheaper than trying to find prospects on my own.

Some of the list providers will even send you the names on labels that you can stick on the letters and mail out.


This post should give you enough information so you can search on Google and design your own direct mail campaign for your MLM business. I have a whole series that I give to the people on my team but if you are building another MLM business you will need to create your own.

You should definitely start using direct mail as one of your marketing methods to attract people to you and your opportunity. After you have multiple people partnering with you and they are also sending out direct mail you will start having compounding results.

Additional help to make money in a Network Marketing business.

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