Important Network Marketing skills you need.

network marketing skills for beginners

In today’s post, I will be going over Important Network Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed Online.

I will also give you specific strategies I have used to market [GET LEADS] for any Network Marketing company online.

Important network marketing skills you need to succeed online

Developing the skills listed below will help you build a Network Marketing business with long-term success.

You may already be in a Network Marketing company or researching how to transition from old-school network marketing to getting customers online.

Networking Online: Skill #1

Skill #1: Daily Consistency.

Daily consistency will compound your efforts over time.

Some people don”t think of this as a skill.

I call it a skill because I believe it takes practice, dedication, and self-education to develop the ability to stay consistent in your efforts.

If consistency isn’t a skill why do so many people know they need and should be practicing consistency but, few do?

Network Marketing Skills Online
Network Marketing training to develop skills for long term success online

Let me explain.

As an example let’s say your starting in a Network Marketing business and have worked through your warm market of friends and family.

You’re now ready to market online.

You decide to get leads for your Network Marketing business but, are tired of doing in-person meetings and are ready to get leads online.

Your ability to consistently create content and attract leads is extremely important to your success.

Your ability to follow a proven formula over and over on a set schedule is what really separates the people that are able to have success from those who don’t.

Think about the people that jump from one Network Marketing company to the next.

They think the problem is with the Network Marketing company.

But the real problem is with their ability to stay the course and let the power of consistency take over.

Marketing Online: Skill #2

Following a proven system.

You want to use a system that’s proven to produce results.

It doesn’t make any sense to consistently do something that’s not proven to work.

network marketing success

For example, it wouldn’t do you very much good to consistently pester your friends and family on Facebook.

Pestering your friends and family isn’t a good system to use.

Most Network Marketing companies use old-school methods to promote the opportunity.

Some Network Marketing companies will have a company website and some landing pages.

They will give you the corporate pages to promote the Network Marketing business online.

That’s a better method than pestering your warm market over and over but there are better ways that are proven to work online.

Marketing Online: Skill #3

Content creation is a skill that should be done consistently.

Examples of content platforms.

  • Creating Youtube videos on your Youtube page.
  • Creating a blog post on your personal blog.
  • Podcast.
  • Facebook-live and or Facebook post.
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Reviews
  • Blog Images
  • Pure value reports

There are so many forms of content creation that you can do to promote your Network Marketing business on the internet.

When you start to become a master at just one method of getting online leads for your network marketing business you can branch off and incorporate other methods.

The key is to give value to the audience you’re trying to attract. Don’t just use your blog and other social media sites to push your opportunity on them.

Content examples you can share on the platforms.

  • Teach them something of value.
  • Share systems that have worked for you.
  • Content that educates about Network Marketing

Those examples are just a few examples of content, by creating content people find valuable you will be attracting prospects to you.

Attracting prospects instead of repelling.

Network Marketing On The Internet: Recap of 1, 2, & 3.

#1 Consistent #2 Proven #3 Content.

This is where we are so far. As you can see if you are missing some of the steps it would be hard to succeed.

You can have a proven method and good content to do network marketing online.

But if you don’t stay Consistent then it won’t matter if you have a proven system or great content.

Network Marketing Online: The Important Skills You Need To Succeed

I’m sure this makes sense without me putting together all the combinations of what won’t work if one step is left out.

Have you ever went to a fast-food drive-through and the speaker isn’t working?

It’s kinda like that.

The cars move ahead and the whole system goes haywire.

If the whole system isn’t working in harmony the business will never operate to its full potential.

Online Network Marketing: Skill #4

Handling Traffic.

Now that you are consistently producing quality traffic you need to know where to direct the traffic.

What to do in order to convert the traffic into customers or business builders.

When you are doing network marketing online you will be directing them to a destination that you desire.

Typically you will want to gather a prospect’s information such as name and email on what’s called a capture page.

Below is a picture of a capture page. You can click on it and go all the way through my funnel to understand what I’m talking about.

Important Network Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed Online
Important Network Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed Online for Affiliate or Network Marketing.

The traffic that you generate online will be directed to your capture page and you will offer them something of value.

The information that you offer them has to be something that you truly know and believe will help them.

You know they will benefit from the information, product, or service.

After they enter their information they will be directed to the landing page. A lot of online sales funnels have people going to the landing page.

But not always.

Some people will go from the capture page and directly over to what’s called a bridge page.

Bridge Page

The bridge page is a page that’s designed to allow you to become the bridge from where they are in your online sales funnel to where they will be going in your sales funnel.

As far as Network Marketing Online goes the bridge page usually consists of you you having a brief recording of yourself that you made on a site like Youtube.

This gives you the opportunity to build know, like, and trust with the person going through your funnel.

The person will then click on a button at the bottom of your bridge page which will then transfer them over to your landing page.

The landing page is designed to show all the features and benefits of using whatever it is you promoting.

I don’t believe something should be offered just to offer it. I believe it should be something that either you or someone you know has got great results from.

If you invested a lot of money in a restaurant. Would you ever just decide to give certain people a horrible service and bad-tasting food?

I would hope not.

If you did those people would never come back.

Don’t treat your Network Marketing business any differently.

You should consider the information in your online funnel just as important as the example I gave above about the restaurant.

Network Marketing Online Skill #5

The Follow Up.

Following up with your leads is extremely important.

You’ve got your potential customer’s information.

It’s time to send your follow-up emails.

Email Autoresponders

A sales funnel isn’t complete without automatic email autoresponders.

how to build emails inside the conversion pros email autoresponder system
Email autoresponder builder inside the conversion pros

The conversion pros funnel system gives you the ability to write your own emails that can be branded to you and have them automatically go out to the people that go through your sales funnel.

How does this happen?

When Someone responds to one of your advertisements by clicking on an image or URL link they will be directed over to your capture page.

After they enter their email and press the button on the capture page to proceed the system will automatically start sending them emails.

The emails can be ones that you personally write and design inside the conversion pros funnel system.


You can use the conversion pros funnel [share codes] and use the pre-written emails the conversion pros provide for you.

The Conversion Pros Share Codes

The Conversion pros funnel system also has share codes for

  • Capture pages
  • Landing pages
  • Email autoresponders
  • Background pictures
  • Universal videos

The share codes are provided for you so you can hit the ground running and just use the ones already provided for you by the conversion pros.

the conversion pros email share codes for the funnel
Important Network Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed Online
affiliate marketing and MLM sales funnel system pages
capture and landing page share codes and many more for multiple MLM & affiliate marketing businesses

You can edit almost any of the information at a later time if you are wanting to add your own pictures and brand yourself.

You can put personal pictures and links going to your own products, business or videos.

This is very powerful in terms of marketing and getting the sale.

Most people don’t make a purchase right away. They may need to do more research before making a buying decision.

So by sending them emails full of informative value you will be assisting them in their decision.

The share codes basically give done-for-you capture pages, landing pages, email autoresponders and so much more so you can just use what’s already designed for your business.

Blogging platform built on WordPress

Before you begin designing your email, you must understand what message you’re trying to give in your email sequence.

This way, you can incorporate a strong call-to-action that makes your recipient want to get back to you.

This way the potential customer will know exactly what you’re asking them to do in your email.

Provide value

Make sure you provide value in the emails you send out to people.

Developing important network marketing skills you need to succeed online will provide long-term success.

Don’t just send out information that tries to ram your Network Marketing company down their throat.

If you provide information that enriches their life and helps them fulfill their goals they will be excited to receive your automated emails.

The emails will allow you to build know, like, and trust with your potential business partner.

  • #1 Consistent
  • #2 Proven
  • #3 Content
  • #4 Handling Traffic
  • #5 Follow up.

If you go through some of the free training above and read this post a few times you will be well on your way to producing high-quality traffic to your business.

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