Is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme

Rodan and Fields is a Network Marketing company that distributes its products using the MLM business model. This post will answer is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme.

is rodan and fields a pyramid scheme?
Is Rodan and Fields a scam?

Is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme

You are most likely on this page because someone told you about the Rodan and Fields business and you are doing your due diligence. More importantly, you probably want to know if you can earn money in Rodan and Fields.

I will answer those questions.

One of the first things I look at when determining if a Network Marketing company is a pyramid scheme is the products. I look at the products and determine if the business is product-focused or recruitment-focused.

Any business that’s solely focused on just getting more people in the business may be a scam. The number one focus should be on the product.

Let’s take Rodan and Fields as an example.

  • Do Rodan + Fields have high-quality products?
  • Are Rodan + Fields solely focused on “getting people in” the business?
  • Are any Rodan and Fields consultants earning money?
  • Is it possible for the average person to earn money in Rodan + Fields?

Rodan + Fields scam products?

Most people visiting this site already know Rodan and Fields product focus is on skincare products. I will not provide a whole lot of information about the products in this post. However, I did write a Rodan + Fields product post so if you want to check it out just click the link in this sentence.

Rodan and Fields actually have some really good reviews online for the products they have. I use Rodan + Fields products and I know several other people that do.

is the rodan and fields business a pyramid scheme
Is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme, or a business an average person can earn money with

I can tell you from personal experience the R+F products are second to none.

Without going on-and-on about the products and if they are a scam or not. The Rodan and Fields products are definitely not a scam.

Rodan and Fields business scam

So the real question is… Is the Rodan and Fields business opportunity is a scam or not?

The Rodan and Fields company decided to distribute its products using the Network Marketing business model.

Choosing to distribute its products using the Network Marketing business model. It doesn’t automatically mean the business model is a scam.

Why did Rodan and Fields choose to distribute their products using the MLM business model? The answer is very simple. They chose the MLM business model because in today’s world it’s the best way to bring a product to the marketplace.

Think about it. If you started a new company and had a new product you thought was great and would solve a problem. How would you go about selling that new product to people?

Someone could simply say they would market the product. That sounds great but, how many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars will that take?

is Rodan and fields a scam or a good business?

Will the advertising even guarantee the new product sells? Nope. no guarantee you will even break even on your marketing investment.

Even if you have a great product. That’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sell enough products from advertising to build a successful start-up business.

You could seek out investors. This is an option however, you would have to give up a percentage of your business in return for the money.

Who wants to do that? I know I sure wouldn’t want to give 30-50% or even 1% of my business to someone.

This is why Network Marketing is so powerful. The MLM business model uses people who already like the products to tell other people about the products.

So in the case of Rodan and Fields. They rely on individual representatives’ personal experience with the products.

Many times a Rodan and Fields representative will start out by trying some of the products. If the products produce great results then they may become interested in the business.

Business of the 21st century

The Network Marketing business model is the business model of the 21st century.

Think of the Big Box stores that have closed because of online businesses like Amazon.

Affiliate marketing and Network marketing are becoming mainstream ways of conducting business. The first half of my life the internet wasn’t a thing. So the idea of shopping online is new to me also.

But, I have to admit if I had to pay the rent and utility bills to keep a big store open versus having an online store to sell my products I know what one I would choose.

I would choose the online storefront.

If a company like Rodan + Fields wanted to run T.V. ads or radio ads can you imagine how much that would cost?

It would cost a fortune and anyone who has business experience will tell you even if your product is better than the rest. That’s no guarantee your advertising will result in a return on your investment.

So Rodan and Fields choosing Network Marketing as a means of distribution is not a scam. I think It’s smart business.

Can you earn money in Rodan and Fields?

This is what most people interested in is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme are referring to.

They are interested in determining if they invest money in the Rodan and Fields business will they be able to earn money back.

Just like most people who start a plumbing business or a lawn mowing business or even a restaurant. The reality is 70-85% will be out of business in the first 5 years.

Can you earn money in Rodan and Fields?

While they are in business for those 5 years they barely make any money.

The businesses that do make it past the 5 year anniversary. More than 90% of those businesses will go out of business.

But we would not say starting a plumbing business is a scam, would we?

Most people wouldn’t.

So why do we ask if Rodan and fields is a scam just because they use the Network Marketing business model to distribute their products?

Maybe people think Rodan and Fields or other MLM businesses are a scam because so few people earn money. Maybe It’s because people who invest in a Network Marketing business like Rodan + Fields have a get rich quick mentality?

We all have to admit many more people can afford to start a Rodan and Fields business versus a plumbing or restaurant business.

Many people don’t have the start-up capital necessary to start that type of business.

So with the low start-up investment cost for most Network Marketing companies, one can only imagine a higher number of failures.

If starting a restaurant only costs $200 -$500 dollars there would be way more people going out of business and making negative comments about starting a restaurant.

You can earn money in the Rodan and Fields business but you have to treat it like a real business.

How to earn money in Rodan and Fields.

If you want to earn money in the Rodan and Fields business you will need to follow a system.

I’m not a big believer in the make a list of your friends and family philosophy. Does and can that approach work? Of course, it can. But for the other 99% of people, it won’t work for the long term.

Besides if your family is anything like mine I would rather work with some of my family more than others. I don’t mean this in a bad way It’s just that some people are more coachable than others.

I think the best way to build a successful Rodan and Fields business is by doing it online.

To be more specific you can build a Rodan and Fields business by targeting your ideal customers and business partners.

As an example, this blog, my blog is my main hub for all my marketing methods.

I can utilize Facebook, Youtube, and so many other social platforms but still drive traffic back to this blog.

  • Have a personal blog
  • Create value-based content on social media
  • do paid advertising

There are so many ways to market Rodan and Fields or any other Network Marketing company. The main reason someone would even ask is Rodan and Fields a pyramid scheme is because they don’t understand how they are going to market the business.

Network Marketing

Remember the word MARKETING is in the word Network Marketing.

Our job is to market the business and products in return for Rodan and Fields paying us money when products are sold.

I personally believe everyone who is serious about building a Rodan and Fields business should have a website/blog.

I also think that when you start the Rodan and Fields business you should give yourself a solid year to build the business and start earning money.

I’m not saying it will take a year to earn a significant amount of money. What I’m saying is don’t start any business thinking you’re going to strike it rich quickly. Rodan and Fields is not a scam business.

But, you should only get involved in any Network Marketing business like Rodan and Fields if you have long-term goals. I believe having a coach that can show you proven methods, to build a Rodan and Fields business will save a lot of time and headaches.

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