Is The Conversion Pros A Scam

is the conversion pros a scam
Is The Conversion Pros A Scam

In this review of the Conversion Pros. I will answer your questions about is the conversion pros a scam or not. I will list and describe the tools they have and what they are for.

Then I will talk about the affiliate program attached to the Conversion pros and if the tools or the affiliate program is a scam.

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Is The Conversion Pros A Scam?

Before I get into the details. Let me give you a quick overview of the Conversion pros.

The Conversion Pros is first and foremost a company that provides tools for online businesses.

Most of the people who consider using the Conversion Pros are people who need tools to effectively build a business online.

Companies such as:

Others may want to use the conversion pros tools and may also want to promote the affiliate program.

I think when the conversion pros affiliate program comes into play is when people start to ask if It’s a scam or not.

The tools that The Conversion pros offer would not be what I consider a scam.

is the conversion pros a scam

Are The Conversion Pros Tools A Scam?

Here are some of the tools you get with the Conversion pros.

  • Capture Page Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Sales Page Builder
  • Lead Contact Manager
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Webinar Builder
  • Invoice Maker
  • Broadcaster
  • QR Code Builder
  • Link Rotator

Is The Conversion Pros Capture Page Builder A Scam?

The Conversion Pros Capture page builder allows you to create a unique way of capturing your prospects name and email. This is especially important if you are wanting to differentiate yourself from others.

This tool the conversion pros provides is not a scam tool. I understand some people who are online are only focused on the affiliate program. Those people market The Conversion Pros online in a very bad way.

The capture page builder that comes with the conversion pros can be used for any business. If you are in a Network Marketing business then you can create unique pages specific to your company.

This is very important because you want to BRAND yourself and make yourself stand out from everyone else. By using The Conversion Pros capture page builder you will collect your leads information.

then you will use the system’s automatic follow up sequence to follow up with your leads.

By using the capture page builder you will automatically separate yourself from everyone else and build your business as the leaders do.

Is The Conversion Pros Landing Page Builder A Scam?

Similar to the Capture page builder. The Landing page is the page people are directed to after they provide their information on the capture page. This page is sometimes referred to as a BRIDGE PAGE.

Simply put the Landing Page is the middle page in between the capture page and the sales page.

is the conversion pros a scam
Example of a capture page made with The Conversion Pros

You can do so much with the Landing page.

I typically like to put a video of myself on my landing page. This way people see who I am and what I represent. I will be able to establish some sort of branding and rapport.

The landing page is truly what separates people online.

People will enter their information on the capture page. Then when they click the button they will automatically be directed to the landing page.

I’m sure if you’ve been through a lot of sales funnels you have a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about. The Conversion pros Landing page builder is not a scam and I use it frequently to build sales funnels.

Is The Conversion Pros Sales Page Builder A Scam?

You can create a sales page with the Conversion Pros or you can direct people the company order form.

I’ve had a lot of luck sending people from the landing page directly to the corporate page. I have found the most important page is the landing page in between the two.

It’s important because It’s a page where I can brand myself and how I stand out from the pack.

Is The Lead contact manager In The Conversion Pros a Scam?

Leads can be purchased inside The Conversion Pros back office. Allowing the lead contact manager to automatically store those prospects is a real time saver.

This tool is not a scam and I personally use it with a high return on my investment.

is the conversion pros affiliate program a scam?
Is The Conversion Pros A Scam

Imagine being able to purchase leads from The Conversion Pros and have all of their contact information stored automatically in the conversion pros lead contact manager.

No more confusion about who to call or what to say. You will be able to write notes about the conversation you had with them. You can put specific details to reference back to when you talk to them later.

If you are a Network Marketer or an Affiliate marketer then you understand the importance of having a list of interested prospects.

The Conversion pros CRM will help you stay organized and on task to contact your leads. Is the conversion pros a scam when it comes to the lead contact manager? I unanimously say NO.

I The Email Autoresponder Provided By The Conversion Pros A Scam?

The email autoresponder is definitely not a scam. I use this tool and it is awesome. It is especially awesome if you are buying leads directly from The Conversion Pros.

This way the leads come in automatically and are stored in your L.C.M and then the email automatically goes out.

Imagine having hundreds or thousands of emails automatically going out to new leads or customers every day. Do you think your business would grow?

When you buy leads through the conversion pros system you will be able to save their emails and set up automatic emails.

People who are building a Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing business underestimate the power of an email autoresponder.

The email autoresponder provided by The Conversion pros will allow you to build a relationship with your prospects.

If you are emailing your prospects value-based emails then they will see you as an authority in your space. The Conversion Pros email autoresponder isn’t a scam and I highly recommend it.

Webinar Builder

Have you ever left your name and email on an online form in exchange to watch a webinar?

If you have then you will fully understand what this tool does. This tool allows anyone to easily create a webinar.

Invoice Maker

If you decide to bill your customers independent of the corporate office then this tool is awesome. The invoice builder is simple. It allows you to individually bill your customers.


With the Broadcaster, you can send out an email to hundreds or thousands of people. This is especially important as your business grows you can communicate with large numbers of people. The conversion pros broadcaster and email autoresponder are not scams and I do personally use them.

QR Code Builder

The QR code builder is a tool that allows you to create unique scannable QR codes. These can be used by businesses in multiple ways.

Link rotator comes in handy and the system even lets you shorten links and create unique links for marketing tracking purposes.

Is the conversion pros a scam? I still have more items to go over but, I can go ahead and say The Conversion Pros Tools are not a scam. We still have to determine if the training or affiliate program are scams.

Is The Conversion Pros Training A Scam?

Here is some of the training inside The Conversion Pros.

a review of the conversion pros

Inside The Conversion Pros you will find tools and video training tutorials for all the tools the conversion pros have.

I think when people ask “is The Conversion Pros a scam”. They are referring to the affiliate program that people can promote.

Most people that use The Conversion Pros tools don’t even partake in the affiliate program.

The Conversion Pros affiliate program is optional.

The Conversion Pros Tools, in my opinion, are top-notch.

I think anyone looking to create a brand and create unique sales funnels with capture pages should take a look at the conversion pros tools and training.

If you are promoting an affiliate product or service then the tools inside the conversion pros will definitely help you.

If you are in a Network Marketing business then I can tell you from first-hand experience that the conversion pros tools will help your business grow.

Is The Conversion Pros A Scam complete review of the tools and affiliate program.
The Conversion Pros Capture Page Example. You can Design Almost Any Style Of Page You Want.

The conversion pros is a system that provides a lot of training and tools for businesses. I say businesses because the system can be used for online and offline businesses.

There is so much training inside the conversion pros its just crazy.

The conversion pros have numerous top-notch training sessions that teach you online business concepts far beyond just using their tools.

I’ve gone through all of the training modules. Some of the training in the back office is way better than most of the training I have paid a lot of money for.


  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Craigslist
  • Building funnels
  • Branding yourself
  • Car program
  • Offline Marketing
  • Clickbank Marketing
  • Video Email
  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Page Tips And Tricks
  • Picture Tips
  • Daisy Chain Method
  • Referral Tips
  • MLM Training Tips
  • Webinar Training
  • E-Book
  • Sell More Products

Thats a lot of training.

The training is provided by a 7-figure earner. He has been in Network Marketing And other businesses.

The training inside of the conversion pros is definitely not a scam. I have personally gone through all of the training videos and have used the methods explained in those training to earn money online.

Become a Conversion Pros Affiliate

Conversion pros affiliate program is where most people would ask if there is some type of scam involved with The Conversion Pros. Is the Conversion Pros Affiliate program a scam?

is the conversion pros a scam
The Conversion Pros Affiliate Area

The only reason someone would ask (is the conversion pros a scam) is because of a lack of knowledge about the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is nothing more than sharing the valuable tools that come with The Conversion Pros and getting compensated for making that suggestion.

There are so many Network Marketers and Affiliate marketers who need the tools The Conversion Pros provide. I don’t understand how anyone could think It’s a scam to offer the great tools offered by The Conversion Pros.

The Conversion Pros offers a 7 day free trial for anyone wanting to just test out the system. There are no long term contracts so if someone wasn’t happy with the services then they could cancel at any time.

Scam Alert

Some people will think everything is a scam.

I believe everyone should do their due diligence on any business opportunity or any online tools they buy.


I think It’s counterproductive to have a totally skeptical attitude about everything.

Blocking out all opportunities will prevent you from ever having any success.

I think we’ve all met people who are always negative and always have a skeptical attitude about everything. I can promise you having that kind of attitude will shut out all positive opportunities in your life.

Instead of being skeptical about everything just make sure you investigate qualified opinions about whatever you’re looking into.

I firmly believe 99% of all Network Marketing opportunities are not scams. I believe some are definitely better than others, but I don’t think they are scams.

Study Success

Instead of thinking of everything as a scam try instead to study the people within organizations that have succeeded.

If there are people who are succeeding then follow the systems and principles they are following to duplicate that success.

Is The Conversion Pros A Scam

I have used many of the conversion pros tools and I am also an affiliate of the tools.

I used the system and tools first before ever thinking about promoting the tools as an affiliate.

Because the tools provide so much value to anyone building an online business The Conversion Pros is in no way a scam.

My final scam report analysis of The Conversion pros is this. The only reason I suggest others to use The Conversion Pros is because I know they provide great value.

If the tools, training or affiliate program were a scam I would address that here. Regardless if you purchase through one of my links on this page or not. If you are in business you need these tools.

FYI I have numerous pre-built sales funnels and email autoresponders already built-out for hundreds of Network Marketing and affiliate programs.

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