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make money in network marketing
make money in network marketing

If you really want to learn Network Marketing then my first piece of advice is to get your mind right. I will definitely get into specific strategies in this article but I have to start with getting your mind right.

Most people completely skip over this part. They think just because they have a desire to build a Network Marketing business that’s enough. It’s not enough.

Learn Network Marketing

One of the common success indicators you find in the leaders of a Network Marketing company is [their belief.] Their mindset is determined to succeed and they subconsciously and continuously believe they will succeed.

They believe they will [sell a lot of products] and [build a team] and [earn a lot of money]. They believe it to their inner core.

A lot of people, (myself included in the beginning) start their Network Marketing business full of energy and are roaring to go. But if they don’t start making money in the first 1-3 months they are ready to quit.

Most of the really big money earners I’ve spoken to started their business with a long-term business plan.

Before they even started the Network Marketing business they determined they were going to stick with the business for 2-5 years. They also acknowledged that they may not make much money at all in the first year.

Successful network marketers understand the potential to make a lot of money even in the first month. But they also understand they may have a learning curve and it may take much longer.

Decide to stick with one Network Marketing business long term.

Regardless of how long it takes they have a plan and they are sticking to it for the long term.

Stick With it long-term and build your brand.

make money in Network Marketing

I have noticed a lot of people blast their friends and family with news of the new opportunity and try a few marketing strategies. If that first surge of energy doesn’t have them earning money then they are ready to quit.

With the above statements being made. The first step to learning Network Marketing is to program your mind to be in your business long term.

By committing yourself to stay in the business long term until you succeed you will have the ability to overcome obstacles.

If someone who has never built a Network Marketing business. Thinks they are going to start and be making thousands of dollars the first week or months they are setting themselves up for failure.

Do a very small percentage of NEWBIES start and make a lot of money in the first week? Sure some do.

But, they are a very very small percentage.

Most of the people who jump right in and start making money already have a huge email list. If they don’t have a big email list then they have skills and a proven system. But, for the beginner, there will be a learning curve to learn Network Marketing.

So, commit your mind to stay in a good Network Marketing business for many years. This is my first key skill in learning the proper procedures in Network Marketing.


The second skillset needed to learn Network Marketing is (Marketing.)

You must have a marketing system that produces leads and is duplicatable.

A marketing system that produces consistent leads and is duplicatable. I know I repeated the sentence but, It’s that important.

Before I dive into marketing, I want to make a comment.

Can people build a big business by doing home parties and meeting people face to face? 100% yes they can.

Do a high percentage of people succeed with that method? The answer is no they don’t.

People have built some huge downlines by meeting people at the local Starbucks and doing home business meetings. This method can still be used today. So I don’t want you to think the way that I’m writing here to market a Network Marketing business is the only way.

It’s not the only way but, I do think it’s the best way. I do believe it’s the preferred way. I also believe my method of building a Network Marketing business provides more leverage than old-school marketing methods.

Network Marketing Website

The first part of an overall Network Marketing plan is having a website.

high ticket network marketing
Get your website up and going in under 1 minute.

Just like I suggest having your own personal website for affiliate marketing. I also suggest having a personal website for Network Marketing.

Having your own website becomes your centralized hub for all your marketing. Your website is an online real estate that you own. You will be able to brand yourself and attract leads through your website.

You will use your website as the central location to build your BRAND.

You will do social media and many other forms of advertising online marketing but that is considered the spokes.

Regardless of what else you do It ultimately comes back to the hub.

Building the website on this platform literally takes less than 5 minutes. It’s super simple to have an affiliate marketing website ready to go in no time flat.

Learn Affiliate Marketing Niches.

Now that you have the foundational basics of your website up and running you need to determine what “NICHE” you will be designing your website around.

The buttons below have more in-depth free training on how to pick a profitable affiliate marketing niche. Please take advantage of the training. It’s free but, It’s GOLD.

Think of blogging on your website as putting out hundreds and then thousands of billboards all over the world. Billboards that attract the people looking to join your business.

I hope that makes sense. Blog posts when done the right way show up all over the internet on the 1st page of sites like Google and Yahoo etc. They show up when someone types in a search query. Then Google provides the closest related results on the 1st page of Google.

Even when you go to social media sites you will be providing people with your personal website. These are the processes people typically don’t go over when learning Network Marketing. If you want to learn Network Marketing the right way I believe you need to have a website.

Don’t just use the Corporate provided website given to you by the LiveGood Network Marketing company you represent.

You don’t own that website and can’t modify it the way you need to.

Plus you don’t want to just market the Network Marketing company you represent. You really want to build your brand and represent more than just one company.

You really want to build your brand around a Nich. Let’s say for example you are a part of a health and wellness Network Marketing company. If this is the case then you can build a site related to a very specific aspect of health and wellness. You can provide value-based content that people are interested in. After people value your content you can then mention your Network Marketing business and the products.

It’s all about attraction through Value-based content.

Even if you decide that you don’t want to blog as a means of attracting new leads you should still have a website that specifically shows your own personality and brand. However, I do think having a website you can BLOG on or pay someone to Blog for you is important. For many people, it has become their #1 lead-producing method.

how to learn network marketing
Your Network Marketing Website is your central hub.

Social Media

Learn Network Marketing and social media lead attraction methods.

There are numerous social media platforms where you can attract leads.

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok
  • Pinterest
  • And many more.

There are so many social media platforms that you can attract people interested in your Network Marketing company.

When you just starting to learn Network Marketing I would pick 1 platform and master it. You don’t have enough time to master them all.

what I see a lot of people do is try to do 4 or 5 various social media sites as a marketing method. They do below average at attracting leads on all of them.

This may lead to frustration and overwhelm and they may just quit.

If you are good in front of a camera and don’t have any reservations about it then I would do Youtube as your primary social media lead magnet.

However, If you’re not wanting to be in front of a camera then Pinterest may be more your style.

Lead with value

The overall method of your social media marketing should be to market your Network Marketing business by providing value.

If you provide value people will be attracted to what you are doing and have to say. However, if all you ever do is try to sell them stuff and look at them as a walking cash machine. You won’t attract people you will repel them.

So if you make a video – provide value

If you write a blog post provide value.

I think you get the point.

It doesn’t really matter what social media platform you decide to use. The most important thing you need to remember is to provide value-based content. And provide that content with consistency and frequency.


So you now have 2 ways of marketing your Network Marketing business.

  • A personal website
  • and social media

In order for either of those methods to work, you will need to stay consistent. If you are working a full-time job and building your Network Marketing business in your spare time. You will need to set specific days and times to blog and create social media content.

Don’t just wing it every now and then.

Make sure you set your business days and hours. Depending on your schedule some people will be able to post to their blog and social media more days than others.

A big part of marketing is staying consistent. It doesn’t matter if you are doing old-school prospecting methods or Internet Marketing. The bottom line is if you want to be successful you have to stay consistent.

Build Your List

After you have your personal blog and social media sites set up you can start acquiring leads.

You will do this by setting up a capture page on your blog and social sites. I’m sure you have entered your name and email on a capture page before. Typically people will provide their name and email in exchange for value-based information.

You will need to do the same.

When people enter their name and email their information will be stored in your email autoresponder.

The names that are saved in your email autoresponder system is your list.

Imagine after you have 1000 or 10,000 people on your list. You will be able to market to them whenever you want through email.

Having an email list of potential and existing customers is so powerful. As I’m sure you have heard the money is on your list.

I will take that one step further. The money is on your list and in the follow-up of that list.

The email autoresponders will automatically email and follow up with your list.

If you provide value to your list they will continue to read your content and possibly even buy your products and join your Network Marketing business.

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