Lifebrook Business Review.

If you are wondering what the Lifebrook business is all about I will answer that in this post. I will give you straight answers without trying to get you in (MY THING).

I will also review the business opportunity Lifebrook offers and give my opinion on it.

Lifebrook is a network marketing business

Lifebrook is a network marketing business based in the usa
Lifebrook is a Network Marketing Opportunity Built around the benefits of the Aronia Superfruit.

Before I list some of the products I want to give my review of the Lifebrook business opportunity.

In full disclosure, I have used their products and will include my opinion on them. My review may be a little bias. I’m not a Lifebrook representative But, more on that later.

What is the Lifebrook Network Marketing business?

Lifebrook is a Network Marketing business that was founded by Tony Heisterkamp. Lifebrook launched the business in 2017. His wife Jennifer Heisterkamp is co-founder and Katie Heisterkamp is the director of operations.

You can visit the Lifebrook team page to see all the members and their roles.

Lifebrook Compensation

Lifebrook uses a uni-level compensation structure. This is the most common type of MLM comp structure.

What I really like about the Lifebrook compensation plan is when a rep reaches the executive rank. People who achieve executive rank have the opportunity to earn on infinite levels.

In normal people talk that translates to life-changing monthly income.

Lifebrook compensation plan overview

9 ways to earn income

  • Base retail commissions- You get 20% retail commission.
  • Enhanced bonuses on personal bonus volume- You will receive up to 15% enhanced bonus.
  • Preferred customers- These are the customers that have a monthly auto-ship. You get a bonus for having them be on the auto-ship.
  • First-order bonuses.
  • Enroller residual bonus- Direct and indirect enroller BV bonuses.
  • Level bonuses.
  • Personal group and generation bonuses.
  • Personal group second-generation bonuses.
  • Enroller checks match bonus.

The details in those bullet points probably don’t mean much to you at this point.

The compensation plan that each representative is paid by is controlled automatically by the back-office software. You don’t need to worry about keeping up with anything.

The only suggestion I have is to make sure you maximize the comp plan to the max payout.

The Network Marketing business I’m currently in is no different. I don’t pay attention to absolutely everything. But I do pay attention to maximizing my compensation and moving up in rank.

I think of it like this. When I was an electrician I paid attention to my hours and any special bonus pay I was supposed to receive. I think of this the same way. Just pay attention to the big picture of the Lifebrook compensation.

Lifebrook products

Lifebrook is a network marketing business
Lifebrook Puronia

Puronia comes in a drinkable bottle and contains pure Aronia berry juice. Lifebrook adheres to strict guidelines to bring the best product possible to the marketplace.

*Lifebrook says that if someone maintains a schedule of drinking the Puronia product they will have positive benefits from the Lifebrook Puronia product.

This is the Puronia on the go pack. Each bottle is smaller than the regular size Puronia

The Puronia on the go comes in smaller bottles. The juice itself is the same as the larger bottles but only has 2oz per bottle.

Lifebrook is a network marketing business
Lifebrook is a network marketing business

The Vitronia is a multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Lifebrook is a network marketing business

For soothing relief of muscle and joint pains. The Lifebrook HydraZorb is a formula that is applied topically to the affected area.

Patent-pending Hydrazorb, delivering Aronia berry antioxidants.

The LifeBook company states that It’s very important for them to have the highest possible standards. Tony Heisterkamp discusses the benefits he received when he first started drinking the Aronia berry juice.

After teaming up with other farmers. It makes sense to me they truly believed they had a great product and wanted to bring it to the market place.

Network Marketing?

Why did they choose Network Marketing as a way to distribute their products.

Unlike it was in the 60s when a new product could be delivered to the market on T.V.

30 or 40 years ago there were around 4-6 T.V channels. The radio didn’t have satellite and attention spans were not as short as they are today. Today’s market is inundated with thousands of marketing messages every day.

Rather than spend millions of dollars to bring Lifebrook products to the market. I’m sure they decided on the Network Marketing model. Because of the quality of their products coming from recommendations of friends and family is a proven method to move product.

If you would like to read a full article about the Network Marketing model click here. Scroll to the middle of the article.

Lifebrook Consultant

I’m a big believer in liking the products before promoting them. I’ve met people who didn’t care about the products. All they cared about was promoting the business only.

Believing in the products you promote greatly helps in your success as an independent Lifebrook consultant.

Because of the way the compensation plan is set up you can make some serious money in the Lifebrook business.

But, regardless of the Lifebrook information above or how much you love the products. If you seriously want to build this business don’t fall into the trap that 97% of Network Marketers do.

I did a lot of research on the Lifebrook business and believe it to be a great opportunity.

It’s actually a hidden gem. The reason I say that is because unlike the large businesses that have a lot of exposure, both good and bad. Lifebrook is a relatively young MLM company.

That can play into your favor if you build a decent size team. As the business grows, and more and more people become aware of the company and products. You will be able to ride that wave of growth.

Lifebrook how to succeed

There are numerous ways to build a Network Marketing company.

I won’t be covering all of them because I don’t recommend most of them.

Even though multiple methods have been proven to work I’m going to show you what worked for me where many other ways didn’t.

If I wasn’t already building my own Network Marketing business I would definitely consider Lifebrook.

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