Use MLM Marketing For Generating Leads

MLM Marketing Secrets For Generating Unlimited Leads
MLM Marketing Secrets For Generating Unlimited Leads

MLM business leads

Generating leads for your MLM Company is essential for you to grow. Getting customers is the name of the game. If you have prospects coming into your MLM you are growing. If you don’t have customers you are essentially out of business.

Today I want to show you how to get prospects for your Network Marketing opportunity.

Like most people when I was starting out in MLM I had never owned or operated a company. That was the whole reason I chose MLM. I wanted to be in business but I didn’t want all the risks of a traditional style of business.

Not only did I not have any traditional business experience but I also didn’t have any marketing experience.

MLM is Multi-Level MARKETING. I was missing one of the key skills needed to operate a successful MLM business which, is marketing.

I had a general understanding but I didn’t really know how to use marketing to get a consistent flow of leads into my business.

My up-line told me to make a list of friends and family. They told me to make flyers and put them on cars. My up-line told me about doing in-home meetings and all kind of things that I really didn’t think was going to work but what did I know?

I had limited success with all of those methods.

I was able to get a few people to enroll in my business but the methods I used to enroll them were exactly what they tried to use to enroll people.

Those methods didn’t duplicate the team very well.

I knew – If I was going to build a team and a big down-line I was going to need marketing systems my team could plug into.

Trying Traditional MLM Marketing

I made a list of people I know and started calling them and inviting them to view a presentation. I had determined that I was going to do what my up-line told me to do.

I had been in and failed at multiple MLMs by this point and had lost credibility with most of the people in my circle.

I just kept repeating the same mistakes over and over.

I thought it was the MLM company’s fault or the product’s fault. I eventually thought hey my up-line is giving me bad marketing advice.

My up-line was just giving me the same advice they were given when they enrolled.

By using the traditional ways of prospecting some people do build big down-lines. The problem is very few people are able to accomplish that.

The numbers don’t lie on this subject. If you take all of the MLM companies as a whole and come up with a percentage. It’s like 98% of people in MLM don’t make any money or actually lose money.

It This is what made me determined to use different methods than most people are using.

Capture Page

Today I want to go over building your list by using an interesting offer.

Your capture page is the page you will be advertising online. You can advertise your capture page on any of the social media sites or search engines.

Here is an example of a capture page. If you click on the picture you can go through the whole funnel and see for yourself what I’m talking about.

MLM capture page
capture page Example

By going through the whole funnel you will see exactly each step of an MLM sales funnel.

The image below this is another example of a sales funnel. I suggest clicking on this one also so you can get a clear understanding of exactly what needs to be done to build an MLM leads list and attract the right type of people into your business.

Click The Image For A Capture Page Example

Here is how to break down the value of your email list.

You can basically say for each email contact you have the value of that contact is $1.00 per month in revenue.

This can be more or it can be a little less, depending on how you communicate with your list and how much the products you are promoting cost.

So other words if you have 1000 people on your list then that list is worth $1000 dollars per month. If you have 10,000 people on your list the value is $10,000 per month. I’m sure you get it by now.

This is very powerful because it’s not very hard to tweak your marketing message or the products you are selling and start earning $2 or $4 dollars per customer on your list.

MLM Marketing By Attraction.

The capture needs to be designed with your ideal customer in mind.

For example, the vast majority of people in MLM are not earning money. They want to earn enough to change their life but, but they just don’t have enough interesting leads to send through their sales funnel.

By having a capture that provides a high level of value to your target customer you will be able to build a list and provide a lot of value to your potential customers and business partners.

Where To Market Your Capture Page

There are so many sites on the internet where you can market your MLM business.

You can advertise your MLM on Facebook using a front-end information product that doesn’t mention anything about your network marketing business.

Facebook doesn’t like people advertising an MLM business on their site.

For this reason, I don’t advertise my MLM directly on their site. I advertise a valuable book or other value-based information product. The type of book or info product I advertise is information they really need to have.

This get’s your foot in the door on the front end and allows you to market your MLM business on the back end.

You can do the same marketing process on multiple platforms. You can do it on Google Pay Per Click or on YouTube. Anywhere you want to advertise your front-end product is fine.

Unless your MLM and the platform you are advertising on allow it. I would stay away from mentioning your MLM business or products in any way.

Paid Marketing

I would use a combination of free and paid marketing to drive traffic to your capture pages. I realize some people need to start out using free advertising but, you need to change over to paid advertising as soon as possible.

MLM Business Marketing

I know people who try to only do free marketing for years. Free marketing like making YouTube Videos or Facebook posting. They do things like that and yes they have success on a small level but, would be light years ahead financially if they would have done some paid advertising also.

Paid advertising such as Google pay per click or Facebook can actually be done for your MLM so you make money. Sometimes you don’t make money but you just break even. If you can manage to break even on your marketing that’s a huge success.

If you can break even you should keep spending more money so you can add people to your list.

The more people you add to your list the bigger your down-line will be.

If you would like to check out an example and get some free MLM funnels from me just CLICK on the image directly below and check my whole MLM funnel out. I can give you my share code so you can use the same one.

MLM marketing
MLM marketing
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