Self-Liquidating MLM Offers That Build Downlines

In this article, I will go over what a self-liquidating offer is and how you can use it to build a big downline in your MLM business.

When I started in network marketing I had High Hopes just like I’m sure you did or do.

I believed almost everything my upline told me. They told me to make a list of people like friends and family and call them. We would do a three-way phone call and basically, try to convince them to buy products or enroll in the business.

MLM self liquidating offer
MLM self liquidating offer

They said things about doing House parties and hotel meetings.

These are the things they told me was required to build a MLM business.

I’m not saying that those things don’t work. However, it’s not very probable.

Don’t try to convince people.

Trying to convince people who didn’t seek you out, to become a business partner and build a business isn’t practical.

MLM self liquidating offer
MLM self liquidating offer

Most people are working a full-time job and may have kids and a full schedule.

You would have to overcome a whole bunch of objections and constantly trying to coerce them to do things they don’t want to do.

I remember one of the MLM companies I joined was a travel company.

I did all type of traditional marketing methods to promoting this business.

I even put contest boxes in various businesses so someone could put their information on a paper and drop their name, email, and phone number to win a prize. This was done in an attempt to get as many leads as possible.

 I was also inviting people to a business presentation at one of my friend’s business office and doing in-person presentations.

 I was able to enroll some people with those methods. But I wasn’t able to get any of the people I enrolled to do anything.

It became a typical cycle for me to enroll 30-40 people in my MLM only for them to do nothing. They would consume products for a little while but, eventually, they would quit the business and also stop using the products.

 I can remember wanting (so desperately) to build this business that I lowered myself to pay for someone’s entry into the business.

He was a person of influence in the community. I already went over how great the business was, and the type of money he could earn. Everything I told him was true.

The only part I didn’t have an exact answer for was…

  • How to get INTERESTED leads.
  • An on-boarding training platform.
  • A done-for-you sales funnel to hand off.
  • Processes that payed for my marketing budget.

What I discovered

I discovered self-liquidating offers and it completely changed my MLM business.

With a self-liquidating offer, I can Market something such as a book, course, or exclusive bonus and sell it on the front end without ever mentioning my MLM.


The book or Information products I chose are not something I make myself. They are highly valuable affiliate products I promote. They typically range from $1 to $27 dollars.

When someone goes through my MLM funnel and pays for that particular product I now have enough money to offset my marketing. That is what a self-liquidating offer is.

Think about it like this.

You now have a buyer. You also have someone who is interested in MLM and is motivated enough to pay to improve themselves.

Better than begging

It’s so much better to build a MLM business with people who are searching you out instead of the other way around.

Your self-liquidating offer is an offer that you put out into the marketplace and it basically gives you a break-even on your marketing.

If you are using Google pay-per-click or Facebook as a marketing vehicle and you promote a book offer on the front-end of your funnel. If that book offer pays you $7 per buyer. Then you can break even or even make money while building your list.

Some affiliate book offers you can promote have a sales funnel built automatically into them. In that type of scenario you may potentially make $200-$300 dollars.

In that type of scenario, you may make money on your marketing and then just re-invest that money back into marketing.

Getting leads this way is so much better than begging down at the mall or Walmart.  

Let me break it down..

  • You offer a high-value book / Info-product on the front end of your sales funnel.
  • Your funnel will automatically collect the person’s Email.
  • You will earn money from some of the people who go through your sales funnel.
  • You will be able to send automatic Emails to your new prospect.
  • You will market your MLM to them on the back end of your funnel through emails.
  • They will eventually be directed to an MLM sales funnel and the sales funnel will do all of the selling and telling for you.

The person who goes through your sales funnel will be totally different than the people you try to beg into your MLM.

They will most likely already be in an MLM and looking for information so they can succeed or they were previously in an MLM and are looking for a better system and company.

you don’t always make a lot of money attempting to acquire your customers with the self-liquidating offer.

But It’s always better to make some money to offset your marketing than it is to make none.

The Goal Is?

The goal is to have the self-liquidating offer pay for your marketing.

A lot of social media sites don’t like people to mention or promote network marketing. So don’t do it. 

Some network marketing companies don’t allow their business Builders to mention the name or promote the network marketing company online. 

So don’t do it.

This is the beauty of having a front end product to promote

You won’t need to mention your MLM business by name. All you will need to do is promote a product people wanting to build a successful MLM business would be interested in.

You don’t have to mention your network marketing company on the front end you can mention your network marketing company on the back end of the funnel. 

Sales Funnel

You will set your sales funnel up so that when they buy your front end information product they will give you their name and email.

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MLM Business
MLM Business

 Now you will be able to send emails to them from your autoresponder

Now we will be able to mention your network marketing business and or products and promote through the emails your Autoresponder is sending them.

When they first got into your sales funnel you were advertising on one of the social media sites such as Facebook or Google pay-per-click and you did not mention anything about your MLM business.

At this point, you can tell them all about your MLM through email or your MLM sales funnel.

Do you see the beauty in being able to promote like this? This is such a better way to Prospect than simply making a list of friends and family.

 Most of your friends and family don’t want anything to do with your MLM. Some of them might buy the products out of sympathy or as a kind gesture but, I firmly believe they don’t want to.

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MLM Business Marketing


 If you love pitching your friends and family then you can disregard this whole post. However, if you are ready to use a system that has a sales funnel, training, and systems then plug into my resources and this done-for-you SLO.

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