Rodan and Fields Salary

In this post, I will go over the average Rodan and Fields salary. I will also provide you with some free training so you can make an above-average income in Rodan and Fields.

As of 2019, there were 97 Rodan and Fields independent consultants that earned above 1 Million dollars. That says it all for me right there.

I have always been the type of person that believed if one person could do it so could I. But when you have 10 or 100 people earning that kind of money then I really believe I can do it.

Rodan and Fields Salary

Rodan and Fields salary - consultant average income
Rodan and Fields consultant average income

First off I guess I should clarify the word salary. A salary is what you are paid in a job. The Rodan and Fields opportunity is not a job.

Rodan and Fields is a business opportunity. The Rodan and Fields independent reps are in business for themselves. If you put in the work you can earn money. If you don’t then you will most likely earn nothing.

The closest Rodan and Fields comes to a job salary would be a straight commission job based on performance. A straight commission job typically pays someone a lot of money if they sell the product or service.

Rodan and Fields Salary
Rodan and Fields salary

The same thing can be said for a Rodan and Fields independent representative. Check out this chart below to see what I’m talking about.

Rodan and Fields Income disclosure statement updated 4-15-2019

You can click on the image to enlarge it. I will give you the basic numbers below.

  • 61.3% of people earned $325 on average
  • 28.9% of people earned $2342 on average
  • 5.90% of people earned$6919 on average
  • 2.80% of people earned$14705 on average
  • .70% of people earned $34209 on average
  • .30% of people earned $69062 on average
  • .20% of people earned $151750 on average
  • .10% of people earned 351325 on average
  • 97 consultants earned $1,203,920 on average. zoom in to read the ** fine print below the chart.

Let’s put those numbers into perspective.

Paid Consultants

Rodan and Fields have a total number of 411,651 consultants. Out of those 222,664 were paid consultants or 54%

188,987 (46%) were Consultants who received the benefit of discounted prices but did not earn any compensation from Rodan and Fields

  • 136,493 people earned an average of $325
  • 64,349 people earned an average of $2,342
  • 13,137 people earned an average of $6919
  • 6,234 people earned an average of $14,705
  • 1,558 people earned an average of $34,209
  • 668 people earned an average of $69,062
  • 445 people earned an average of $151,750
  • 223 people earned an average of $351,325
  • 97 people earned an average of $1,203,920

So the big question is what are the 445 people who earned $151,750 doing differently that the 136,493 people that earned $325 bucks?

Rodan and Fields consultant average income

Some people may look at those numbers and feel defeated. When I look at those numbers I see the law of averages in almost all of society.

Rodan and Fields commission Salary plan and compensation

People who start diets, people who start a plumbing company, or people who start a restaurant. A huge percent of people don’t succeed at least the first time they try.

The Rodan and Fields salary based on commission performance is no different.

Obviously the people who only earned $325 dollars never did much of anything to grow their business.

Or maybe they did a lot of work and talked to hundreds of people but they went about doing it all wrong. I think it makes sense that if some people are earning a lot of money. And others are earning next to nothing. I would follow WHAT the people who are earning money are doing.

The 64,000 people who are currently earning around $2300 dollars per year may be earning more money year after year.

What I Like Most

What I like most about Network Marketing is you can start at the bottom and rise to the top. Unlike a job where you typically will never earn as much as the owner or CEO.

It’s a myth that if you are in a Network Marketing company like Rodan And Fields you will earn a lot of money just because of that. I agree that there are certain advantages to getting in business early.

But those advantages are only available if you (the independent representative) work the business. Early in my Network Marketing Career, I got in at the ground floor of a Network Marketing company that is huge today.

One leg of my compensation line had more than 10,000 people. But, I had the responsibility of building the other leg. Guess how many people I enrolled in? I only enrolled 3 people on my side of the compensation leg. So instead of earning huge amounts of money I only earned around $500 dollars.

The person that enrolled me started around the same time that I did and he went on to become a million-dollar earner in the business. I know the guy and he is an awesome guy but he doesn’t have superhuman abilities.

Because I saw an average person I personally know make it big in Network Marketing I have more belief and faith in Network Marketing than a lot of people.

Can you make money in Rodan and Fields?

Can the average person make money in the Rodan and Fields business? I know first hand that the answer is yes.

Why do such a large percentage of people barely earn any money in Rodan and Fields?

I think the main reason a large percentage of people earn little to no money in Rodan and Fields is that they take no action. This is the same in all of Network Marketing.

But isn’t this the same with every other aspect of life? Think about it. Most people work for someone. They work for the company someone owns or the corporation.

Only a small percentage of the population decides to become an entrepreneur and start a business. More than 80% of the people that start a business such as a local restaurant are out of business within 5 years.

is Rodan and fields a scam or a good business?
Is the “normal” corporate structure a scam? You tell me.

But a percentage of businesses are wildly successful.

Does this make the restaurant business a scam? should people be prevented from starting a restaurant?

I don’t think that would be smart. I think the people who operate businesses that produce a profit are doing something different than the businesses that go out of business.

Why should the thinking be any different for Rodan and Fields?

Imagine having a business such as Rodan and Fields where you could earn $60,000 or $250,000 heck even $10,000 dollars per year. You could earn that much money WITHOUT having the following.

  • You don’t need any employees
  • The accounting is done by the Rodan and Fields software
  • Products shipped to your customers automatically by Rodan + Fields
  • No need to have a local store or pay rent on utilities
  • You get paid automatically every month your customers make repeat customers

Ask any business owner if they wish their business operated like that and they would say only in heaven.

So yes there is money to be earned in Rodan and Fields. People have already proven that It’s possible.

How to make money selling Rodan and Fields?

The people who have earned money in Rodan and fields have used various methods. Some have used methods that are considered old school methods.

Some people have used the Internet to build their Rodan and Fields business.

But the one thing everyone in Rodan and Fields has done that built a business is they have provided VALUE.

The people who invest in a Rodan and Fields business and expect to build it by plastering buy my stuff, buy my stuff all over the internet are the ones who fail.

Regardless of how great a product or service is the person or company selling it needs to sell with value first.

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