Skinny Coffee Club Reviews

I hope this review is of some assistance to you. There are a lot of skinny coffee club reviews online so I hope this one helps if you are interested in building the business.

As most people are very well aware. The percentage of people in the Network Marketing industry that do not earn money is around 95 -97%

I would like to address this lack of success in this post and give you a blueprint for succeeding in Valentus.

Skinny Coffee Club Reviews

I love the Network Marketing industry for many reasons.

skinny coffee club reviews
skinny coffee club reviews

If I had to choose just one reason it would be Network Marketing gets people thinking differently about how money is earned.

Take for example Valentus with its skinny coffee club.

This is a great company with great products.

Because they chose Network Marketing as the vehicle to bring the products to the market we get to capitalize on that. We have the OPPORTUNITY to earn money by marketing (AKA Selling) distributing products.

I imagine almost everyone who starts with Valentus likes the products and truly believes they can earn money with the business opportunity.

Review of Why


That is what this blog post is going to explain to you.

I hope that this Valentus review reaches people who have struggled in Network Marketing but never gave up hope. I hope that people read this a couple of times and then decide to take action.

The reason so many people (97%) don’t make any life-changing money is that they aren’t doing what the other 3% of the company is doing.


I’m just trying to get some mental clarity through to you before I get into the meat and potatoes of what the 3% are doing.

Because I have noticed in my own journey many of the struggles I had taken place when the answers were sitting right in front of me the whole time.


The obvious truth is the people who are doing the best in Valentus are using systems, methods, tools, and persistence that the unsuccessful are not using.

Here is what I would do if I started in a brand new Network Marketing company but, didn’t want to bother friends and family.

but just wanted to establish a long-term goal to succeed with the business and EARN some life-changing money.

People actually believe customers are going to fall from the sky or rush to them and buy their Skinny Coffee.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. If you want to earn any kind of life-changing residual income with the Valentus opportunity then you have to recognize that it’s named…


People fail to even mentally recognize [MARKETING] is in the word Network Marketing.

The business opportunity with Valentus basically does almost all of the other heavy lifting for us.

Our job is to market the Valentus skinny coffee, skinny coffee club, and all the other great products with the great opportunity the company provides.

My point is you have to have a system and an effective way to diligently, systematically, and repeatedly market your products and business opportunity seeking other leaders like you.

The marketing system I use to market almost all of my internet-based businesses is called Clickfunnels.

This system gives me all of the tools I need to market on the internet without having to bother people who aren’t interested in the business or my products.

As an added bonus when you join through my link on this page I share my VALENTUS sales funnels that are already done for you and tell you where and how I’m getting pre-qualified leads to join.

Tools & Systems

Here is a shortlist of what is included.

  • Easily create capture pages
  • Easily create landing pages
  • Lots of straight to the point meat & potato training videos
  • An already optimized ready to go WordPress Website
  • Training to get your website blog post on page 1 of Google
  • Fully customizable sales funnel builder
  • The system allows you to differentiate yourself
  • Attraction marketing training to your Valentus business.
  • And so much more…
how to get leads for the valentus business opportunity

These are all the tools and training you get inside the system.


valentus marketing to get leads

Simply put Clickfunnels allows you to differentiate yourself from the pack.

I have assisted so many businesses by creating sales funnels for them.

Sales Funnels attract people to the business and products.

Then convert those people into paying customers of your products and possibly even business builders.

Establish Goals


You should treat your Skinny Coffee Club Valentus business like a MULTI-MILLION dollar business. You need to create short & long-term goals.

I believe a lot of people start the Valentus opportunity and treat it more like a fictional money tree more than a real business.

By establishing the long-term goals you will mentally set yourself up for the long haul.

No longer will you say things like ” I GUESS I WILL GIVE VELENTUS A TRY” NO NO NO…

If you invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into a restaurant business. Would you say well I’m just going to give it a try?


If you invested all that money and effort into getting your restaurant business off the ground. And ready to go.

I imagine you would work tirelessly to ensure the success of the restaurant.

The cost of entry in most Network Marketing companies including Valentus is very low.

Since there isn’t a lot to lose we don’t treat the Valentus business like a real business.

It amazes me some people will work at a company they don’t really like. Around some people, they don’t really like it for 30-50 years.

But often those same people complain that they don’t earn enough money or the system is rigged etc. etc.

I’m here to tell you that success and opportunity are there if you want it and are willing to follow proven paths instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Dedicate The Time

Dedicate a set amount of time every day or at least 4 days a week.

You need to dedicate a set amount of time per week that you’re going to invest time into doing money-making activities.

Here are some important money-making activities that you probably won’t find a lot of MLM trainers talking about. REMEMBER what I said up top about THINKING LONG TERM WITH LONG TERM GOALS. Here they are in no particular order. 

  • Get a Website/Blog that connects with WordPress that you can blog from and then BLOG often. Blogging is a longer 6-month type of goal but it is well worth it and will open up multiple streams of income.
  • Autoresponder allows you to capture people’s emails when they go to your capture page and then the autoresponder sends then emails automatically.
  • Pick one form of advertising that interests you. It could be Facebook, Youtube, Craigslist, ETC. Pick one and master it by doing it over and over and over until you have customers knocking down the door to invest in your business.
  • Pick some form of one-on-one communication. It DOESN’T need to be the phone but, the phone is quick & cheap. You can also use FACEBOOK MESSENGER, Email, or Skype.

Making Contact

Your advertising, blog and social media will produce the interested leads.

The last thing is making contact with them through the methods I discussed. Then you will be on your way to selling Valentus products and opportunities.

It’s amazing when you treat the business like a business what the possibilities are.

All of the leaders I know are either using a system like Clickfunnels or something more expensive and in my opinion not as good.

Having a unique system allows you to stand out from the rest of the Valentus Reps.

Valentis has a good rewarding compensation plan and great products like Skinny Coffee.

It would be easy to create capture pages and make sales funnels that look similar to this picture.

Of course, you can change up whatever you want to your liking.

Valentus Coffee Club capture page

Imagine being able to create that kind of capture page or any type you want.

Using this capture page as an example someone would land on this page by responding to a marketing piece you did.

They would enter their information and then click the button.

After they click the button they will go to the next page that will do all the selling and telling for you.

So instead of you having to drive all over doing face-to-face meetings you can automate and let Clickfunnels do all the hard work for you.

Another Example

Valentus Skinny Coffee Club
You need a sales funnel to properly make money in MLM

To quickly recap this blog post. When you have a system that allows you to brand yourself and use the tools to attract your ideal customers it’s hard to lose.

The aspect of the system I like best is world-class Training.

I also like that I can share all my already done-for-you sales funnels.

This is a review of the skinny coffee club.

***If you are interested in what I believe is the best MLM opportunity I’ve ever seen then click on the MY RECOMMENDATIONS TAB at the top of this page.

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