Strategies To Recruit Online In Network Marketing


In this post, I will go over the methods and strategies to recruit online in Network Marketing.

There are so many ways to recruit online for Network Marketing I almost don’t know where to start. I decided I would write this post on the methods I’m currently using which are giving me good results.

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Paid Marketing

I put paid marketing as the first option because in many ways it’s the fastest and most controllable way to grow your Network Marketing business fast. It’s also the method that requires the steepest learning curve. Think about all the businesses that promote their products using paid marketing. With paid marketing, you control the message and can get your marketing message in front of the exact customer or business builder you need for your Network Marketing business.

A lot of people use free marketing online to promote their Network Marketing business and products. The free marketing approach of posting on social media and doing videos cost you your time. Regardless if you are spending your time on free marketing or your money on paid advertising it’s costing you something anyway.

When it comes to using paid marketing to recruit online in network marketing. I use platforms that specialize in online advertising so I don’t have to set anything up. The objective is to pay to get your advertisement online and when people click on it they are directed to your offer.

It’s very important to track your numbers when doing paid marketing.

Recruit Online In Network Marketing


I love blogging as a way to recruit online in Network Marketing. Blogging is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of long-term results. Imagine each blog post you write as a billboard you put on a highway somewhere in the world. Each billboard (POST) has the potential of getting you a paying customer for your products or services. This isn’t a post about how to make a blog site so I won’t go into detail about how to make a blog. What I will do is give you an overview of how I use my blog to market my Network Marketing company and how you can do the same thing.

If you are in a nutrition-based Network Marketing business. You can find keywords related to the products your business promotes and write a blog post about those products. If you write an informative post that ranks on the first page of Google a lot of people will read it. When people read your post they will have an opportunity to click on your links and check out your post. This is a really powerful way to recruit online in network marketing. What I like most about blogging is how long a post can stay posted on the first page of google. Some of the posts I’ve written many years ago are still getting me leads.

Recruit Online

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is definitely needed in order to strategically take your leads on an organized presentation of your products and services. Here’s an example of a sales funnel at work for a network marketing business.

Let’s say you choose to use paid marketing as your method of lead generation. You run ads on Google and when people click on your ad they will be directed to a capture page. The capture page is where a prospect will decide to enter their email and name in exchange for some valuable content they really want to get in exchange. After they enter their information they will be directed to the sales page. This is the page that explains all of the features and benefits of the offer. The point of the sales funnel is to keep the prospect on a projected course of action that gives them the information they need to make a buying decision.

The funnel can be to make a sale of a product or service. The sales funnel can also be used to just capture a lead that you will eventually promote an offer to. A lot of Network Marketers make the mistake of sending interested people to the company website. This is the last place you should send people at first. Almost all the company websites I’ve ever seen have too much information and really confuse the person sent to the page. With a sales funnel, you can control what the prospect sees and give them the best information they need to make a decision.

Recruit Online In Network Marketing

Social Media

The use of social media can be powerful if used the correct way. You should not use social media to plaster your products all over and brag about how great they are. Social media shouldn’t be used to brag about how much money you make in your business. Use your social media site to promote value-based information that people will really enjoy and learn from. You want people to think of your social media platform as a place where they can get answers to their questions. You want to produce entertaining or valuable content that people will really enjoy. people use sites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their Network Marketing business.

Direct Mail To Online Funnel

The use of direct mail letters and postcards isn’t dead and a lot of people use direct mail to build their network marketing business. I like to use postcards and sales letters to bring people offline – to – online.

Let me explain.

I send someone a letter explaining the products and services I have to offer. When my prospect reads the letter they will be directed to a website where they can get more information. When they get to the website they will then start the process of going through my funnel. Marketing is all about getting attention and getting someone to take action how you want them to. That’s why I love sending out direct mail.

affiliate business plan
affiliate business plan

Here’s How I Learned

I learned to use all of the above methods and more from the online training platform HBA. The platform has walked me step by step through teaching me and providing the tools I need to build a business. Regardless if the business is Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or a traditional business. This platform has what you need and will teach you what you need to know to thrive.

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