The 3 Things We Control In Our MLM Business

We can control 3 things in our MLM business and these things will determine the size of your downline and the type of people you do business with.

*We can control who we speak with.

We can control who we invite in our MLM business or to who we sell our products.

A common mistake people make is to invite anyone with a pulse into an MLM business partnership. Shouldn’t you be looking for people who want to really grow a true asset in their MLM business?

Don’t settle for people who are going to complain and never do anything anyway.

Look for the dream person you want to bring into your MLM business.

You are really looking for people who are already familiar with MLM. In order to have the luxury of being picky about who joins your MLM business, you need to have a constant flow of new interested people going through your funnel.

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The reason people resort to hanging out in Malls or pressuring friends and family to join your MLM is because of lead scarcity.

If you have enough people going through your sales funnel then you can put checks and balances in place to sort and sift the people you want as a business partners.

The whole design of your funnel will determine what type of people you attract.

You are wanting to attract people who are action takers and are ready to take constant action to build a real MLM asset.

The vast majority of people who join an MLM business make a list of all the people they know. Then they call or speak to those people face to face and invite them to look at the business opportunity.

You need to sit down and write out exactly who your ideal customer is. This is called your customer avatar.

In MLM you can’t get so focused on your products and or services and forget who it is you are selling to.

MLM Business

You must be focused on the type of people you want to do business with.

You could have the greatest MLM business on earth, but if you’re trying to present it to the wrong person you’re never going to build an MLM business that will duplicate nor a business with people you enjoy working with.

That’s why understanding your customer avatar is so important.

*We can control how we recruit people.

The way you bring someone into your downline is the way they will behave when they are in your business.

How I go and approach these people is the way people behave when they are in your down-line. Are you out begging and pleading with people to join your downline?

If this is the way you are recruiting people then this is how your downline will try and recruit people also.

How I recruit people is to provide a unique recruiting offer.

An offer that is so unique and exclusive to your team that people are attracted to you and your business and want to join your downline.

examples can be. Does your offer solve a specific problem that people will have after they join your downline?

A problem many people who join your MLM downline will have is getting leads on a consistent basis.

Your Unique recruiting offer is by joining your team you will provide a sales funnel that people can market. By marketing, the sales funnel people will get the same recruiting funnel that you are using to build your MLM downline.

On my team, I provide a complete step-by-step system where people can go out on the internet and find the type of people they want in their MLM business.

I understand why some people would think they just want anyone and everyone in their business. But this way of thinking will drive you crazy in your business.

If you’ve been in the MLM business industry for even a short amount of time you know what I’m talking about.

There are people who will be very unpleasant and simply make your life a living hell.

Having a system set up so the system itself sifts and sorts through your potential MLM business partners is vital.

This means you won’t have to call, email, or text every person who’s interested.

If you would like to have a system that does this just click on one of the picture links on this page for 5-day free training or gets one of the free books that will teach you how to attract people to your business.

MLM Business

*We can control the training they receive.

The training your new business partner receives will be the same type of training they give anyone they recruit.

If you provide actionable value-based training then your new MLM business partner will be providing that same training.

The training will enable you to have duplication on your team. Duplication in Network Marketing/MLM is what allows huge teams to be built.

The typical MLM training methods are broken. I’m not saying that they never work. But the numbers don’t lie.

As an example when people join my downline a whole system is provided that teaches new people how to duplicate what I’m doing.

I know almost all MLM uplines have some type of training for every MLM business currently in existence.

But I also know that almost all of them are using the traditional method of making a list of everyone you know and start trying to recruit them.

I don’t believe this method is realistic for most people. I know I tried to make that method work very hard and could never get any traction.

My downline was unwilling to go to malls and talk to strangers. My downline was unwilling to ask their friends and family to join them.

I can understand why they wouldn’t want to do those things. I didn’t like doing those recruiting activities for 1 minute.

So after a lot of trial and error and following my mentors I now use MLM sales funnels to attract the type of people I want in my business.

  • We can control who we speak with.
  • We can control how we recruit people.
  • We can control the training they receive.

Those are 3 of the major activities we can control in our MLM Business. They are very important if you want to build an MLM Business that will duplicate and become a real asset for you financially.

Here is one more important detail I would like to point out to you.

Don’t go out and try to create the desire.

Referring back to the 3 things you can control in your MLM business. Keep in mind you are looking for people who already have a desire to be in MLM.

Don’t advertise to people who have to be convinced the Network Marketing / MLM industry is a great way to build a thriving business.

You are looking for people who already have a desire to learn more. People who know Multi-Level Marketing is a great business model but have not quite learned how to make it work for them.

People who have no desire and just think this s all a scam will be almost impossible to convince otherwise.

Better to keep your focus on Your customer AVATAR and direct all of your marketing and social engagements toward them.

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