The Best Melaleuca Products I Have Used.

I use a lot of different Melaleuca products but this post is about the best Melaleuca products I use.

Most people have never heard of Melaleuca and don’t know anything about its products. Melaleuca’s products are made with the consumer in mind. Melaleuca makes products to compete with the other big companies that make most of the store bought products.

Products like dish soap, laundry detergent, and health products. Unlike those other companies Melaleuca focuses on making high quality products with non toxic ingredients.

Some of my favorite products made by Melaleuca are the Renew lotion, Peak Performance Vitamins, and the Melaleuca gold bar soap. The high quality of these products are obvious to me and to the people who Ive talked to about them.

Melaleuca Peak Performance Vitamins

Melaleuca’s peak performance vitamins are proven to work. I use them because I have so much more energy and feel better than when I’m not using them.

There was a study done on the heart health benefits of Melaleucas peak performance.

The article below is an excerpt from a study done on Melaleuca products. Here is the link to read the whole article.

The evidence is mounting. The findings are indisputable. Documentation of the power of the Peak Performance Pack continues to grow. Now a fourth clinical study has revealed the astonishing impact that Peak Performance has on the most crucial aspect of our well-being: heart health.

The recently completed Heart Health Study confirms that with sustained use of the Peak Performance Heart Health Pack, the incredible benefits continue for the long term.

Over the 12-month study, participants experienced improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, and circulation. And similar to the
three prior clinical studies, participants experienced significant reduction in free radicals and inflammation.

proprietary supplements

These results confirm that Peak Performance is a nutritional supplement pack like no other. Not only does it contain a powerful combination of patented and proprietary supplements, but it has endured the rigors of scientific investigation again and again and proven its invaluable worth every time.

In the first clinical study, called the Freiburg Study, Peak Performance improved
25 key health markers—many in as little as 60 minutes after taking the supplement.

The second study—the Sterling Study—produced the same results in a different, more diverse population. Next, the Deprivation Study confirmed the improvements were tied directly to the Peak Performance Pack and that without it benefits would quickly fade.

Melaleuca researchers

By design, the Freiburg and Sterling Studies were only 12 weeks long, so one question still loomed—would long-term use of the Peak Performance Pack continue to provide the same benefits over a much longer period of time?

That’s exactly what Melaleuca researchers sought to find out with the Heart Health

Instead of lasting 12 weeks, this study lasted a full 12 months! And rather than testing the standard Peak Performance Nutrition Pack, Melaleuca chose to test the Peak Performance Heart Health Pack, which contains the same supplements as the Nutrition Pack plus three heart-specific health supplements.

The Heart Health Study involved 26 participants evenly split between men and women, with an average age of 50. All lived an active lifestyle and were in good health.

These were individuals who you’d normally think wouldn’t need to worry about heart health. But just wait until you see their results.

The Heart Health Study measured 16 different heart-specific health markers, with an emphasis on blood pressure, cholesterol, endothelial health, and circulation.

We picked these health markers because they are the primary markers in determining long-term heart health. And subjects saw improvements in every single one!

Despite using a generally healthier group with a more active lifestyle, the Heart Health Study confirmed the results of the Freiburg and Sterling studies while highlighting exciting heart-specific health benefits.

It’s just further evidence that Peak Performance can help you enjoy a healthy life and make the most of it. This is the end of that excerpt from the article. If you would like to read the whole article click the link here

Renew lotion

One of the best Melaleuca products I use is Renew lotion. I like the renew lotion because it keeps my skin moisturizer and works better than any other product I’ve used.

Melaleuca Gold Bar Soap

Another one of the best Melaleuca products I use is the Melaleuca Gold Bar. The Gold Bar is my favorite soap bar to use out of all the other soap bars I have used.

Unlike other companies that spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing and famous actors, Melaleuca puts that money into research and development of superior products. When you use natural products without all the toxins and they work better than inferior products you have a competitive edge.

Melaleuca develops products that don’t need safety caps for children. Most of the cleaning products available at the store have a lot of toxic unhealthy chemicals in them. Melaleuca has products that are healthier and simply better for us.

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