The Best Way To Get Leads For Network Marketing

The best way to get leads in network marketing

Here are the best ways to get leads for Network Marketing. These are the ways that have worked for me after spending my own money and time.

Youtube Videos

This may not be the fastest way to get on the phone with an interesting prospect however, it is one of the best ways to get Network Marketing Leads. The reason Youtube video marketing is such a great way to get leads is that videos give you a warm lead. Unlike many other ways of getting leads, the video gives a person the opportunity to know, like, and trust you. The more people see you in the video the more they will trust you and realize you’re a real person that has their best interest at heart. Putting videos on YouTube is faster than blogging and of better quality than purchased leads. You may often hear of warm and cold leads and I consider leads from YouTube to be warm leads. Warm leads are those leads like friends and family. Obviously, the people on Youtube are not your personal friends and family but they do get to know you after watching your videos over and over.

Purchased Network Marketing Leads

Purchasing leads from an online vendor is a very fast way to get leads. These are leads that opted into an online form asking for information about a home-based business. These Network Marketing leads are not even close to the quality of leads you will get from YouTube. With that being said YouTube will take you a few months to start getting ranked and build up a small following. The purchased leads are considered cold leads but they are people who have raised their hands and asked to get information. When you purchase network marketing leads from these vendors it’s best to WORK these leads. You will need to call these people and determine if they are still interested in earning an income from a home-based business. When I call these purchased leads I ask them relatively fast if they still have their options open to earning money from home or if they already found something. When you ask them if they already found something it gives them an easy way out. They can easily say they already found another opportunity and not have to make up excuses for you.

network marketing leads
network marketing leads

Blogging For Network Marketing Leads

Blogging is a long-term but excellent way to get leads for your Network Marketing business. In the long run, I think blogging is better than YouTube for getting leads. Blogging will continue to get you leads for many years to come but takes much longer than youtube. Blogging will take up to 1-year to get a consistent flow of leads and gain the trust of Google. I believe Blogging has the highest return on your time investment in the long term.

Why People Struggle To Get Leads

People struggle to get leads for Network Marketing because they don’t stay consistent. Using any of the examples above people will do 4 YouTube videos for a week and then give up. Or they will buy leads from a lead company and call people for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks then give up. There is power in consistency. Blogging is another example of how to get leads for network marketing that takes patience and consistency. If you want fast access to people interested in a home-based business then purchasing leads is the way to go. You will have a slight learning curve communicating with people but just get started. There are so many courses that you can buy online to teach you how to communicate with a prospect. I have found that getting leads for Network Marketing simply requires you to show a sincere desire to help the other person succeed. My advice is to choose one method and become a master at it.

the best way to get network marketing leads
the best way to get network marketing leads

The Best Way

Here is the Best Way To Get Leads For Network Marketing that I’ve used. Use a combination of the Youtube and Blogging methods I mentioned above but, with a twist.

Here is how you can pack a one-two-three punch with your marketing efforts to get leads. You can use YouTube, Blogging, And purchase leads at the same time. You will have to set up your own blog post and create a Free youtube channel. With this method of getting leads for your Network Marketing business, you will combine Youtube And your blog. Write a blog post or go to Fiverr and pay someone 5 dollars to write one for you. After you write the blog post do a Youtube video on that same subject. Insert the Youtube video in the same blog post which is about the same subject. This gives people the option to watch the video or read the post. This method also packs a powerful punch when Google is looking to put people on the first page of Google. Using this method I have been able to get on the first page of Google in 2 days.

Stay Consistent

While you are making the videos and blog posts remember to stay consistent with the videos and posts. If you can only make 1 video and 1 blog post per week then make sure to do it every week. Try your best to stay consistent. Imagine you are your own TV show and you come on at a specific time and date every day, week, or month. Google is expecting the video and blog post to come on at the scheduled time. Of course, this is a hypothetical situation and you don’t need to post the video and blog post at the same time and day. However, I think you get my point that Google is looking for some consistency.

In conclusion

network marketing leads
network marketing leads

You can call customers from the purchased leads to get a head-start in building your team. While you are calling to get leads for Network Marketing you can also be making YouTube videos and making Blog posts. You don’t have to do both at the same time but, if you can and you stay consistent with it you will find yourself with more leads than you can handle. Don’t just focus on getting leads without developing your other skills. Learn how to communicate properly to increase the number of people that want to partner with you.

Additional help to make money in a Network Marketing business.

If you are currently in a Network Marketing business and need some additional help I have some free resources available for you. Here is the link for the “grow rich mastermind collection” this collection also has DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. Listen to The Secrets of The Rich and Free on Our DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. These audios are the secret ingredient to going from some success… to being one of the top earning 4% of people on the planet! Listen LIVE or catch the replays anytime. Live mastermind sessions take place each weekday morning at 9 AM EST 

I also have the FREE 183 page “30 minute workday escape plan” that goes over the invisible step to success. If you need a plan to get leads for your Networking business simply fill in your information on the side of this page and I will give you the system and formula I use to get leads and fill my pipeline.

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