The conversion pros funnel system

the conversion pros funnel system
The Conversion Pros have great tools to create unique funnels for your affiliate or MLM business

The conversion pros funnel system allows affiliate or Network Marketers to create unique sales funnels.

The Conversion Pros funnel system.

In this post, I will Explain & Teach

  • Attract Prospects To Your Conversion Pros Funnel
  • How to Build a Conversion Pros funnel system
  • The Conversion Pros Tools

Regardless of what affiliate product or MLM you are promoting.

You will be able to design a sales funnel inside The Conversion Pros that attracts leads and converts prospects into paying customers or business partners.

Attracting Prospects To The Conversion Pros Funnel

What good are sales funnels if you don’t have anyone interested in going through it?

The Conversion Pros Funnel Process 1-7

  1. Market your funnel. Free and or paid.
  2. Direct your new prospect to the capture page.
  3. And provide something of value so prospect enters their info on capture-page.
  4. From the capture page, the prospect will proceed to the landing page.
  5. From the landing page, the prospect will proceed to the sales page
  6. On the sales page, the prospect will decide to become a customer or not.
  7. If the prospect does not join or purchase. Now the conversion pros system will automatically send them an email follow up sequence.

For example, when promoting an affiliate product or your MLM business, you will need to find people interested.

in entering their name and email on your capture page.

There are numerous locations online to promote what you are offering.

in order to attract them to click on a picture and direct them from whatever site they are on and lead them to the capture page, you designed inside of the conversion pros.

As an example.

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • The Conversion Pros WordPress Blog
  • Direct Mail
  • Google PPC

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The Conversion pros funnel system

Those are all examples of places that you can advertise your opportunity or product.

Because when people on any of those sites see your advertisement.

They will click on your link or picture and they will be directed to the first step in your conversion pros funnel.


The Conversion Pros Capture Page

The first step in a sales funnel is the capture page.

Here is an example of a capture page I made with the conversion pros funnel system.

an example of a capture page made inside the conversion pros funnel maker

As you can see The capture page is offering a free 21-minute webinar. The capture page was designed to appeal to people searching for a business opportunity.

The capture page has a couple of purposes.

It peaks the person’s attention and curiosity then provides them something of value in return for their name and email.

If you’ve been in MLM or affiliate marketing for a while and doing some research then you’ve seen numerous capture pages online.

The Conversion pros Funnel maker makes it easy to create unique capture pages. The conversion pros funnel maker is easier to use that any other funnel maker I have tried.

Because now you can create different fonts, colors, shades, and so many other creative features.

The conversion pros funnel system will even allow you to insert a video on the capture page if you want.

Depending on what your promoting you can insert a quick promo video to create curiosity.

This isn’t something you have to do but every business or affiliate product has different methods that need to be used to attract customers.

Landing Pages

But the Conversion Pros funnel system also gives you the ability to create landing pages.

The conversion pros landing page example for MLM or affiliate marketing

From the settings menu, you can enter any URL you want on your capture page and after people enter their name and email they will be directed to the landing page you created inside the conversion pros system.

Because you can send people to any URL website you want.

Ideally, you would want to design a landing page that provides more information about…

  • Branding You
  • Your Products
  • Special Bonuses
  • Why Join Your Team
  • ETC.

The landing page is often just used as a page in-between your capture page and the sales page.

The conversion pros landing page example

Most people in an MLM company or affiliate marketing program make the mistake of using a corporate-built website or corporate-built funnels to promote their opportunity. THAT’S A HUGE MISTAKE.

Don’t use the corporate sites your MLM or Affiliate company put out. So instead, make your own so you can create your own brand and capture your own leads.

You need to use a system like conversion pros to create a sales funnel that brands you. Now you can capture and own your own leads.

The conversion pros funnel will allow you to create a funnel that shows people you are different and special in that company.

Inside the conversion, pros funnel you can upload videos you make on youtube.

Capture page – Landing Page – Sales Page

After someone clicks the button on your capture page they can be directed over to your landing page with a Youtube video.

the conversion pros funnel system

Imagine that.

And before sending your prospect to the corporate page you introduce yourself by video.

The Conversion Pros Funnel System allows you to upload a video from youtube and easily insert it on a custom landing page. It’s really not difficult at all.

Having a video on your landing page will allow you to build trust with your potential customers or business partners.

Sales Page

A sales page will be designed to convert your potential MLM business partner or Affiliate customer into making a decision to buy.

the conversion pros email autoresponder
The conversion pros email auto responder

The Conversion Pros funnel system gives you the flexibility to send the people going through your funnel to the corporate sales page or you can create your own.

I recommend using the conversion pros and just sending them to the corporate check out page.

Email Autoresponders

A sales funnel isn’t complete without automatic email autoresponders.

how to build emails inside the conversion pros email autoresponder system
Email autoresponder builder inside the conversion pros

The conversion pros funnel system gives you the ability to write your own emails that can be branded to you and have them automatically go out to the people that go through your sales funnel.

How does this happen?

So when someone responds to one of your advertisements by clicking on an image or URL link they will be directed over to your capture page.

After they enter their email and press the button on the capture page to proceed the system will automatically start sending them emails.

The emails can be ones that you personally write and design inside the conversion pros funnel system.


You can use the conversion pros funnel [share codes] and use the pre-written emails the conversion pros provide for you.

The Conversion Pros Share Codes

Because the Conversion pros funnel system also has share codes for

  • Capture pages
  • Landing pages
  • Email autoresponders
  • Background pictures
  • Universal videos

And the share codes are provided for you so you can hit the ground running and just use the ones already provided for you by the conversion pros.

the conversion pros email share codes for the funnel
email share codes for these and many other type of businesses
affiliate marketing and MLM sales funnel system pages
capture and landing page share codes and many more for multiple MLM & affiliate marketing businesses

You can edit almost any of the information at a later time if you are wanting to add your own pictures and brand yourself.

You can put personal pictures and links going to your own products, business or videos.

This is very powerful in terms of marketing and getting the sale.

Most people don’t make a purchase right away. They may need to do more research before making a buying decision.

So by sending them emails full of informative value you will be assisting them in their decision.

The share codes basically give done-for-you capture pages, landing pages, email autoresponders and so much more so you can just use what’s already designed for your business.

Blogging platform built on WordPress

The conversion pros funnel system also has a powerful blogging platform that is ready to go.

The conversion pros blog built on WordPress platform.

Most every business knows you need a blog. It doesn’t matter if your business is a local business, MLM business or an affiliate marketing business.

You know you need a website to start adding content to and eventually get leads online organically.

The conversion pros have you covered.


The conversion pros have you covered with training videos for every tool and feature you use.

The training inside the conversion pros is second to none. you can literally go from someone who hasn’t built a sales funnel before and become a pro.

They have training on:

  • Capture page builder
  • Building landing pages
  • Inserting videos on capture & landing pages
  • Videos in email autoresponders
  • Design and build email autoresponders
  • How to use The Conversion Pros to build a profitable online business in MLM or affiliate marketing
the conversion pros funnel system training videos
Training videos inside the conversion pros

The above picture is an inside look at some of the training The Conversion Pros offers.

how to make a sales funnel with the conversion pros system
Training videos inside the conversion pros

More training from, how to get leads and how to use the tools. They have training in getting leads through social media and a whole assortment of other training.

the conversion pros email autoresponder
Training videos inside the conversion pros

Because you can literally open a new window inside the conversion pros and pause the video while you are doing building your funnels.

So this makes it easy to use even if you’ve never done it before.

But if you are interested in giving The Conversion Pros a FREE TRIAL (No Credit Card Required) then click the image below and you can try for free.

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