Make Money In Network Marketing.

Here is the reason people fail to make money in a Network Marketing business and what you can do to change that.

The Reason People Fail To Make Money In A Network Marketing Business is because they don’t follow a system. They fail because they don’t generate leads. They fail because they don’t make contact with those leads or set appointments with them. People should provide a way for their prospects to watch a presentation and follow up with them about everything.

In any business, there can be a multitude of reasons why people don’t earn the amount of money they intended to. I could write a novel and fill it with all the various reasons people fall short of their income goals. When it comes to Network Marketing the reason I see more people fall short of making any money is that they don’t do the daily money-making activity habits.

Generating a lead

Daily habit #1 is generating a lead.

In Network Marketing or any other business, you need to generate a lead. Believe it or not, a lot of people never make it past this first step. There really isn’t any reason to think of your Network Marketing business any different than you would any other business. All businesses need some form of marketing or advertising in order to generate a lead.

There are so many ways to market these days from everything online and offline to basic word of mouth and networking meetings. What you need to do starting out is pick 1 or 2 forms of advertising and master them and start generating interested people in your products and or services.

Here are a few examples of advertising you can do to generate interested people in your business.

  • Youtube Videos – Create interesting videos and direct people to your offer.
  • Mail postcards or letters about the products, services, or business opportunities you offer.
  • Blogging – Write articles and drive interested people to your offers with links.

Those 3 are just a few things you can do as a Network Marketer and generate interest in your products or the business opportunity affiliated with your Network marketing company. The bottom line is you must do something to generate interest in your business and get enough people consistently taking action to contact you by phone, text, email, or zoom.

That’s the first step. Generate a lead.

Make Contact

Daily habit #2 is making contact with the new lead.

They may contact you or you may contact them first. It doesn’t matter either way but you must make contact with them in some way after they have shown an interest in your advertisement. With Network Marketing you can set things up with your marketing to gather the interested person’s information in order to contact them back.

All too often people don’t make contact with an interesting prospect and miss out on an opportunity. The advertising may not have answered all the prospects’ questions. Another big reason to make contact is that the interested prospect wants reassurance from you. They may want to know you will be there for them to help when needed. I believe in the end people buy from people and they want to know if someone will assist them when needed.

So, the #2 daily habit is to make contact with your interested prospects.

Set An Appointment

Daily habit #3 is to set an appointment.

When you make contact with the customer you will need to set an appointment for them to watch a presentation.

You don’t want to just call them up and say let’s set an appointment. you need to get to know them a little bit and ask them questions about their goals. After you talk to them about your features and benefits you can set an appointment for them to watch the presentation. Take the lead on this and schedule a specific day and time for them to watch the presentation. After they have agreed to the day & time proceed to schedule a follow-up appointment to go over what they liked most about the presentation.


Daily habit #4 is to give presentations.

Our job as Network Marketers is to invite people to learn more about what we have to offer. Our job isn’t to brag about our business. When you set the appointment you will schedule them to watch the presentation. Make sure you don’t start talking about all the great things your business and products can do for them. Let the presentation do all the telling and selling for you.


Daily habit #5 is the follow-up.

After your prospect watches the presentation you want to call them and follow up. This is a very important habit to develop. You don’t want to skip the follow-up step because your prospect may have a few questions. If your prospect wants the products or the opportunity they will welcome a call from you. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “the money is in the follow-up” and it’s true. The follow up is a money making activity that needs to be developed into a good habit.


If you do all of the steps listed above you will get a lot of customers. Make sure you have a commitment to maintaining these habits. The main reason people don’t make money in a network marketing business is because they don’t get started. You have to get customers or business builders if you’re going to make money in your Network Marketing business.

The reason I’m so passionate about making money in Network Marketing is because of the long term residual income. Depending on the company some people have been earning money in a Network Marketing company they built 30 years ago. Some people have actually willed it to their kids and they are reaping the rewards of the residual income.

Additional help to make money in a Network Marketing business.

If you are currently in a Network Marketing business and need some additional help I have some free resources available for you. Here is the link for the “grow rich mastermind collection” this collection also has DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. Listen to The Secrets of The Rich and Free on Our DAILY (Mon. – Fri.) Grow Rich LIVE Mastermind. These audios are the secret ingredient to going from some success… to being one of the top earning 4% of people on the planet! Listen LIVE or catch the replays anytime. Live mastermind sessions take place each weekday morning at 9 AM EST 

I also have the FREE 183 page “30 minute workday escape plan” that goes over the invisible step to success. If you need a plan to get leads for your Networking business simply fill in your information on the side of this page and I will give you the system and formula I use to get leads and fill my pipeline.

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