UFORIA business opportunity review.

UFORIA business opportunity, what you need to know.

In this post, I will be giving you specific information on the UFORIA Business Opportunity.

What You Need To Know.

Below is a list of what I will be going over.

  • Why Uforia is a unique business model
  • Specifics about the compensation plan
  • Do I recommend the Uforia business
  • How to build the Uforia business
  • Uforia business systems
  • Uforia partnership trainer & training
UFORIA Business Opportunity, What You Need To Know.

Uforia’s unique business model.

As far as Network Marketing goes there are literally hundreds of health and wellness companies you can partner with.

There are so many nutrition-based MLM companies.

It’s become extremely difficult for them to separate themselves from all the other Network Marketing companies.

Network Marketing companies that use vitamins and nutritional supplements have tried to differentiate themselves.

This is all well and fine but at some point, it’s like (NOT ANOTHER ONE.)

Not another MLM company built around some tropical lost berry that ancient Egyptians used.

This is where the Uforia business opportunity got it right. The Uforia business opportunity has truly set itself apart from the pack.

Uforia is the first Network Marketing company to design your nutritional needs based on your own personal DNA.

While doing research on the UFORIA business opportunity.

I thought I would be writing a lot of negative reviews.

Surprised By Uforia

Instead, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Uforia business.

UFORIA Business Opportunity, What You Need To Know.

If the Uforia business plan was to make a whole line of vitamins and minerals. And base them off special ingredients.

You know like secret mystical ingredients. I would most definitely be writing a negative post.

The Uforia business opportunity is a first of its kind in the home-based business, Network Marketing business arena.

By providing designer based nutrition based on your own DNA.

The Uforia business pack comes with a kit allowing you to swab your mouth and send in your DNA to a lab.

The Uforia business opportunity allows you to partner with a company that’s designing optimized nutrition specifically based on your DNA.

The DNA facility is HIPAA compliant and CLIA certified. Your privacy is Uforia’s number one priority.

Uforia Nutrition

Uforia has something called Utrition which is a play on words that basically means nutrition designed specifically for you.

The Uforia business opportunity claims to have 400 million unique formulas.

Formulas that can be designed specifically to you based on what your DNA says your body requires.

This is truly unique and Uforia has a saying that the days of wasting money on nutritional hope are gone.

Because of the Uforia business opportunity’s ability to read your DNA, and what your body needs.

You won’t have to spend money on vitamins or minerals your body doesn’t require.

This is Uforia’s way of saying why waste money on something your body is already getting enough of.

The Uforia business opportunity is relatively new to Network Marketing.

But will obviously have to overcome some obstacles in the first 5 years.

With that being said. I have to admit I really like the Unique approach to the Uforia business model. And it will be interesting to see what becomes of this business.

The Uforia Compensation plan

Uforia uses a Uni-level pay plan.

The Uforia compensation plan being Unilevel means everyone that you personally sponsor is the front level to you.

And you can be paid down to 8 levels.

Basically to simplify it the wider you build your team of front-line distributers the deeper you will be able to build and get paid.

UFORIA Business Opportunity, What You Need To Know.

After looking at the way they have the Uforia compensation plan designed. It really seems to be product consumption-driven.

That is such a good aspect of the Uforia business opportunity.

I say important because Network Marketing companies that are driven by recruitment instead of products. End up getting into trouble with the FTC.

Based on what I see in the Uforia compensation plan you can theoretically enroll let’s say 3-4 people on your front line of the Uforia uni-level compensation plan.

Because of the way, the Uni-level comp plan works you could enroll 4 people.

And as an example only let’s say 3 out of the 4 people only want to use the Uforia products but 1 person becomes a serious business builder.

In theory, you could end up making a lot of compensation from just that one business builder in your leg.

Uforia Uni-Level Comp Plan

Other compensation plans such as the Binary would not allow you to have the same type of payout as the Unilevel based on the example I gave above.

Because of the way the Uforia business opportunity has designed their compensation I believe you will see many more average people having success.

It’s true that other compensation plans reward the elite few who can be a freak of nature and build large teams really fast but.

The Uforia business model and comp plan are designed for the average person in my opinion.

In a lot of Network Marketing compensation plans, you have people leaving the business just as fast as your bringing new people into the business.

The Uforia business has designed a compensation plan I believe will allow average people to earn some money which will encourage them to stay in the business and build it long term.

Uforia Partnership Trainer & Training

The Uforia business opportunity sought out one of the very best trainers in the Network Marketing industry. His name is Eric Worre and he wrote the book Go Pro.

I’ve followed Eric Worre for a very long time.

Eric gets my respect and appreciates his dedication to helping Network Marketing become mainstream.

UFORIA Business Opportunity, What You Need To Know.

Why did he decide to align himself or his reputation with the Uforia business opportunity? He must have done his due diligence.

I can’t speak for Mr. Worre but if I were him and had a lot to lose in regard to reputation and possibly even financial blow-back in the years to come. I would not align or partner with a business without doing a massive amount of research and discovery.

Because of the Uforia business opportunity and management bringing Eric Worre onboard as the lead trainer I have to give credit where credit is due.

When I read Eric Worre’s book Go Pro he helped me with some self-limiting beliefs I had about the Network Marketing industry and myself.

Uforia partnering with Eric Worre may be the perfect storm the Network Marketing industry is looking for.

Systems To Build The Uforia Business Opportunity

regardless of what Network Marketing business you are trying to build you are going to need systems.

regardless if it’s the Uforia business opportunity or some other Network Marketing business you will need systems, funnels, and email autoresponders.

You will need to have an email autoresponder for your Uforia business. You use the email autoresponder to follow up with the people who are interested in your Uforia business opportunity.

I like to use ClickFunnels to build all of my Uforia sales funnels.

I use Clickfunnels for many reasons. But I like that I can give everyone on my team the share codes to my sales funnels and emails. That way they don’t have to go out and do all of that on their own.

Share Codes For Uforia Team Members

This is probably one of the best benefits of ClickFunnels for the Uforia team.

Because ClickFunnels has share codes you would be able to share your successful sales funnels and create duplication on your team.

When you take the code and put it on your site it will duplicate what you’ve already created thus helping your Uforia team partners and building your team.

I think that’s really neat.

The person I enrolled through gave me a lot of his codes that were already bringing in leads and customers.

I decided why reinvent the wheel. I just used what was already proven to work.

Uforia Funnel Training

I have funnel training that teaches people how to design network marketing sales funnels for a Uforia Business. I believe that having a funnel is the best method of bringing your new leads into your business.

You can use free or paid marketing to bring people into your Uforia Network Marketing business

More Training That Can Be Used To Build Uforia….

  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Craigslist
  • Building funnels
  • Branding yourself
  • Car program
  • Offline Marketing
  • Clickbank Marketing
  • Video Email
  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Page Tips And Tricks
  • Picture Tips
  • Daisy Chain Method
  • Referral Tips
  • MLM Training Tips
  • Webinar Training
  • E-Book
  • Sell More Products

Thats a lot of training.

You don’t need to train on all of those methods. All you need to do is pick one method to attract customers to your Uforia business. Pick one method and master that method before you move on to the next method.

The Uforia business opportunity pays you to market the Uforia products. That’s why it’s called Network Marketing.

Marketing is included because you get paid to market the products for Uforia.

The training teaches you how to use marketing for whatever current business you have.

They have training for online businesses and training for the local type of storefront or service businesses, and of course, are perfect if you’re a Uforia business consultant.

Uforia Unique DNA Nutrition

uforia business opportunity
Uforia business opportunity welcome kit

Nutrition that’s designed specifically for you based on your individual DNA. This is what makes Uforia different from other nutrition companies.

We have to agree people come in all shapes and sizes and, people have different nutritional needs.

I believe that Uforia is on to something with the DNA kit.

I believe the Uforia business opportunity presents a unique product that consultants can bring to the market.

Uforia Business Opportunity.

When I first enrolled with the conversion pros I had no idea about all of the features and training it came with.

I was just looking for a click funnels alternative that had some good capture page and sales funnel building tools. The conversion pros system comes with a fully optimized ready to go out the box WordPress blogging and website for you.

This allows you as a Uforia representative to create a personally branded website and promote your Uforia business opportunity in your own unique way.

Email Autoresponders for Uforia

I use AWEBER to market my Uforia business Opportunity. No matter how you look at it you will need a email autoresponder.

I have used Aweber for years. I use them because they have a high deliverability rate. Some of the other email services send most of the emails to the spam folder.

Do I recommend Uforia Business Opportunity?

I did a lot of research on the Uforia business opportunity. Uforia is still in its infancy as far as Network Marketing businesses go.

I typically look to join businesses that are past the 5-year mark and have made it through the difficult stages.

A large percentage of businesses don’t make it beyond the 5-year mark.

Will the Uforia DNA kits and the unique way they are choosing to do business resonate with the market.

Will people see what Uforia is selling as a unique value or just another nutrition company in a crowded MLM market?

If a large enough segment of the population sees Uforia’s way of individualized nutrition as a huge benefit to them then I believe Uforia will be a very successful business model.

In my personal opinion, I believe Ron Williams is on to something with the UFORIA concept of personalized nutrition.

I believe a large percentage of the population can understand why having special nutrition requirements based on your own DNA and the benefits it will bring to their health.

Overall, I believe the Uforia business opportunity is a good opportunity to pursue.

They have a unique product, a unique business concept, great leadership, and great training by Eric Worre.

I believe this company will attract some leaders in the Network Marketing space.

I’m not currently affiliated with the Uforia business opportunity. However, after doing all the research needed to write this post that may change.

Uforia Business Opportunity Marketing Strategy

In order for a Uforia business opportunity to succeed you will need to market the business. I highly recommend you get the Traffic Secrets book through my link.

After you read the traffic secrets book you will have a clear understanding how to build your Uforia business opportunity. You will get all of my pre made bonuses and done for you sales funnels.

What a lot of people don’t understand about Network Marketing is you can have a great product but still not be able to sell it. This is where the marketing comes in.

My personal opinion is the days of asking friends and family to join your business are gone.

The internet is here so we should embrace it and build our Uforia business using marketing strategies online.

If you would like to learn how to build your Uforia business online without bothering friends and family click on the orange button below.

In conclusion, the Uforia business opportunity has good products and a fairly good compensation plan. There is no reason to think this business is a scam or anything like that.

The only suggestion I have is to learn how to market your Uforia business. It’s not as hard as people make it. It has more to do with consistency than anything else.

I have very unique Network marketing sales funnels designed specifically for the Uforia business opportunity. The funnels will allow you to build your Uforia business online. Click on the Image above and get your free copy of Traffic Secrets and get all my bonuses and funnels.

I will update this post from time to time and update the pros and cons of the Uforia business opportunity.

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