Valentus marketing tools

Valentus marketing tools

Get leads, build your brand and hit the leader board with Valentus Marketing Tools.

Today we’re going to be building out a sales funnel inside THE CONVERSION PROS for the Valentus business opportunity.

I wrote a separate blog post about the Valentus business opportunity. You can CLICK HERE to go check that out.

Valentus Marketing Tools

The post is about how to brand yourself and get your own leads to earn money inside the Valentus business.

Valentus Sales Funnel Video

Click play to watch behind the scenes building a sales funnel for Valentus business.

Click Play to watch the Valentus Marketing Tools Video

A lot of people emailed me after writing that post asking me if I would show them a full example of building a complete sales funnel inside the conversion pros.

A sales funnel specifically for the Valentus business opportunity.

So I’m going to do that today I’m gonna do it the easy way because the conversion pros already have share codes for a lot of different business opportunities.

The Conversion Pros already has pre-formatted pages you can change to anything you want to accommodate the Valentus business.

Pre-Formatted Capture Pages

Valentus marketing tools
Valentas Marketing Tools

You can add your own pictures if you want.

But if the conversion pros already have pictures and share codes for your particular opportunity, why not just go ahead and use them?

Inside the back office, you can click on where it says share codes and landing pages and go see what they have for businesses that are oriented around the coffee niche.

When we get to the back-office you can see right away they have weight loss capture pages which can be easily altered for the Valenta business opportunity.

They have fitness capture pages and they have coffee capture pages. When you take the FREE trial of “The Conversion Pros” you will see a whole bunch of different niches.

Brand Yourself

We’re gonna stick with the coffee capture pages for now.

The conversion pros have many share codes, for capture pages related to the Valentus business.

I was looking at some of the coffee capture pages and ended up selecting the one that has the coffee cup pouring hot coffee in the background.

You can preview the selected capture pages or copy the landing page.

If you’re in the free trial preview it really quick to make sure that I have the correct one.

There we go you can see the coffee pouring into the cup you see on this side the bubbles coming up.

is valentus a scam
Valentas Marketing Tools

It’s kind of interactive.

I really like the one with the coffee pouring so we’ll go ahead and select that one.

We can go ahead and start editing that capture page and you know the whole concept behind the conversion pros is they give you the tools that you need regardless of what network marketing company you’re in.

This particular example is for Valentus – but it doesn’t matter what business you’re in.

You can use the Valentas Marketing Tools that are inside the system so, you can brand yourself.

Using The Conversion Pros you can brand yourself on a blog, Youtube, Facebook, or any other site and drive traffic through a sales funnel.

The Conversion Pros gives you the opportunity to build complete sales funnels so that you can brand yourself.

When you brand yourself and are viewed as the leader or the go-to person people will be attracted to you.

Valentus Sales Funnel

Now that you have a sales funnel you can start advertising.

You can advertise for FREE.

Or you can do paid advertising.

My personal experience has been to do a combination of Free and paid. The free advertising takes a lot of time and typically doesn’t give you a big return on your time investment.

When you have a sales funnel that can sort through the people who are just looking and the people who are really serious you will get a big return on your paid advertising.


If you run an ad on Facebook selecting people who want to lose weight and have an interest in Coffee.

You select all the correct demographics and insert the link you created inside The Conversion Pros for your sales funnel capture page.

People who see your advertisement will click on the link and be directed to your capture page.

They will enter their name and email.

The Conversion Pros system will automatically start sending them email autoresponders as a follow-up.

If they don’t buy right away they will continue to receive emails from you further building a business relationship and building trust.

you will be building a list of interested business builders and will be well on your way to being a leader in the Valentus business.

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