What Is HB Naturals And How To Find Out More?

What Is HB Naturals?

HB Naturals is a company that has consumable and non-consumable organic products. Many of the products are made by the formulator Alexandria, Brighton. Alexandria is known for producing formulas with organic food products that help people address various health issues.

Heart and Body Naturals has a parent company named Green Organics. HBN has around 90 products and focuses on the creation of high-quality products that will help us in some way.

HB Naturals is Located in Kentucky, USA, and selects farmers that meet the HB Naturals criteria for quality organic food. They have an affiliate program that has a basic concept of getting people to switch stores and use their products instead of what they are currently using.

HB Naturals believes they have superior products and people will feel the difference and make the change.


  • I am an independent affiliate and not an owner or employee.
  • Independent results will vary.
  • The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What Products Do HB Naturals Make?

Below is a list of the various products that HB Naturals offer. They have product bundles and gift packages. I realize this is a long list however, I wanted to list them because I remember when I was searching for a specific product one of them in a long list was exactly what I was looking for.

At first glance, these products may seem like the regular run-of-the-mill products that are everywhere on the market. I can assure you from my personal experience they are far from ordinary.

I have had my fair share of natural organic products from various vendors. None of the other products made me feel as good as the HB Naturals Organic products made me feel.

The products I like the best are the raw concentrated HB Naturals superfoods. The reason I like them is because of how good I feel all day when I drink them. On the days when I don’t drink them, I can tell my body isn’t nutritionally satisfied.

HB Naturals CBD Products And Black Seed Extract

Black Seed Extract

2400mg Hemp CBD Oil {Natural}

Entourage Black & Hemp Seed Oil

Everyday Hemp Oil & Essential Oils

Nova Coffee {7 Servings}

Nova Coffee {30 Servings}

175mg Rise CBD Coffee

750mg Rise CBD Coffee

HB Naturals Pain Relief And Minerals


Chromium beStable

Iron beStrong

Magnesium beCalm

Pain Magnesium Lotion

Potassium beAlkaline

Silver beSafe

Sleep Magnesium Lotion

Zinc beSecure

Raw Concentrated HB Naturals Superfoods






HB Naturals Moisturisers And CBD Creams

Deep Green Shower Spray

Balance Her 100mg CBD Cream

Balance Him 100mg CBD Cream

Tone 100mg CBD Cream

Clean 3-in-1 Cleanser

Repair Fine Line Cream

Revive Facial Serum

Hydrate AM/PM Moisturizer

HB Naturals Hair And Body Soap

Charcoal & Cacao Bar

Clove & Oats Bar

Lavender & Comfrey Bar

Patchouli Hair & Body Bar

Rosemary & Peppermint Bar

Rosemary & Tangerine Bar

Sage & Lemongrass Bar

Sesso Dolce Cream

HB Naturals For Pets

Hemp Herbals 4Paws

Calm For Pets

Cold & Congestion For Pets

Flea & Tick Repellent

Itch Relief For Animals

Pet Wellness

Relief For Animals

Essential Oils From HB Naturals

Adult Wellness








Fat Detox

They have many more Essential Oils but, I wanted to list a few here.

What Is HB Naturals Business Model?

HB Naturals uses the Network Marketing business model to distribute their products. I know this business model is opposed by some people and quite frankly they have some valid points in that opinion.

When you dig deep as to why a company that has a great product would choose this business model it becomes obvious.

Network Marketing is a great low-cost way to have your own business with little risk. Network Marketing is a great business model if you actually treat it like a business.

What Makes HB Naturals products Unique?

I could give you a long laundry list of reasons as to why the HB Naturals products are unique and so great. But I will spare you the sales pitch. Here is my reason for knowing they are unique.

They are unique because of the way they make me feel. I know they use very high quality etc. etc. but, all I can say is I have taken other superfoods and they never made me feel as good as the HB Naturals superfoods do.

They have other products such as soap bars and the lotions etc that I really like. Regardless of what I buy from HB Naturals, I can tell it is high quality.

Can Anyone Become An Affiliae Of The HB Naturals Products?

Because HB Naturals uses the Network Marketing business model anyone can become an affiliate if they partner with an existing affiliate. This is beneficial to both people. If you partner with someone they should help you get started and provide you with a proven path to success.

I started out buying products from HB Naturals just because I like them. After a while, I was presented with an opportunity to participate in the Affiliate program. If I would not have liked the products so much I would not have made the decision to become an affiliate.

I figured if I feel better and love the products many other people will feel the same way.

Does HB Naturals Require You To Have A Product Autoship?

A lot of Network Marketing companies require you to be set up on a monthly auto-ship. HB Naturals does not require people to be on a monthly auto-ship to purchase products or participate as an affiliate.

This is almost unheard of in the Network Marketing industry.

Is It Really Possible To Make Money In HB Naturals?

I am an affiliate with HB Naturals and I do earn money from this business. When I assess a business one of the main things I look at is the product they offer.

  • Great compensation plan.

The HB Naturals compensation plan is amongst the best I have looked at in the Network Marketing industry. A lot of companies only pay out 2-15% on PV (Personal Volume.)

However, HB Naturals pays out 50% on retail personal volume and has other percentages for various sales.

They payout 7 different ways with the compensation plan. I won’t go into all of the details here but you can check out this post I did on the HB Naturals compensation plan.

  • Great products people will keep using at fair pricing.

When you are trying to choose a Network Marketing business to partner with the product or service must be great. HB Naturals has you covered there. The products are all great and stand above the rest of that market.

When you compare the ingredients and quality in HB Naturals products the price is often less than others.

A lot of MLM companies have products that are way overpriced in the marketplace.

If products are more expensive than something you can go buy at a big-box store. They better be much much better than the competition.

HB Naturals

HB Naturals has us covered here. The products are much much better than the competition and they cost the same or a little less.

After doing a lot of research it’s extremely hard to find any products on the market that have the potency, quality, and low-cost HBN products do.

I had a hard time even finding products that were 3x more expensive that had the same potency as HB Naturals does.

I simply love them because they make me feel good.

  • Long term residual revenue.

To have long-term residual income the products have to be good enough that people will stay using them.

The HB Naturals products simply make me feel better. I feel healthier and keep using them.

I used and liked the HB Naturals products before I decided to become an affiliate. For this reason, I believe the people who purchase HB Naturals products from me will continue to do so for a long time.

As long as the people who buy continue to buy then a residual income is a result.

Is It Really Possible To Make Money With HB Naturals?

Ways To Make Money With HB Naturals Business.

#1 Retailing the products

You get your very own free done-for-you e-commerce site with all the products already on it. All you have to do is use the marketing strategies I teach you and people will make purchases at your website.

When people purchase products from your site you make 50% of the PV.

#2 Building your business (More Products Sold)

When people decide to partner with you in your business you get paid a percentage of each sale they make. This is the power of leverage in Network Marketing.

Just like in Real Estate or insurance you get overrides in pay just like so many other industries do. The more HB Naturals products that are sold by you and everyone in your organization the more money you will make.

#3 Bonuses

HB Naturals pays in 7 different ways. You get all kinds of bonuses for advancing and helping other people on your team. But ultimately what you are getting paid for is the sale of more products.

It doesn’t have to be you selling the products to get the bonuses but remember we only get paid when HB Naturals products are sold.

How Much Money Can You Make With Heart & Body Naturals?

Time to get real with answering this question. As we all know we get out of a business what we put into it. It really is the same for almost everything else in life including a JOB.

Some people who become an affiliate of HB Naturals will do nothing at all. So if that person asked how much money can you make with HB Naturals I would tell them, NOTHING.

They would earn NO money because they didn’t do anything to earn any money.

However, If someone puts in a little effort they would most likely make a little money and get the HB Naturals products for free.

If someone took this business seriously and devoted 1-2 hours 5 days a week to build the business. I would tell that person the sky is the limit.

How to earn money with HB Naturals
How to earn money with HB Naturals

How To Grow The HB Naturals Business To Make Money.

It’s not very hard to build an HB Naturals business. Most of the systems have already been made by me and you just need to plug into them.

The missing ingredient to getting the systems to work is consistency. Some people do absolutely nothing to build the business even though they have all the answers sitting right in front of them.

To grow an HB Naturals business and make money you need to follow the system and stay consistent.

The vast majority of people do this business in their spare time while having a full-time job, spouse, and kids. So you don’t need to devote a lot of time on a daily basis.

Just follow the system I have made out, and devote a little time to the business, and you will start to see success.

heart and body naturals business opportunity

Do I Recommend Making Money With HB Naturals?

I recommend making money with HB Naturals for many of the reasons I listed on this page but let me summarize it here for you.

The #1 reason I recommend making money with HB Naturals is because of the great products.

Everything else falls into place because of the great products. If the products were not as good as the supermarket brands and cost just as much, I would not be so enthusiastic about HBN.

The products are not the FAD, one-hit-wonder type. The products have personally done wonders for me.

Because I had benefited from the products I figured other people would also. For this reason, I decided to make money with HB Naturals.

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