Best Affiliate program for beginners?

What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

If you’re just beginning to look into affiliate marketing I’m sure you are curious as to what is the best affiliate program for beginners. People are to busy to waste time and money so I wrote this blog post and hope it helps you on your journey.

It’s time to make a change.  People are struggling, and they don’t need more hype and rah-rah motivation. 

They need practical skills and strategies to build and grow.
A way to create residual income, in a way that’s professionalauthentic, and uniquely you.

What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

I know first hand how frustrating it can be researching all the possible ways to earn money from affiliate marketing.

There are so many options available and everyone has their hands out wanting your money.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m an entrepreneur and I believe in charging for service, products, and information. What I don’t believe in is selling hype and misleading people with false hope.

Real Affiliate Information

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get some real information?

Without someone trying to sell you the next $7 dollar learn everything about affiliate marketing e-book?

Only to discover they upsell you to spending $1997 more to get the “GOOD STUFF.”

If you’ve been looking on Youtube or Google I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

My Affiliate Story Story

I’m an Electrician/HVAC technician by trade. I enjoy doing that type of work but, just like most people I didn’t like all the time it took me to earn what was needed to live my ideal lifestyle.

I was introduced to Network Marketing and learned about residual income and the potential to make a lot of money on the internet.

affiliate program for beginners?
What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

I spent a lot of money and years learning how to earn money in Network Marketing.

Through my years of marketing and learning how other people were earning money online, I found AFFILIATE MARKETING.

I like affiliate marketing for many reasons.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to build a team of hundreds of people to earn money. You can do affiliate marketing online by yourself and make a lot of money.

The Big Affiliate Marketing Problem

The big problem people run into is many of the systems sold online are just one piece of the puzzle.

You spend money on something and then realize you need some help in certain areas. You may not understand how everything fits together.

or maybe there is some simple question that’s keeping you from moving forward.

This is the big problem I encountered in the vast majority of the systems or programs I invested in.

The system would do really well at giving me the details of one piece of the puzzle, but fail to provide the other pieces I needed.

Finally after many years of ups and downs.

In my Network Marketing, business I would grow my downline start making a lot of money and then lose half my downline.

I would build my downline team again and the same thing would happen.

In affiliate marketing, I would find a product I wanted to promote and have some success with it.

What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

Then that product would lose its ability to convert into sales and I would lose money on the next promotion.

It was a constant up and down. A lot of money and time spent without the time freedom or money I wanted.

Here is what I found

Finally, I found a community online that offered a FREE start to try out and find out what they were all about.

What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

In full disclosure. The free trial doesn’t uncover the whole course.

But it does give enough access to the community, training, and platform that I determined this was something I needed to look further into.

It was in 2014 when I fully enrolled in the premium plan and started really digging into the training.

By 2014 I already had a lot of experience with blogs and internet businesses. I had my experiences with Network Marketing and many other home-based businesses as well.

I had spent many thousands of dollars on just about everything you can mention.

So what did I find in 2014?

I found THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE. I started by trying the system out for free just to see what it was about.

free wealthy affiliate account

The very next day I enrolled in the premium membership and started watching the training.

After I started the training I realized the training was better and more informative than other training programs I had spent thousands of dollars on.

I really couldn’t believe it.

If I had a question I could ask the community or the person that I enrolled through.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is what taught me how to put all the pieces together.

I now have the skills to market an assortment of products online and earn money for referring people to the affiliate products and earning an affiliate commission.

A look behind the curtain

The Wealthy Affiliate has approximately 1.5 million people.

Many of them are actively involved in the community and assist in helping beginners with questions they have about the training.

Here is a look on the inside of the Wealthy Affiliate.

* For starters, you can create a free website with just a few easy clicks by just clicking right here.

The FREE website gives affiliate marketers just beginning a simple way to have an online presence.

wealthy affiliate scam
What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

Just because the website is free doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. The website builder is powered by the wealthy affiliate and provides a lot of built-in tools that allow you to build a ranking website.

With this free website builder, you will be able to rank your post on the first page of GOOGLE.

Ranking on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, & Bing is extremely important regardless of what online business you have.

When people search for information online most people click on the results that show up o the first page of Google etc.

Google Page One

For example, a post/article on the first page of Google will get viewed by (X number) of people. Let’s say for this example that the article gets viewed by 50 people per week looking for that specific search query.

  • 50 per week x 4 weeks in a month = 200 people
  • 200 people per month x 12 months = 2400 people per year

So just imagine if you have 2400 people looking at just one blog post per year.

After you have 100 blog posts that would be 240,000 people looking at your website.

You would only need a small percentage of those people clicking on your links to purchase and make a great income.

Those numbers are just examples. Some blog posts may get double or triple that amount of viewers.

And the more post you write the more viewers to your website you’ll get.

Inside the wealthy affiliate, you will learn what is the best affiliate program for beginners. You will see how we take you from a beginner and teach you proven skills and methods that work.


Online Entrepreneur Training – The getting started training goes over the following

  • Choosing an interest
  • Building a website
  • Attract visitors
  • Earn revenue

The training and community will help you choose an interest to make your website about.

how can beginners make money in affiliate marketing
What is the best affiliate program for beginners that includes great step-by-step training?

The interest can be anything. It can be about any occupation you’ve had and want to share that information with others.

You can make your interest in Health, Wealth, Dating, Careers and just about anything else you can think of.

You would not believe some of the niches people are earning money with.


Is this all making sense?

Through the Wealthy Affiliate, you create your website.

By using the tools and systems available inside the Wealthy Affiliate your article post will start to rank.

When your articles start to rank more and more people will be coming to your website.

More people means more opportunities to earn money by offering helpful products and information on your website.

Once you start making some sales you can continue to grow and grow your online business inside the wealthy affiliate.

Building a website

There are numerous places you can build a website online and have some sort of success.

But by joining the Wealthy Affiliate you will have specific training and a community of leaders that can and will assist you along your journey.

Even if you are short on money you can start out for FREE. CLICK HERE and you can create a free website.

Build yourself and your website to a point where you can upgrade to the platinum membership.

Then take full advantage of everything there is to offer inside the Wealthy Affiliate.

Attracting Visitors.

Inside the wealthy affiliate training, you will find numerous training videos showing you the steps needed to attract people to your website.

Inside W.A. has a toll that allows you to share your interest in other people’s blog posts.

affiliate marketing online for starters

You can give them a comment at the end of their post and then in return, they will read your blog post and leave a comment at the bottom of yours.

This feature in your W.A. back-office helps your website and post rank higher in search results.

Google and other search engines like when blog posts and websites receive comments and interaction with other people.

Earn Money

After your website has a lot of people going to it you will notice that a certain percentage of those people click on your links and make purchases.

People purchasing from your website will generate an affiliate commission for you.

how to make money with affiliate marketing the wealthy affiliate blog
What is the best affiliate program for beginners, that shorten the learning curve?

So like I expressed up above in this post it becomes a matter of simple math.

Content =Visitors =Potential purchase =purchases = A money-producing website.

Some do / Some don’t

Most people probably think the reason most people never make any money from their website has something to do with strategy.

They think it has something to do with a special tool or some secret that people just aren’t telling them.

I believe the biggest reason a large percentage of people fail to earn any money from a niche website is that they give up too soon.

Not all but a large % of people will not work on something unless they are getting instant gratification.


When someone gets hired by a company they show up, do their job and get paid at the end of the week. They trade their time for money. I think we all understand this.

So starting an online business isn’t the same.

If it’s Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Affiliate marketing or any other type of business there is going to be a time period where you have to learn and work without getting paid.

No instant gratification.

Since there isn’t any instant gratification in the form of a check at the end of the week people tend to give up.

Few people will work on a business for a week with no pay.

Fewer people will work on a business for a month with no pay.

97% of people will work 1 – year on business without any pay.

who knows how long it will take to start seeing financial results in one niche compared to another.

But what I can tell you is most people aren’t willing to go at something until it succeeds.

I understand why

I understand why people start and then give up.

Our mind is geared from a young age to go to work, get a check and then spend time on the weekends doing “FUN STUFF” with our friends and family.

Starting a business of any kind is truly a sacrifice.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Criticism from friends & family
  • Delayed gratification in the form of money
  • Getting left out

I understand those things are hard to do and hard to give up.

And most people aren’t willing to give up on those things.


For the people that are willing to follow proven methods and stay the course.

Those people will eventually develop the skills and reap the reward of their sacrifice.

The rewards may include time freedom and huge financial returns.

I struggled for a very long time. I spent a lot of money and time without seeing any return on my investments, so I can relate to how someone beginning in affiliate marketing feels.

The whole reason for writing this post was so I could impress upon you what you have an opportunity to take advantage of today.

You can try The wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

Take a look around and partner with me. Allow me the opportunity to show you how I earn money in affiliate marketing.

What is the best affiliate program for beginners?

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