What is the Rodan and Fields scam

is rodan and fields scam?

In this post, I will be dissecting the Network Marketing Business Rodan + Fields and What is the Rodan and Fields scam.

What is the Rodan and Fields scam

Here is What I Will Go Over.

  • The Rodan and Fields business.
  • The products.
  • Is Rodan and Fields a scam business model or is it legit?
  • Why does Rodan + Fields use Network Marketing as a means of distribution?
  • How much do independent Rodan + Fields reps make?
  • What are the successful Rodan + Fields reps doing to earn money?
  • The BIG HUGE PROBLEM with Rodan + Fields and other Network Marketing / MLM businesses.

I don’t believe in calling a business a scam simply because some people earn money and others don’t.

So I want to make sure I do an in-depth analysis.

What’s the Rodan and Fields business?

Rodan + Fields is a Network Marketing Company. Network Marketing is a distribution model for companies that have products they want to sell.

When the company doesn’t want to go through the regular means of distribution they set up a network of independent distributors.

The distributors then move the product through the marketplace. They move the products by word of mouth and by the personal representatives marketing the products.

what is the rodan and fields scam business
Is Rodan + Fields A Total Scam?

Rodan is an American company specializing in skincare products. In 2002, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields started the Rodan and Fields brand.

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are the creators of Proactiv.

They sold Rodan + Fields a year later only to relaunched the brand in 2007 as an MLM company.

Rodan + Fields use independent consultants to market and sell their various skincare products.

After starting Rodan + Fields in 2002 they eventually sold the company to Estee Lauder.

They eventually bought the company back in 2007 and started selling the products through the Network marketing model.

Rodan + Fields is a business that started out in malls and stores and eventually went to the MLM business model.

The Products

>Rodan + Fields Redefine

is rodan and fields a scam
Rodan + Fields Redefine

What It Is
A Multi-Med Therapy Regimen + Pore Cleansing MD System that helps reduce visible signs of aging while deeply cleansing pores and removing blackheads.

Get professional-quality pore extraction in the comfort of home with our Pore Cleansing MD System and reveal noticeably younger-looking skin with our REDEFINE Regimen.

>Rodan + Fields Reverse Brightening

rodan and fields reverse brightening
Reverse Brightening

What It Is:
A Multi-Med Therapy Regimen + Pore Cleansing Tool that tackles the appearance of uneven skin tone and discoloration.

Pore Prep Solution 
Gel serum breaks down pore-blocking dead skin cells.
Pore Cleansing MD Tool 
Powerful pore extraction tool.
Pore Cleansing Tips 
All-purpose cleaning tip extracts dead skin cells.
Blackhead Removal Tips 
Blackhead-targeting tip featuring a dual-force.
Charging Cord & Power Adapter
Accessories to power up the Pore Cleansing Tool

>Redifine Reverse Lightening

is rodan and fields a mlm scam
Reverse Lightening

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

What It Is Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields

A nightly eyelash serum that conditions and moisturizes lashes to promote the appearance of fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes.

Rodan + Fields Spotless

Rodan + Fields Spotless

What is spotless:

A Multi-Med Therapy Regimen & Pore Cleansing System that helps clear and prevent acne in teens and young adults.

***Rodan & Fields has more products but, these are some of the main ones that make up the core products.

Reviews & Testimonials

Rodan + Fields has a lot of positive online reviews and testimonials.

Many of the testimonials are from people who have tried other procedures and have even gone to their doctor to have treatment with little improvement.

So I believe its fair to say that the Rodan + Fields products are not a scam. I believe when people are asking if Rodan + Fields is a scam they are really talking about the business MLM side of Rodan + Fields.

rodan + Fields business success

Network Marketing VS Traditional Product Distribution.

Why would a company decide to sell their products through an MLM or Network Marketing business model?

Reason #1 Advertising Budget

Unlike the businesses that produce many of the products that we find at our local stores. Network marketing companies like Rodan + Fields doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars on advertising.

Because they are paying the representatives the money to market the products MLM companies spend less on marketing and are able to put that money into producing a higher quality product.

Many of the store-bought products are made extremely cheap with harmful chemicals in them. They spend many millions on advertising and paying famous actors to promote the products.

I personally made a consumer choice to buy many of my household products from a network marketing business. I chose those products over the ones in the store after doing research and finding out that many if not most products commonly sold in stores have very harmful chemicals in them that cause all sorts of medical and health problems.

So reason #1 is they are able to put more money into higher quality products.

Reason #2 Better Marketing Method

It’s a better marketing method plain and simple.

Starting back in the 1950s 60s Television was just becoming mainstream in all of America. Unlike today they only had a few stations on T.V. and advertisers were able to capitalize on that.

The brands were built and solidified in the minds of a whole generation.

Many of the common household product names that you see today built their brand on T.V. During the 50s and 60s.

Those brands were able to become household names in the minds of many Americans. Those brands still do advertise just to keep top-of-the-mind awareness.

But for a whole generation of people, those brand name products were solidified in people’s minds and dominated buying habits.

But imagine trying to bring a new brand name into a crowded marketplace in today’s economy.

Very few companies produce products that are so revolutionary that people simply want to have them over all others.

If you look at a company like Apple that created a cult-like following then you know what I mean.

Bringing New Products To The Market

The Apple product completely changed the way we listen to music and they made the phone sexy.

My point is they didn’t have to spend a huge percentage of their profits to get people to believe they were better.

It was obvious they were better. They were revolutionary.

Network Marketing Products

Apple compared to their competition was like comparing horse and buggy to a pick-up truck.

But when you take products produced by Network Marketing companies. That’s a whole different ball game. Most of the products are basic commodities.

How would a company such as a Rodan + Fields bring their product to the market?

Do you really think that people will just buy a superior product in a big box store just because it’s better?

Some will and some won’t.

What Is The Rodan And Fields Scam
Are you on target in your networking business?

Brand Awareness Or scam?

But regardless, a network marketing company such as Rodan and Fields would have to spend a very large sum of money to create brand awareness for their product.

And when a company like Rodan & Fields with better products.

A product that may sell at a higher price point than other cheaply made products.

How many millions of dollars of capital would they need just to convince people to give them a try?

They would need to spend millions upon millions of dollars just to build a little brand awareness.

And even after doing that there’s no guarantee of success.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that it would be way less expensive and superior to move Rodan and Fields products through Network Marketing than through traditional advertising.

Traditional advertising would obviously be the way to go if you already had brand awareness. Companies from The 50s 60s and even 70s have billions of dollars in capital and can easily introduce a new lotion or soap to the market.

Tough Decisions

If I created a new product and wanted to bring it to the market I would have some tough decisions to make.

Let’s say i create a product that I believe and other people have told me is better than what’s currently in the market.

I don’t have enough money (CAPITAL) to spend on advertising. I already know I could spend a long time selling and re-investing in the business in order to grow it.

But i also know that route will take me many years. Heck, it may take 15-25 years to really gain traction in the market.

I could part with the percentages of my company and raise capital from investors.

But I really don’t want to do that.

Or I could create a business where an army of people who like my product and want to TRY to earn money from home and possibly improve their lifestyle in the process. This method would be the MLM route.

However, I already know if I start a Network Marketing company to distribute the products a large percentage of the people will start the business and do absolutely nothing.

the people that do nothing or should I say the people who never follow a proven system and build the business over a period of 1 or 2 years will fail.

Around 3% of the people will earn a lot of money and 95-97% of the people will not earn very much money if any at all.


  • 90% of real estate agents never sell a single home.
  • Some people buy a book and don’t read it.
  • Employees who work at a company for 30 years never move into management or ownership.
  • People who start restaurants or plumbing companies often have really high failure rates also. Around 95% within 5 years.
  • 93% of Insurance agents fail. And around 97% never make any significant annual incomes.

What Is The Rodan And Fields Scam
What Is The Rodan And Fields Scam

I think it’s best to look at the topic of Rodan + Fields being a Pyramid Scheme from all angles.

What percentage of people that are hard-working loyal employees make as much money as the CEO or area manager of the business?

One could argue that at least the hard-working employee is making enough to pay basic bills and maybe a little bit of extra stuff.

I totally understand that argument.

But let’s be real.

Compared to the CEO of a corporation the employees basically make nothing at all.


If someone takes all of their own personal money and incurs a huge risk. They start a local carpet cleaning business and after years of struggle has 20 employees. Should the employees make the same amount as the owner?

Does this way of thinking go against human nature and each individual own unique abilities?

My own personal thought is just like almost everything else in life.

  • Some people do nothing
  • Others do a little
  • Some people do an average amount
  • Others people are slightly above average
  • some people are almost a hustler
  • Some people for whatever reason are driven to get more and more and more and are driven to dominate in certain areas.

This doesn’t make one person better than the other in any way, shape, or form.

This also doesn’t have anything to do with the spiritual side of life and how people can be great and contribute in many other ways other than financial and the market place.

But the question at the top of this post is what is the Rodan + Fields scam and addressing if Rodan and fields is a scam.

How much do independent Rodan + Fields representatives make?

To save time on this subject and to be completely up-front. Most Rodan + Fields reps 95% make little to nothing.

Some are trying very hard and doing what the company tells them to do and they still aren’t having any success. These are the ones I have the most empathy for.

For the vast majority of Rodan + Fields representatives, this is their first rodeo or they are one of those opportunity junkies that jump from MLM to MLM expecting something to be different. Yet, all they find is more money spent and are no closer to reaching the goal of time and financial freedom.

The people in the top 3-5% are doing something different. For this reason, they are EARNING a lot of money. Is it because they started early in the business? NO, it’s not.

One important point to keep in mind is Rodan + Fields isn’t a JOB. It’s a business.

And in business, you have to move products and operate the business using systems or you won’t earn any money and you will go out of business.

Let’s take restaurants as an example.

  • 60% close their doors and go out of business in the 1st year.
  • 80% are out of business within 5 years
  • More than 90% are out of business within 10 years.

I will call it first. RESTAURANTS ARE SCAMS. The federal government should stop anyone wanting to start a business.

Some make a lot of money and some don’t but that doesn’t mean operating a restaurant is a scam.

What are the Rodan + Fields reps making money doing???

The very first thing I believe the successful Rodan + Fields reps are doing seems so insignificant most people overlook it.


I believe the successful reps understand that Rodan + Fields is a real business. They treat their business the same as they would have they just invested 1 million dollars in a Franchise.

Because they believe they (figuratively) invested in a million-dollar business they take it very seriously.

They most likely cut-out any activities that would take time away from their Rodan + Fields business.

While one representative will waste time doing everything else other than building the business.

The successful rep will spend every waking moment doing what it takes to build the Rodan + Fields business.

Because of this mindset, they know it may take 6 months – 2 years to earn enough money to brag about.

Set a budget and create a formula to attract new prospects to their business.

Understand bugging friends and family or constantly posting product images on social media will only get you so far if anywhere at all.

Have at least one method of getting a constant flow of interested people to their Rodan + Fields business.

There are so many ways to attract leads. some of them are old school methods and some involve the internet.

Regardless I believe you need to pick 1 just pick 1, to begin with. Pick one method of attracting leads and become a master at it.

When you have a constant flow of people asking you about your Rodan + Fields business and products you will be able to build your business. Without a constant flow of leads, your business will shut down.

Almost all reps know they need leads but most of them do little or nothing about that.

Some will try and quit.

Others will make calls then quit.

Many reps will do a lot of things with a little effort and they get little results.

How Do I Do It?

How do I build network marketing business and affiliate marketing businesses?

Here is what didn’t work.

  • Trying to be the lone wolf and going it solo.
  • Watching free Youtube videos until the end of time.
  • Jumping from new opp to new opportunity.
  • Buying endless Guru programs.
  • Trying to take shortcuts.
  • Thinking I could build a successful Network Marketing business by spending 1 hour a week on it.
  • Lack of focus.

Here’s what worked for me

This is a program that trained me on how to build a website that ranked on the first page Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine sites.

After purchasing many other training programs, a tried other systems but for me, this one taught me everything I needed to know.

When I was ready and believed the program could help me succeed in MLM I jumped right in headfirst.

The other big move up to success was having a coach/mentor to help me when I got stuck. I had to step out of my comfort zone and start asking my coach questions.

If you would like my no-cost email training series and an opportunity to have me show you how to move forward in your business click on the picture below and let’s get rolling.

To answer the question. What is the Rodan + Fields scam? The only response I can give after a lot of research and personally knowing people in the Rodan + Fields business.

Is that Rodan + Fields is not a scam. Rodan + Fields has great products and the business opportunity is yours to make of it what you want.

How to build a successful rodan + fields business.

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